Chapter 43: Followers

Cleamon and his friends meet up after their matches, they discuss their results with each other. They have a lot of staring eyes on them “those are the students that won easily over the others” are the whispers going around.

They also attract some unwanted attention, Cleamon and Metztli both notice that the higher ups of the Myrtics and Gambrill are looking at them. They seem to be whispering among themselves and letting their auras out to scan them. Cleamon raises his aura in return to let them focus on him alone, they are a bit shocked at his response to their aura and instantly turn around.

They leave the school.

“Lilia, can you move ahead with the rest of them? We might have some issues with the followers, me and Metztli will take care of them” he whispers in her ear. “Okay” she says and moves ahead naturally. She knows it would be a bad idea to act unnaturally when people are following them. Cleamon and Metztli take another route towards an open field, without any people around.

While they walk, Metztli notices the auras she felt yesterday following them again. “Cleamon they are following us again, where are we going?” She whispers to him. “Don’t worry, we’ll go to an open place and lure them out. Be ready to engage in combat, we will probable have to take them out there” Cleamon whispers back.

They walk about 30 minutes and arrive at a park surrounded by some trees. Cleamon takes place at a nearby bench, concentrating his mana and on the followers approaching. “They’re coming closer” Metztli says. Cleamon expands his aura for detection and can feel three entering “it’s three people, one of them is very strong, you should take him on Metztli, I’ll take on the other two” he says to Metztli.

Cleamon starts casting his spell, he uses the spell he used at the king’s place. Focusing his Intent, he collects Fire, Water, Wind and Earth magic into two spheres. Compressing it further and further, eventually he can’t compress it any more, he casts void magic on it to make them invisible. He keeps them ready to attack and waits for the followers to show up.

They come closer and finally show up, in front is a big man, Cleamon could fit twice into him. Following him are two seemingly younger men, all dressed on black with scarfs to hide their faces. “Finally we have you alone” the big man, who seems like the leader, says while walking closer. He’s about 10 meters away from Cleamon. “You’d better spill the beans, we want to know everything about what you did for the Hawthorn and Shadeglow families, all the recipes and where you got the Inscriptions”. The two smaller men circle around Cleamon, staying at five meters distance behind him.

“And what if I decline?” Cleamon says calmly staring into the man’s eyes. “Lets just say I’ve got orders to deal with you” he snarls back. “Then I decline, I didn’t think the Gambrill and Myrtics family were such cowards to send three men to deal with a child” Cleamon calmly says. The man’s eyes grow big ‘this kid knows too much’ he thinks “quick take care of this kid” he orders at the other men. The moment he says that Cleamon launches his prepared spells at them, they both get hit at the same time and simply evaporate in a cloud of blood, because of the intense heat eventually even the blood disappears in flaming column of fire. Shock can be seen on the man’s face, but before he can react, Metztli punches a hole in his stomach. “Wait don’t kill him” Cleamon says to her, while walking closer. “You! You’re mission was to interrogate and get rid of this child, why are you helping him!” the man angrily says to Metztli. “None of your business” she coldly replies, her eyes show a high level of killing intent. The cute girl she appears to be normally turned stone cold. “Can I at least cut of his legs?” she asks Cleamon “I don’t think he can run away from you anyway” Cleamon says with a smile.

“What’s your name?” he asks of the man, who was on his knees putting his hands on the hole in his stomach. Blood was rushing out leaving the grass dark red in the moonlight. Cleamon shortly focuses his Intent and stops the bleeding with his Light magic. “You know Intent?” the man says with clear fear in his eyes ‘we have severely underestimated his kid, I need a way to tell my uncle’ he thinks while looking around for an escape. Cleamon punches him in the face “I asked you a question” his eyes turned just as cold as those of Metztli, even she was slightly shocked at the sight of it.

The man spits out blood and a tooth “Leander” he says with a groan. Even on his knees he was the same height as Cleamon, he felt disgusted be the thought of it. “Which family do you belong to?” Cleamon said with the same intensity. “M-myrtics” Leander said slightly stuttering from the fear that crept over his body. ‘I have to escape these two are too dangerous, I can probable take on this kid, but that girl is something else. She destroyed all my protective items with a single punch’ Leander thinks to himself.

“What is their plan? I know they are planning a coup against the royal family” Cleamon asks staring into his eyes. At hearing this question Leander instantly jumps backwards and turns around to run, Metztli however was already in front of him “take him out” Cleamon says coldly. Metztli again punches another hole in him, this time she instantly crushes his heart before he can even let a scream out. She uses fire magic to burn his body from the inside out, it only takes two seconds before his entire body has gone up in flames.

Cleamon uses Water and Wind to clean up any traces of blood and ash left behind, they scout their surroundings to see if anyone was close or watching them. They find no-one and Cleamon takes a sigh of relief. Metztli looks with different eyes at Cleamon, she feels like she could really trust him. ‘That spell he used to take out those two behind him was not normal, even in the demon clan no-one could cast anything like it. I’ll have to ask about it later’ she thinks the herself

She goes back into hiding and follows Cleamon home, her heart is in disarray she can’t help but blush and stare at him the whole way back. Only when they reach his house does she come out of her trance.

They enter the house. “Cleamon, Lilia came here earlier she said you’d be home a bit later. I said she could wait here for you, but she asked if she could train with Jenny for a bit so she’s in the training room” his step-mom says. “Thanks mom” he says with a smile, ‘I really need to apologize to Jenny for yesterday’ he thinks to himself.

He enters the training room and finds both Jenny and Lilia concentrating their mana into their Magic Souls. “Hi, everything going well here?” he says with a smile. Jenny opens her eyes and glares at him, she looks a bit angry then snorts and closes her eyes again. Lilia smiles at him “yes everything is fine and how did your endeavors go?” she asks curiously. “I took care of it with some help” he replies.

“Jenny I’m sorry for yesterday it won’t happen again” Cleamon says while going on his knees and bowing. Lilia tries to hold in her laughter seeing this. Jenny opens her eyes and sees her brother in this position “what are you doing?” she asks trying to hold her laughter as well after glancing towards Lilia.

“Apologizing to you of course!” he replies. “It’s okay I talked a bit about it with Lilia and decided to forgive you” she says as she pats his head. “Okay, knowing Lilia she probable said, she will try to let me invite you to take a bath with us the next time” he says glaring at Lilia who turns her head away in innocence. “Actually she did” Jenny says laughing “you know her well!”. “Who was that other girl with you? How many girlfriends do you have you player!” Jenny goes back to a more serious mood. She’s a friend that has some problems so I’m taking care of her for now, I think you would like her” he replies “as to how many girlfriends I have, just one, Lilia” he says “but two including you” he adds jokingly. Jenny turns red and Lilia covers her mouth not trying to laugh.

“You know what, do you want to meet the other girl? Actually her name is Metztli and she’s here right now. Just don’t tell our moms and dad about it okay?” Cleamon says coming closer to Jenny’s face. She nods shyly. “Metztli you can come out” Cleamon says and she appears behind him shocking Jenny.

“Actually this is not her real appearance, you want to see her real one?” Cleamon says now sitting beside her and putting his arm around leaving her speechless. She just nods again and tries to avoid Cleamon’s face.

Metztli cancels her fake appearance and turns into her Werecat form, giving her cat ears and a tail. “S-s-so cute!” Jenny jumps up and immediately hugs Metztli who is dumbfounded. She looks at Cleamon for an answer “ahh Jenny just loves cats and used to dress herself as a cat many times. She still has the ears and tail in her room somewhere. That’s why I said she would probable like you, if you want you could sleep in her room tonight”.

Metztli smiles at Jenny, Jenny’s just a little bit shorter than her “maybe another time, tonight I’d like to spend in your room. I want to talk to you about something in private” she says with a blush on her face. Lilia sees this and gives Cleamon a wink and a thumbs-up. “It won’t be too private since Lilia will be there as well, but anything you want to talk about, Lilia may hear as well” Cleamon says.

“Okay, I won’t hold back then” she answers with a light bow.

The four of them stay in the training room for an hour talking a bit about Werecats and Jenny seems to take a liking towards Metztli.

Cleamon’s room about an hour later.

“I have to ask you something important, which I noticed during our fight earlier this evening. What are you and how do you know so much?” she asks seriously.

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