Chapter 42: Tournament starts

“There are one or two people following us, they got closer the last few minutes. What do you want me to do?” Lilia whispers into Cleamon’s ear. “How far away are they?” he whispers back. “At the moment they are staying at about 50 meters distance directly behind us” she answers back. “Tell me if they get any closer, if they do we might need to take them out” he whispers while they keep on walking at the same pace. “Okay” she whispers and falls back a bit, keeping a close eye on those behind them.

The followers stop closing in and keep a safe distance, Metztli informs Cleamon.

They arrive at Cleamon’s house, the followers stay at about 50 meters distance from his house. Along the way they picked up some extra food for Metztli and themselves. His parents were now used to him going upstairs with Lilia so they paid no attention when they came in.

“Here Metztli eat this” Lilia says as she hands over the food. She takes the food and begin to eat. Lilia looks at her like she’s a cute kitten, almost giving in to the urge to pat her.

“Metztli could you keep watch during the night and make sure no-one tries to attack our house, I set up some protection as well” Cleamon asks. “Okay, but I don’t really need to be awake for that, I’ve trained to be aware of my surroundings while asleep” she answers. “Okay good, but it’s going to be crowded tonight then” Cleamon says while pointing at his bed. Lilia looks a bit excited “can you turn back to your original form without using your aura?” she asks curiously. “Umm, yes why?” Metztli asks.

“Well, it would be like having a soft kitten next to me!” she says while grabbing Metztli’s hands. Metztli takes a step backwards and blushes red “I’m not your pet” she mumbles. “What did you say?” Lilia asks putting her curious face near hers. “I’m not your pet” she whispers. “Don’t worry I don’t see you as a pet, if Cleamon trusts you I will as well” she says still holding her hands. “Anyway, let’s take a shower and bath” Lilia says.

Cleamon gets three towels and he starts undressing in his room, turned around so he can’t see Lilia and Metztli undressing. “We’re ready” Lilia says “you didn’t have to turn around” she continues while poking Cleamon in his side “you’ve seen me naked before I don’t mind it”. “But what about Metztli maybe she minds?” he tries to refute. “W-well, you’ve seen me naked as well last night” she says in embarrassment. “You already saw her naked? You move fast, why didn’t you tell me this morning?” Lilia says pouting. “Sorry, it was kind of a busy day so I had no chance to tell you about it. I planned to tell you this evening and introduce you to her, the plans just changed a little, sorry” he says giving a slight bow. “I was kidding, I know you well and you won’t hold anything back from me. I just am a little bit jealous you didn’t invite me last night” she sighs.

The leave his room and enter the bathroom.

“Cleamon how many times did I tell you to knock before you enter the bathroom!” Jenny almost shouts at him. She was just about to leave after she had a bath herself and was now standing naked in front of Cleamon and two girls. “I’m almost thinking you’re doing it on purpose! And this time you even brought your girlfriends over? Do you want to make me jealous or something?” she says while lightly throwing punches at his stomach. “Why would you be jealous?” he responds back ignoring the rest of her remarks. “Never mind!” She grabs her towel and rushes past Cleamon and out of the bathroom and into her own room.

“What was that about?” he asks Lilia. “Sigh, it’s kind of obvious… don’t you agree Metztli?” Lilia says as she shakes her head. Metztli just nods with her cheeks on fire.

They spend an hour taking a shower and bathing together. Eventually they get back to his room. “Are our followers still at the same distance?” Cleamon asks. “Yes it seems like they are hiding in one place” she says while nodding. They all wear their nightwear, Cleamon and Lilia bought some on the way home for Metztli as well. They look like fairies in the moonlight that shines through his window.

They talk a bit before going to bed, Cleamon tells them about this magical egg he found and wonders if Metztli has ever seen something like it. She shakes her head, he then proceeds to feed it mana. It has been his ritual since he found it, the cracks appeared to glow and it was growing in size, but no sign of it hatching yet. He lets Metztli try adding her mana as well, but it doesn’t seem interested in anyone else.

They go to bed, Cleamon on his own spot on the left side. Lilia in the middle and Metztli on the right side. Lilia is stroking Metztli’s tail “Cleamon try touching this it’s so soft!” she says in ecstasy. Cleamon puts his arms over Lilia and strokes her tail “it is”. Metztli facing away from them is quivering, biting on her lip, slowly tears fall down her face. It was the first time in a long time she was kind of happy to be alive and with people that weren’t disgusted by her appearance.

They all fall asleep. The followers don’t try anything during the night, but also don’t go away from their position.

Next morning. Cleamon and Lilia wake up in each others arms while Metztli holds on to Lilia’s back as if feeling lonely.

They get ready and leave the house, Metztli stays hidden again. She keeps Cleamon up to date on the followers who are still tailing them.

At school. Cleamon moves towards his arena where he will be fighting at 9:00 he still has 30 minutes left. “Lilia you can watch Cecily, this fight will be over quickly and I rather not have them see you support me yet” Cleamon says. “Okay, good luck!” she gives him a quick kiss and walks towards arena 1.

First matches are about to begin, there is a big crowd looking down from the windows around the arena itself, many from the Gambrill and Myrtics family are present to see their members do well and to take a look at Cleamon.

There was a similar crowd at the other arena’s, many parents and family members had the day off to watch their clansmen fight.

“Welcome everyone, the first fight in this arena will be Cleamon Ashfall versus Adfarin Myrtics. These students are both from class 1a, give them a welcoming applause” the announcer says and Cleamon and Adfarin from opposite sides to the center. Adfarin looks at Cleamon with malcontent and Cleamon just smiles back. They space themselves out again with 30 meters apart.

“When the school chime rings, the fight starts. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, FIGHT!”

Adfarin charges at Cleamon, obviously hoping to take him out quickly. Cleamon just stands still watching as Adfarin comes closer, Adfarin was casting a fire spell, his hands were engulfed in flames. He punches towards Cleamon’s face. He dodges and gives a quick powerful blow to Adfarin’s stomach. He sends him flying through the air and into the ceiling, with a loud thud his body connects and the light leaves his eyes. He falls unconscious to the ground.

The whole arena is dead silent, the Myrtics family looks in horror at Adfarin and then at Cleamon. The referee jumps in and catches Adfarin before he hits the ground. “What a punch! Adfarin is out cold in a single hit! The winner is Cleamon Ashfall!” echoes through the arena.

People aren’t sure how to react, there was just too much of a strength difference. The fight lasted shorter than 10 seconds, so people quickly leave to see other fights in the hope they have something going on.

“Remember the next fight will be at 10:00” the announcer hastily says while people can still hear him.

Cleamon quickly leaves the arena and moves towards arena 1, by the time her arrives he sees people leaving there as well. ‘She must’ve won easily’ Cleamon thinks with a smile.

Cecily vs Cyrila Wheatflare

The fight starts, Cecily appears near instantly in front of Cyrila and punches her chest so hard she’s send flying all the way towards the back wall. BANG! She hits the wall and loses consciousness. Again people are stunned. “I thought this was a magic academy, why isn’t she using any spells?” some people are saying the crowd.

Cecily leaves the arena and meets up with Cleamon, she has a bright smile on her face “I WON!” she says trying to high-five him. “Well of course you did, that poor girl had no chance at all” Cleamon says jokingly.

They move from arena to arena until it’s Homian’s turn, he has the toughest opponent of them all.

Homian vs Jefry Singlebeam

The fight starts and Homian starts his Incantation at a very fast pace. Jefry is doing the same, however Homian’s casting speed is much faster and finishes his chant first. Jefry’s vision turns completely black as he’s engulfed by darkness, he slightly panics and tries to run out stopping his Incantation half way and his spell fizzles. Homian closes in without any sound or vibrations, Jefry stops running knowing he can’t escape and tries to set up a defensive spell.

Before he can finish, Homian comes from behind and gives his neck a hard chop. Jefry nearly faints, but remains standing, he jumps forward and casts an earthquake spell in the hopes that it would knock Homian out of concentration. It fails and Homian uses this to his advantage to do the same tactic, again he chops at his neck, this time sending his opponent to his knees, which instantly turns around and punches into the darkness. His fist barely grazes Homian’s face, who jumps slightly backwards. The same ritual goes on for 10 minutes, both of them visibly exhausted. Homian used almost all of his mana and Jefry used his earth magic to heighten his defense. However it’s not enough and one final blow from Homian takes him out.

“H-Homian wins! After a brutal fight of spirit and strength Jefry has finally collapsed! Give a big applause to these two amazing students!” the announcer says in awe. The crowds bursts into applause, Homian looks up and sees Cleamon and his friends and waves overly excited before falling over.

“You idiot you drained all of your mana!” Cleamon says to him “but I see why you needed to, your opponent was very tough. Good job!” he gives him a firm pat on the back. “Now it’s just Amara and Resyana left for today” he continues.

They take some rest before watching other matches, Lilia’s, Amara’s and Resyana’s matches went like those of Cleamon and Cecily, the opponent couldn’t do anything before they were knocked out by physical attacks.

Tournament day one ends.

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