Chapter 41: Tournament roster

Cleamon spends the rest of the time before the roster announcement talking with his friends. “I hope you all realized that today should be spent investigating, that’s why the tournament roster gets announced today but the actual fights start tomorrow” Cleamon says to his friends. “I thought it was something like that” Homian responds.

An announcement reverberates through the school “The rosters are now up on the boards around the school, make sure to check what time your match is and in which arena you are fighting” says the headmaster.
Cleamon and his friends move to one of the board.

(MS is not made known to the students, just a reference for the reader)

“It looks like we got lucky and don’t have to fight each other until the semifinals” Cleamon says looking at the roster. He knows the headmaster did this on purpose to have good fights in the finals. His own matches are in the bracket with all those from the traitorous families. ‘I hope they don’t find it too suspicious that they are all in my bracket, although I think they would rather enjoy this fact’ Cleamon thinks to himself.

“Let’s split up and do our research, we will see each other after school” Cleamon says and he and his friends split up. Each of them searches for their opponent and their opponents do the same. Every participant is trying to get information about his or her opponent. Cleamon however is not worried about his opponent, he goes to the training room to practice some of his magic.

“Metztli you can appear now, I don’t sense anyone nearby” he says. Metztli appears a bit bewildered “what are we doing here?” she asks. “I need you to attack me, I haven’t had good sparring partners yet and would like to get some training myself. You’re fast and strong so trying to defend from your attacks should work a lot better” he says while stretching.

Cleamon readies his aura and takes position, Metztli doesn’t ready her aura but takes a fighting position. “Okay, start” Cleamon says, Metztli charges in, she doesn’t hold back and Cleamon doesn’t have time to react. Her fist lands on his chest, sending him flying back 10 meters and rolling on the ground until he comes to a stop. He stands up and now charges at Metztli, before his kick reaches her legs she jumps over it grabs his shoulders, flips over him and throws him back. She follows up and gets ready to punch him again, Cleamon sees it coming and blocks her punch. He stands his ground and readies his attack, he throws a low punch. Metztli moves her hand to block it, he grabs it and pulls it behind her back.

With her physical strength she breaks loose and turns for a kick to his head, Cleamon barely dodges it by ducking he grabs her leg and quickly jumps towards her. He targets her inner thighs, making her legs collapse temporarily. She falls to her knee, confused about what happened, Cleamon readies another punch to her stomach but she blocks it. She wraps her arms around his body and tries to give a headbutt, Cleamon avoids it. Her feeling in her legs comes back and surprises Cleamon by wrapping her arms around his middle and pushing him to the ground. She’s now on top of him, Cleamon tries to wrap his legs around hers while he struggles to get free. Their position is quite weird, neither of them is giving any inch.

“Cleamon what are you doing?” a voice sounds from the side. Lilia had entered the training room and looked on at the weird situation going on. “Lets stop for now” Cleamon whispers into Metztli’s ear. They untangle themselves, dust themselves off and stand back up.

“Hi Lilia, I thought you would be investigating your opponent. Are you already done?”. “Yes it was really easy, I just asked some second grade students and they were glad to tell me about her skills, so I thought I’d go down and help you train, but it seems like you already have a training partner”

“Yes, I meant to introduce you after school, but I guess now is fine as well. This is Metztli, she actually tried to kidnap me for information about what’s happening with Homian’s and Amara’s family’s rise with sudden high quality items. I convinced her however to help us instead by guarding us from anyone that tries to hurt us. She might not look like it, but she’s actually from a demon clan. I gave her an item that suppresses her demonic aura so no-one can find out” Cleamon explains.

Lilia has joined them and is looking closely at Metztli, Lilia is a little bit taller, but Metztli has a curvier figure. “She looks rather cute, what kind of demon clan is she from? I read somewhere they have all sorts of animal types. I’ve wanted to see one since I saw pictures of them, they look so adorable” Lilia says with excitement and sparkles in her eyes.

“Metztli can you show her, it should be fine in here to release your aura. These walls block any aura leaking out” Cleamon asks. She hesitates looking back and forth from Cleamon to Lilia, she’s been following them around so she knows their relation. She sighs and finally agrees with a nod.

She takes her suppressing ring, her demonic aura flows out, slightly scaring Lilia. Her demeanor changes and makes her look more catlike, Lilia’s eyes glisten with amazement. “Wow she looks so cute, you wouldn’t think she would do anything to hurt others!” Lilia almost squeals out. She can’t contain her excitement “Can I touch your ears and tail?” she blurts out before her brain kicks in. She realizes her question and her cheeks turn red “sorry that was rude of me” she apologizes with a slight bow.

Metztli’s hides her face in embarrassment “You can touch her” Cleamon says with a smile “but keep it for later, come to my house tonight. She has no place to stay and has to sleep at my place so I can keep her safe from the families”. “Wait, did she stay at your house last night as well?” Lilia asks.

“Yes, but I have no choice to keep her at my room” Cleamon says as if apologizing. “Ah, it’s not a problem, just wish you would’ve let me stay over as well” Lilia says a bit disappointed “let me stay over tonight and I’ll forgive you” she says with a wink.

“Let’s go then, we have nothing left to do at the school. Might as well train a bit more at home together, it’s been a while since we cultivated together. I want to try helping Metztli get stronger as well”.

They leave the school grounds after informing their friends they are heading home. Metztli has put on her ring again and is hiding a safe distance behind them. Half way home she senses someone is looking at them, but can’t find the source.

The feeling does not go away and gets stronger and stronger, the person following them is getting closer.

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