Chapter 40: Tournament

Metztli stares blankly at Cleamon ‘he must be joking right?’. “I can see what you’re thinking and no I’m not joking, there is no other space where you could sleep” Cleamon says with a straight face “I’m not going to do anything to you, also I’m not worried about you trying to do anything to me in my sleep. This room contains many seals and inscriptions that protect against any violence” he continues.

He enters his bed and goes all the way to the left side “come, I’ve got to sleep early today”. With hesitant steps Metztli enters the bed on the opposite side. “Good night” Cleamon says “G-good night”. Cleamon turns off the light, which is made of Light magic. He falls asleep soon after.

Metztli can’t clear her mind ‘how can this kid be so relaxed? how can he trust me like that? Why doesn’t he at least show interest in me?’ many questions were eating her mind away. She keeps rolling around for an hour or so, before sleep takes it’s toll.

Next morning.

“Cleamon wake up!” his mom shouts from downstairs. He opens his eyes only to find a weird sensation in his right arm. He looks to the side and find Metztli is sleep on his arm, drool slightly coming from her mouth. “Hey wake up” Cleamon says while poking her cheek. She mumbles a bit before opening her eyes. She looks straight at Cleamon and notices she’s sleeping on his arm. “Could you move please, I’d like to get up” he says. Her face turns red as she finally realizes the situation. “I’m sorry, I didn’t do it on purpose!” she hastily says while moving to the side. “Don’t worry about it, I don’t mind it at all you looked quite cute with that sleeping face of yours” he says teasing her. She hides underneath the covers, not showing her embarrassed face.

They both eventually get up and dressed.

“Metztli I need you to keep an eye out during the tournament at school, you can use your hiding spells to hide from the students, the only one that can probable notice you is our headmaster. I will inform him about this, don’t worry you can trust him. I will pay you for your services of course, every day will earn you 10 gold”.

“Okay, but can I at least do my own shopping? I can’t keep hiding all the time, it would be like being a prisoner. I will use a disguise and the ring you provided for me” she asks. “Of course, but if you have any hint of being discovered let me know so I can take care of it. Also make sure not to go directly to my house but use a different route each time. I will leave my window open so you can enter from there, I’ll make sure the protection will let you in”.

They discuss some further plans and leave the house.

Lilia is waiting outside for Cleamon “good morning” she says as she jumps in his arms and gives him a kiss “how was your date yesterday?”. They begin walking towards school. “The date went fine, she needs to get out more though. We didn’t have enough time to do a lot, we ordered some armor from Amara’s shop and got a massage and dinner, but at least she had fun” Cleamon explains. “Maybe you should bring her on a date next time!” he suddenly says to Lilia. “Hmm, maybe I should. You wouldn’t mind if I take her first kiss right?” she says jokingly. Behind them Metztli looks on in wonder at this weird couple ‘is this normal in the human society?’ she wonders.

They meet other friends along the way and arrive at school in one group. They are all being led to the main arena, where many others are already waiting, all classes are present. It takes another 30 minutes for everyone to arrive and the meeting to start.

“Everyone quiet!” a booming voice sounds through the hall, the headmaster stands on a podium. “Welcome everyone, today we’ll be starting the main tournament selection. Everyone will be put into separate brackets based on their respective MS scores and class. The results will be posted at many places inside the school. The first round there will be 45 matches, the second round 22, the most impressive student from the first round gets to skip this round. This will continue on until we have the finals next week, the fights will start tomorrow, we give this day as a preparation day for anyone entering the tournament.

The top five students will all receive a special prize, which will be revealed at the last day. Since there are so many matches on one day we’ll be using all our training grounds to help speed it along, if you have anyone you want to root for be sure to check which place they are fighting. If there are any questions be sure to ask your teachers.

Students don’t have to be worried about major injuries, we have many good healers inside this school and many protective spells against fatal damage. If such a spell were to active the person that was protected by it automatically loses. Fights will last a maximum of 20 minutes after that there is a draw and the person that has shown the best fighting will advance. Weapons and items are not permitted, this would give some an unfair advantage. The rules will also be posted on the boards inside the school, be sure to read them. This concludes this meeting, I ask the people entering the tournament to come forward and do the final placement test. After that you will be instructed for tomorrow, the first matches will start at 9:00 and then last will at 16:00, there will be one match every hour, after which we have to reset each arena, the matches will be held at intervals so you can watch as many as possible”

The headmaster leaves the stage and heads for the testing tables, he takes place at one as well to keep track and make the brackets.

Students please make six lines for each of the tables, this will be done quickly. You all know the process of testing at this stage. The students line up and take the tests while the headmaster lists them. The MS are kept secret from the students for now until the selection is done.

The next 15 minutes all students take the MS test. The headmaster calls Cleamon aside and asks him to wait until the selection is done.

The headmaster goes back on the stage “Okay, please everyone go back to your classes. The results will be posted in one hour, dismissed”. In one fluid motion the whole crowd gets up and heads towards the exit.

Cleamon’s friends look back at Cleamon, but he signals them to leave as well and that he’s fine.

“Let’s move to my office” the headmaster says.

Cleamon follows the headmaster to his office, Metztli is still following him around. They enter his room and Metztli sneaks in as well, pretty confident of her ability to stay hidden.

“The reason I called you is because of two things. First there is a person following you around at this school, they’re using a very powerful spell and I almost didn’t detect it, second are you planning to show your powers at the tournament?” the headmaster say calmly while glancing at Metztli, she has a shiver run down her spine, it was as if the headmaster could clearly see her.

“Master, I’m aware of this. Metztli can you show yourself, he’s a person we can trust” Cleamon says. She appears next to Cleamon. “How can such a young girl know a spell like this, this is an assassin’s spell used by demons. I don’t sense any demon aura from her, what’s going on here?” he says with wonder looking at Metztli.

“Actually she is a demon, I just gave her an item that masks her aura and changes it to that similar to humans. I met her yesterday and asked for her services in protecting me and my friends. She’s a lot stronger than I am now, but mostly almost no-one can detect her” Cleamon answers.

“As for your second question, if I need to yes, I will use all of my power. I’m sure something will happen during this tournament since spectators from outside are allowed, I’ve convinced my parents not to come until the finals if I were to get that far. I think the Myrtics or Gambrill family will have an insider to mess with the results. Which leads me to ask of you that you match me against their members in the first few rounds so I can take them out as fast as possible. I need to focus all their attention on me, so they leave my friends alone” Cleamon asks with a slight bow.

“Hmm, I see, that would be troublesome. Even I can’t do much against those families, very well I’ll make sure they fight you and not your friends. Just promise you’ll be careful outside of school. As for your intention to use your full power, try to keep it hidden as much as possible. Only do tricks outsiders can’t see, while making it look like a simple attack. That should at least confuse them for a while” The headmaster says.

“I was already planning on that, but against third years this will be hard since they probable have a higher MS than mine. Could you check what my MS is and the highest from the second and third years?” he asks.

“Yours is … 1054 … how did you manage to do that? It’s only 10 points lower than the highest third year student” the headmaster says in shock. “I’m not the highest of my friends group, that should be Homian or Lilia, we have a very special training method I came up with” he says with a smile.

The headmaster checks his friends and what he sees astounds him; Lilia 1123, Homian 1107, Resyana 1038 and Amara 1041. “Ah I’ve also given Cecily some special training, you should know who she is since you’re the headmaster. I’ve been invited to her home a few times now.” Cleamon says with glee.

The headmaster goes down the list; Cecily 1102.

‘These kids are monsters, they are already rank Novice’ he thinks to himself.

“I’ll make the arrangements then, you head back to your friends. The roster will be available in one hour”

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