Chapter 4 – Lesson 2: Knowledge

Due to his previous life, Cleamon of course already knows all this stuff, but he has a lot more knowledge about different types of magic that aren’t yet discovered or were lost in the ages. These magics include “Time, Void, Mental, Death and various mixed magics that only can be used by those with an affinity for 2 or more magics”.

In his previous life his affinity was Light, but in the years of research he discovered lost methods to train your Magic Soul and use all of the affinities. Since in the great destruction about 10000 years ago most of the continent was destroyed by users of these affinities, thus the teachings were banned and forgotten.

Cleamon’s previous life mostly consisted of researching old ruins and dungeons, learning the ancient languages, fundamentals and origin of magic itself. Also the art of Inscriptions, Seals and Intent was learned by researching this old magic.

‘In this life I will make sure I will teach my Magic Soul and body to accept other affinities’ Cleamon thought to himself. ‘Since affinity is hereditary mine should still be Light`.

The students are walking towards the training hall and Lilia joins up with Cleamon, they’ve always been friends since they could remember. Their houses are only 20 meters apart and their parents are good friends as well.

“I wonder what my affinity is” Lilia says in an anxious tone to Cleamon. Since her parents both have different ones, usually the more dominant one would emerge. Her father has fire and the mother has water, although it can be sometimes related towards grandparents or much further down the ancestral bloodline.

“Well it should be water, since water is stronger than fire” Cleamon says to Lilia “But you might have more than one affinity, you never know until you actually train the others”. ‘I will help you learn many others’ Cleamon thinks to himself. He always cherished Lilia and even though he’s in his younger body and Lilia is also still quite young at the age of 14, his love for her still remains.

Thinking about his previous life he looks at her and thinks ‘might as well establish our relation already’. “Lilia” he says. “Yes?” she looked a bit confused as his tone was very serious. “Would you like to be in a relationship with me?”. Her eyes became big and her face flushed red, even the classmates that were within hearing distance looked shocked. They knew she was a popular girl among the guys in their neighborhood.

After fidgeting and looking in a daze she said a quiet “Yes..”. Cleamon hugged her and she became even more shy and couldn’t really respond anymore.

At this point, history was already changing.


  1. I left a suggestion in the chapter 2, now I give you congratulations. I liked this chapter because its connected with the latter, I learned about the systems of history and I read about the chars. All in a good pace. Good luck and keep your job!


    1. I usually don’t skip too many days or moments and continue on from where I left off. I don’t like it when a a story just suddenly skips to something a few hours or days later without any explanation.

      Thanks for the compliments


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