Chapter 39: Unlikely allies

Cleamon takes a seat on the chair he was tied to when he came to. “What’s your name?” he asks the girl. “Metztli” she says by accident in reaction to his question. “Forget that!” she says after she realized what she had done. “Sorry, can’t do that” Cleamon answers “did you already decide what to do, you have two minutes left. Time is ticking away!”. Metztli slightly panics and starts pacing around.

“Time’s up what’s your answer?” Cleamon says as he stands up and walks towards Metztli. Her face shows signs of panic and distress. “Okay, okay, I’ll do it. But you’ll have to show me now you can actually protect me and have the things you’ve promised!” she says with a sigh.

“Sure, I’ll give you the money now, how much did they pay you for this?” Cleamon says with a straight face. “50 gold, I got 25 before and I would get 25 after” she says. Cleamon reaches into his spatial bracelet and takes out 200 gold “here have this”. Metztli’s eyes grow big, but she says nothing and takes the money and puts in under her robe. “I guess I can trust you, but how are you planning to keep me hidden? I can’t just stay anywhere, those families probable have henchmen following me to keep track”.

“Hmm, did you receive anything from them besides the 25 gold? Like some other kind of item or weapon” he asks her. “Yes, I received a dagger, which was meant for killing you in the event you didn’t agree to back off or tell anything”. “Can you show me the dagger? It probable has a way of tracking you” Cleamon says.

She throws over the sheathed dagger and keeps her distance “here”. “Just like I expected, this dagger has inscriptions that lets the one bound to this item track it’s position” Cleamon says after checking out the item. “I can remove it for you, but they will notice something has gone wrong. I think it’s best to hide it somewhere hard to find and delay when they find out you bailed on them”.

“I guess that makes sense, but where do I hide?” she asks confused. “Well if you’d like you can stay in my house for now, they would never expect you to be there. I’ll use a seal on this dagger to make it invisible for now, that should delay them quite a bit” Cleamon explains.

“Sounds good” she says. “As for your presence I will construct an item for you that masks your entire presence as one of a human, this should make it easier for you to move around. Although you might want to hide your face if they’ve seen it before also you have to change your clothes” Cleamon continues.

He grabs a ring and tools out of seemingly thin air to Metztli’s eyes, making her wonder what kind of magic he uses. Cleamon begins inscribing the ring with complex patterns for 10 minutes, Metztli watches in admiration and slight fear ‘this kid knows way too much’ she thinks. Cleamon finishes the ring and passes it to her, she inspects it thoroughly, but can’t find any faults or malcontent in it. She puts it on and her aura begins to change, the demonic presence leaves and a human one takes it’s place.

She is stunned, her own body and aura feel normal, but the presence changed.

“Okay let’s go” Cleamon says after he stands up “It’s probable best if you use the technique you used to hide before. I will hide myself as well and follow right after you. With all the stalking you’ve done on me you know where my house is, we will meet there”.

“Then let’s go” she says in reply.

They both leave the building and move towards Cleamon’s house, both on the lookout for any followers and prying eyes. They arrive safely without being detected.

He tells her to stay hidden while he brings her in, his family is currently sitting at the table. “Hi, had a nice day? I heard you were going on a date with Cecily, I’m not sure who that is, but be careful this late at night. Lately you’ve been away so much we’re starting to worry a bit about you” his dad says.

“Don’t worry dad I can take care of myself, Cecily is a classmate and I just showed her around town a bit and we went to buy her some armor at the Shadowglow’s store. They were very happy with the business and might come in over the next few days to deliver the armor. If I’m not here could you store it in my room?” Cleamon responds while grabbing a quick snack.

“Okay just be careful out there, it might not look like it but there are many bad people in this city” his dad presses him. “Of course, I will give show you something later so you don’t have to worry. I will go to bed now, the tournament at school starts tomorrow. Goodnight” Cleamon says.

“Okay, good luck tomorrow, take a good rest and sleep well”

He goes upstairs and enters his room, his room is quite big. His bed is at least two meters wide, there is a table with two chairs and a big wardrobe. The items are all hand-me-downs of his parents, so they look quite worn. He didn’t have the chance yet to show what he’s earned to his parents and he would like to keep them blissfully unaware of this fact for as long as possible.

“You can come out now” he says to an empty space and Metztli appears. She looks tired it seems she didn’t sleep much over the past few days of stalking him. “You look tired and when is the last time you took a bath?” he asks her after sniffing the air a bit. She turns a bit shy and has to confess “last time I slept was five days ago and so was my last bath”.

“No wonder you smell a bit, I’m just glad my dad didn’t smell you” he says mockingly with a smile. “Let’s go take a bath then, I smell bad as well” he says while smelling his own armpit “keep your hidden spell on while we go there and keep as quiet as possible” he presses her.

The bath is on the same floor as his bedroom and his parent’s bedroom is on the bottom floor. They have their own bathroom and the one upstairs is for Cleamon as his sister to use.

“Give me your clothes, I will wash them later using magic. I’ll also provide you with some other ones I bought on the way back home” he says staring at her. Her face turns red “Y-y-you want me to get naked now?” she stutters in reply. Cleamon looks rather confused “you tried to act all evil and sexy earlier, I thought this wouldn’t be an issue for you. Now undress, so we can get this smell off us, you can’t go in the bath alone”.

“O-okay at least turn around” she almost whispers. “Sure, just hurry up, you can’t leave this room without me”.

Cleamon undresses himself and packs up his clothes ready to be washed. “Are you ready?” he asks of Metztli. “I guess so” she answers hesitantly. Cleamon turns around and sees a slim body with her breasts and privates covered by holding her dirty clothes. Cleamon doesn’t take a good look and just says “let’s go”.

They enter the bathroom, it has a spacious bath where three people could even fit together. Unfortunately the bath is already occupied. “Jenny do you mind if I come in together with you, I don’t want to wait too long, since I want to sleep early” he says upon saying his little sister in the bath hidden behind a layer of bubbles.

“Brother at least knock when you’re coming in you nearly scared me to death!” she says with a pouting face. “If you see me naked I can’t become a bride anymore” she adds to it. “Don’t worry about that, you can always marry me! You’ve seen me naked just now so you should marry me then” he gives her a wink and she hides her face in the bubbles. “Stupid brother” she mumbles.

Cleamon quickly grabs the shower head and turns on the warm water, Metztli was looking at the spectacle from just beside him, glad she had made herself invisible before entering. She is holding his shoulder and he grabs her hand and guides her to sit on a small bench, he takes the clothes from her hands which almost make her panic and puts them in the laundry basket for now. He sits next to her and starts washing himself and spraying Metztli with water as well so she can wash as well. This scene awkwardly continues for about five minutes when all of a sudden Jenny says “I’m going out you can have the bath” as she stands up and her body is covered in bubbles. “Okay I’ll go in now then, you can rinse yourself” he answers with a straight face looking at her. “Wants me to help” he asks, but her face just turns red and she ignores it.

“Let’s move together” he whispers towards Metztli, she shadows his movements and they enter the bath together avoiding Jenny’s detection. She washes her body off, takes a towel and dries herself, then leaves the room with a glance back at Cleamon.

“Phew that was close, you can appear now” he says with a deep sigh. Metztli hesitates, but releases her spell. The spell has been draining her mana for a while now so she’s tired of using it. Her body is covered by bubbles, so she doesn’t seem to mind.

They spend about 30 minutes in bath, talking very little and just relaxing. Meanwhile Cleamon uses magic to wash her clothes from a distance, while she looks on. ‘How many spells does this kid know? He even doesn’t need incantations’ she wonders to herself.

Time flies and they end up in his room again, she only wears some underwear and Cleamon just a pair of shorts. “So… where do I sleep” she asks after seeing that the room has no place for her.

“Here of course” Cleamon points at his bed “where else did you think?”

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