Chapter 38: Unforeseen encounter

Cleamon and Cecily visit a massage parlor five minutes away from the armor shop and spend 45 minutes relaxing and return to the shop.

“Hey Cleamon welcome back, I’ve made some sketches for the armor design, take a look at them” Mirko says. Cecily and Cleamon walk over to the counter where he has put down five different sketches. “Cecily you should choose your favorite design, you can probable make any changes you want” Cleamon says.

Cecily looks over the designs and as soon as she sees design number four her eyes begin to shine “this is it, this is perfect!” she says excited. “I thought you would like that one” Mirko says. “It will take about a week to get this design done as soon as I get the necessary materials. I will deliver the armor to your house Cleamon so you can do your inscriptions on it”.

“Okay, how much gold will you need for the materials?” Cleamon asks. “No it’s fine, you can get anything you want from us after all you’ve done. I just ask you spend some extra time with Amara as well, she seems to like hanging out with you quite a bit. She’s been constantly training her inscription and keeps mentioning you because of the training you all do together” Mirko says.

Cecily gives Cleamon a weird look.

“Okay, but I can’t promise anything” Cleamon answers.

“We’ll leave now then, we still have some shopping to do before I bring her home, I will see you next week, thank you Mirko!” Cleamon says as both he and Cecily leave the shop.

“Let’s go and both you some clothes now” Cleamon says to Cecily.

They spend an hour shopping for clothes in the shopping streets, Cecily buys some casual clothes and a new dress. After shopping they walk back to the castle.

“I had a great time Cleamon, thank you for taking me out today. I hope we can do it again some day” Cecily says with a big smile on her face. “No problem I’d gladly take you out again, how about next week to pick up your armor? Or you could come to my house and I could train you more privately”

“Next week sounds great, just not sure if I can get permission again after today..” she says a bit saddened. “Don’t worry I got you covered, just give this letter to your father, it explains everything” Cleamon says handing over the letter. “Good night and see you tomorrow” he says waving goodbye as she enters the castle gates.

‘Time to go home, I’m tired’ he thinks to himself.

He walks towards home, but all of a sudden the air around him feels cold. “Who’s there?” he says, but before he can even look around he’s knocked out.

Cleamon opens his eyes and feels his head hurting, his arms and legs are tied up by some sort of magical rope while his is positioned on a chair. His mouth is stuffed with a piece of cloth and another tied around so he can’t spit it out. He looks around and it seems like he is in some cellar, the air is colder and more humid.

“Finally you’re awake” a woman’s voice echoes through the room. He looks around, but can’t find any traces of where it came from, even using his aura he can’t sense anything.

A black haired girl with light gray eyes appears from the shadows, she looks about 18 years old with mid long hair. “I have some questions I want answer to” she says with a playful voice. She sits down on Cleamon’s lap and takes the cloth out of his mouth “who are you and why are you doing this?” he asks in a calm voice taking her a bit by surprise. “Who I am doesn’t matter, if you want to live just answer my questions. First how are you and your friends increasing your strength so rapidly?” she says while playfully grabbing his chin and moving her face close to his. “Ahh the Myrtics and Gambrill family sent you” Cleamon says.

Her face is full of surprise “no, they didn’t!” she answers with her voice a bit raised. “Actually they informed me you were coming, that’s why I’m not really scared of you” Cleamon says as a bluff. “What they did? I thought they wanted me to threaten you to stop what you’re doing” she says as she jumps off his lap. “Wait are you lying to me? Why would they send me here only to have you know I was coming!” she stares into Cleamon’s eyes while positioning her hands on his thighs. ‘This girl is weird, what kind of kidnapper gets confused so easily? Also that technique she used, I’ve seen that before somewhere’ Cleamon thinks to himself.

“Maybe you’ll talk if I cut this off” she says as she grabs between his legs and gives it a rub. ‘What’s wrong with this girl, she tries to sound intimidating, but it seems like she’s not used to dealing with this kind of thing at all’ Cleamon thinks. “Are you new at this?” he says in a calm voice to her. She seems a little flustered “What are you talking about, I do this for a living!” she hits him in the face with her flat hand. It doesn’t really hurt Cleamon, because of the protective items he’s wearing. ‘I thought so, she didn’t even remove any of my items. She must be an airhead, new or just stupid’ he think with a grimace on his face. The smile unsettles the girl, making her doubt what’s going on.

“Truth is I come from the future and came here to start a new business, that’s why I know how to train better” Cleamon says. The girl looks like she’s about to explode “what the hell are you saying, do you think I’ll believe that?” she lets her aura leak out. ‘I knew it, she’s a demon! Looks like a very young demon. I wonder what kind of demon race she’s from..’ he thinks to himself.

“Say girl, I know you’re a demon, what brings you to this realm? Did you flee from your own clan?” Cleamon says in a condescending tone. Her expression changed instantly, Cleamon could see the fear in her eyes. She jumps backwards and her demeanor changes, her gray eyes turn yellowish and change shape. She’s standing on all fours, back arced like a scared cat. A bushy tail can be seen protruding her skin tight outfit. She hisses towards Cleamon “how did you know this?” she says with a trembling voice.

“I can read your aura, I’ve met quite a few demons before. Even some of your specific kind, you belong to a demon species called Werecats, they are not keen on letting any of their race leave the realm, especially not someone of your age” Cleamon explains. Her expression keeps getting more fearful. ‘How does this kid know so much? Did they really tell him about me coming today? I didn’t even tell them I am a demon, did they notice when I showed my techniques?’ her mind fills with questions.

‘She looks like the suspicious kind, no wonder if she’s on the run from her own species’ Cleamon thinks.

“Whatever deal you’ve made with those families, I can offer you something much better. I know they have connections with your race and are probable planning on telling them where you are as soon as your done with this mission” Cleamon says with confidence.

“I could even protect you from them” he adds. He can see the hesitation in her eyes, she’s thinking hard.

“How can I trust what you say, you’re my target!” she says after thinking a while. “How much are they paying you for this job? I will double it, I can even provide you with better items if you want. I only would ask you protect me and my friends from the shadows instead. In return I will take care of any problems you have when your kind shows up” Cleamon says.

“I could’ve already escaped from this position, even with this magical rope on me. I chose not too though, I can prove you can trust me” he continues. “Yea right, this rope can stop even a Master level magician. I’d like to see you try!” she says as her confidence comes back. “Sure” Cleamon says with a smile. He focuses his Intent and uses his void fade spell on himself, the rope falls to the ground as Cleamon disappears. She is immediately on guard for any attack while looking around.

He appears at the same place and she lowers her guard a bit. “See I could’ve easily done something to you or just escaped, do you trust me now?” he says after seeing her more relaxed face.

“Not really, but at least you didn’t do anything to me”.

“What would make you trust me? Money? Items? I could even make a blood contract with you” Cleamon says. “You know about blood contracts? That would make me trust you…” she says.

“I’ll give you five minutes to think, if you don’t decide in that time I will just leave from here and you’ll have to report that your mission failed” he tells her in a serious tone.

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