Chapter 37: A date

Cleamon waits until the others walked away a good distance.

“This may sound a bit sudden, but would you like to go on a date with me?” Cleamon says. “What why?” she says in disbelief “why would you want that?”. “Well you’re cute and I would like for you to see more of the city. You always have to go right home and are followed by a bodyguard all the time, I just want to make you have a good time”.

Cecily’s face turns red thinking about what her parents told her “well, I guess we could go see the city for a bit. I’m just worried my parents will get mad at me” she answers. “Don’t worry, I’ll cover you and I’ll escort you back home” Cleamon says reaching out his hand to her.

‘I guess the bodyguard will follow anyways, so it’ll be fine’ she thinks. “Okay, lets go, but I have some places I want to visit then!” she says as she grabs Cleamon’s hand.

They leave the school grounds and head for the merchants district.

“I’ve always wanted to do my own shopping, everything I wear is usually picked out by the maids at our castle. I don’t even have a choice in it” she says quite saddened. “Oh, lets go in there!” she points at an armor shop. “I still haven’t gotten any proper armor for battle use, I want to check out what they have for sale” she says as she pulls Cleamon along. ‘She’s like a little kid in a candy store’ he thinks.

“Wait if you want armor I know a shop we can go to, Amara’s parents have an armor shop I help with. I inscribed quite a few items for them and there were several armors included in that” Cleamon says. “Okay, if you say so. Is it far away from here?”. “Maybe about a 10 minute walk, but we can eat some dinner together on the way there. They should be open till 22:00 so we have about four hours left. Is there anything you would like to eat?” he asks.

“Not sure, we usually have very expensive meals at the castle made by our chefs. I’ve never eaten eaten something in a normal restaurant. Is there anything you like?”

“Well I like Kare, it’s a dish with rice and a sauce made with meat and spices. Have you heard of it before?” he asks. “No, never heard of it, but it sounds delicious. Lets go then!” she enthusiastically says. “I know a place near the armor shop, so it’s about a 10 minute walk from here”.

They walk towards the armor shop, unbeknownst to them, they are being followed. They know about the guard tailing them, but since they left the school someone else began following them.

They arrive at the restaurant, it looks like a small family restaurant with place for about 40 people. It’s not that busy inside and the place is half full. “I’d like a table for two please” Cleamon says to the waiter. “Of course sir, follow me” the waiter makes a slight bow and leads them to an empty table “here is your menu and a cup of free water. Just call if you’ve decided what you want to order” he makes a slight bow again and continues to serve other customers.

The table they’re sitting at has a big candle in the middle and a few flowers in a vase on the side. The restaurant itself looks mostly made of wooden beams. There are mostly couples and families eating here and there is a nice atmosphere.

“I already know what I’m going to order, take a look at the menu and see if you want anything. I’m going for the Kare with meat sauce and rice, we can always share our meals” Cleamon says as he hands her the menu. She ponders the options in the menu, there are five different kinds of dishes available; two vegetable dishes and three meat dishes with different meat. Most of the meat available in the city comes from domesticated animals like cows, sheep and horses, although horse meat is kind of rare.

“I will go for the same dish as you said” she says as she puts down the menu “it seems like you really like that, so I want to taste it as well. I would also like a fruit juice”. “Sure, I’ll call the waiter”

“Excuse me, waiter” Cleamon says as he calls the waiter “one moment sir” he replies.

“Yes, what would you like to order?” he says while getting ready to write down the order. “We would both like the Kare with meat sauce and rice and a fruit juice. We will decide desert later” Cleamon says. “Of course, the meal will be brought to you in about 15 minutes” the waiter says, he makes a slight bow and leaves again.

“Is there anything else you want to do while you’re here?” Cleamon asks. “I haven’t really thought about it, I mean I often think about going and exploring the city, but I really don’t know what I can do out there” she says hinting Cleamon.

“There are a few things we can do, there are a few clothes shops nearby we can take a look at. There are public and private baths you can take, although it’s probable nothing compared to what you have at the castle. We could get a relaxing massage. There are some magic tournaments every night, where many of the adults bet on their favorite magician. Is there anything there you’d like to do?”

“The massage sounds nice, I could use that after the fighting we did today. I always take baths at home so that isn’t needed. I do like to get some clothes I can pick for myself. Okay I decided lets do those two things and go to the armor shop!” she says.

“Sure, its your day my princess” he says kind of jokingly, making her softly kick his shin under the table.

Dinner arrives and they spend 30 minutes eating and talking about small things. They skip desert and leave again.

“Lets go to the armor shop then” Cleamon says.

They arrive at the armor shop and enter.

“Hey Cleamon what brings you here?” Amara’s father Mirko says “Hi Mirko, I’m just having my date shop at your place” he says winking at Cecily. Mirko looks a bit suspicious at Cecily, he knows Cleamon has a relation with Lilia. “Okay, well you probable know yourself what kind of armor we have available since you inscribed them, is there anything you selected?” he asks.

“Not yet, grab all the available pieces you have and show them off to her. She wants to choose herself, oh and might as well get all the other special items and weapons you have” Cleamon says.

“Sure, but is it okay? You can probable provide these items for her if you ask me for them, you’re the reason we can sell these anyway. Lately our store has seen much more customers and we’ve sold so much we’ve made more money than we ever did before”.

“Yes, it’s fine don’t worry about it” Cleamon says.

“I’ll be right back, please take a seat on the benches” Mirko says.

“What are you looking for exactly?” Cleamon asks Cecily. “Something easy to move in and that can protect me. Of course it has to be a bit pretty as well, but that might be a bit hard” she says.

“If you want I can let them make a custom armor set for you and inscribe them with very powerful spell. I can take your sizes of you want, we can let them design you like” Cleamon says. “Wow really? I would like that, but isn’t that really expensive?” she asks. “It’s kind of expensive, but don’t worry about it, they can reuse the design and sell it in the shop, with lesser inscriptions of course” he explains.

At this point Mirko returns with boxes of items.

Cleamon starts explaining to Cecily what the items do, she doesn’t seem to be very interested in the armor pieces. They look more made for male magicians, the weapons don’t seem to be made for her use as well.

Cleamon sees that Cecily is slightly disappointed.

“Mirko do you think we can make her something specific, I will provide the funds to buy the metals and crystals. Can we make her some weapons as well, we need some defensive items too”.

“Yes, that’s possible, depending on the design it can probable be done in about a weeks time. This includes gathering the materials needed and because it’s you, I’ll make the best I can with them” Mirko says contemplating the options.

“Okay, let me write down some of the materials needed. I’ll go take her sizes, since you will need those”. “Cecily can you come over to the dressing room, so I can take your size?” Cleamon asks. Cecily turns a bit red “Just don’t touch any weird places or I’ll kick you!”. “Yes of course not, it’s not that kind of date. Mirko can you hand me a measuring lint?”

“Here, I’ll check these materials and see which ones I already have in stock” Mirko says.

Cleamon and Cecily go to the dressing room and Cecily takes off most of her dress leaving behind just a single layer. Cleamon measures all her sizes while Cecily uncomfortably and embarrassingly stands still.

“It’s done, you can put your dress back on again. I’ll give these numbers to Mirko, I’ll be waiting for you.” Cleamon says after taking the last size. “Here Mirko, these are the sizes. We now just need to know what it has to look like can you do a few rough sketches for her to choose from?” Cleamon asks.

“Sure no problem, should take about an hour for five different designs, come back later and I’ll be ready”.

Cecily comes out of the dressing room, with red flushed cheeks.

“We’ll go have a massage then, see you in one hour. Let’s go Cecily.”

They leave the shop and move towards a massage and health shop.

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