Chapter 36: Questions

Cleamon and Cecily take their positions, the rest are already in their battles.

“for every hit you land on me I will answer one of your questions” Cleamon says further taunting her. “Deal!” she replies with a smile on her face ‘looks like I’m might get some answers today’ she thinks.

From her previous fights with Lilia she learned not to be provoked by words, so she calmed herself down. ‘I have to think of a plan to catch him off guard, he seems to have much more fighting experience than me’ she thinks, while staring down Cleamon.

‘She has really learned from her fights with Lilia, she’s not that hot blooded anymore when provoked. I think I’ll try provoking her a bit more to see if she gets angry’ Cleamon thinks staring back at Cecily. “Are you scared, why aren’t you attacking me? I thought you wanted to know some answers, I guess you’re scared of me beating you easily. You know what, I’ll turn my back to you and sit her on the ground” he says in a condescending way while turning around and sitting on the ground.

Cecily’s face changes, it looks frustrated and angry ‘how dare he! He’s just mocking me now, argh so frustrating, I just want to punch his face!’ she thinks while biting her lip. Slowly she’s losing her calm and has trouble focusing on her plan, making her even more frustrated.

“Ahh so boring, I think I will just lie down instead” Cleamon says with a big yawn and closes his eyes as if going to sleep.

Cecily’s patience snaps and she charges in, she does her incantation of her Light flash spell in advance and gets ready to use it, she closes in fast. ‘She finally snapped, guess I’ll have to show her to remain calm at any cost’ Cleamon thinks while observing Cecily’s movement with his eyes closed. Cecily casts her spell and targets Cleamon’s face, blinding him even though he has his eyes closed. ‘Her aim is still very good even in this kind of situation, I can’t see a thing, but it’s not enough with an approach like this’. Cecily is now about one meter away from Cleamon, she gets ready to strike with a right-legged stomp to his stomach, when her foot almost connects with his body, he rolls away to the side. She changes her stomp into a kick trying to hit the rolling Cleamon, but she is too slow and Cleamon grabs her leg.

She tries to punch him instead, but her punch gets blocked by his other hand. He grabs her other leg and spins her around, then throws her into the air. “You should really calm down” he says with a smile “you are getting provoked too easily, didn’t you learn anything from your fight with Lilia?”. Cecily stops her tumbling in midair and lands five meters away on her feet. “I think I know what you need, not physical or magic training, but mental training instead” he points out to her. “How are you going to be the backbone and support of a whole squad when the slightest things puts you off your concentration?” he continues to lecture her.

Cecily looks a bit down, almost ready to cry “you’re right, but it’s so hard to ignore comments like that. It pisses me off when people make fun of me. Even at parties with nobles they all think I won’t be a good magician and should just marry someone and stay safe at home. I just want to prove them all wrong” she says in a quivering voice. “My mother and father know what I want to be, but even they have a hard time letting me do what I want to. They are concerned about their successor and daughter dying in combat, I understand that, but still I want to be more than just a princess. What am I supposed to do?” she says with tears now falling down her face.

Cleamon walks over to her and puts his hand on her shoulder “don’t worry, I will help you become stronger, one day you will be the strongest support this city has, I’ll try to convince your father to let you train with us”.

“Really? Thank you” Cecily looks hopeful at Cleamon.

BAM! BAM! BAM! She hits him hard in the stomach three times, Cleamon hunches over grabbing his stomach. “You! You tricked me!” he says almost vomiting. Cleamon didn’t wear any protecting items as he thought he didn’t need them. “Well, it’s not really tricking, everything I said is real, I just took advantage of the situation when your guard was down” she says wiping away the tears with a smile.

“I guess you owe me some answers now” she says patting him on the back.

Leaving Cleamon to be in pain for about a minute she says “I guess I can heal you back up again, I forgot”. ‘I bet she didn’t forget it at all’ Cleamon can’t help but think.

She heals Cleamon and when he looks up again, she’s standing in front of him proud of herself.

“I guess you did learn something these matches and so did I. Your punches are something to be afraid of. What kind of answers do you want? You can ask me three questions”

“Hmm, first I want to know how you got so much knowledge of combat and magic, it’s not normal for a 14 year old. I will decide my second question after that” she says.

“Okay, this might shock you so lets just sit over there on that rock” he says while pointing at a small rock.

“Do you want a long or a short answer?” he asks her. “Just be direct, I don’t need your life’s story, we don’t have all day” she says arrogantly. ‘Wow her attitude really changed because of those punches, guess she has a lot to learn still’ Cleamon thinks.

“Okay, well I’ll keep it short then. I am 14 years old but my soul and knowledge is over 400 years old. In the previous future, when I was dying I made a wish to the heavens and a goddess sent me back to this time. You will have to keep this information a secret though, Lilia is the only other one that knows”. Cecily’s eyes and mouth were open wide, she didn’t want to believe it, but it would explain everything so far. Not sure what to say she just stares in wonder at Cleamon ‘I wonder what happened in the future that made him want to come back’ she thinks to herself and then asks that question of Cleamon.

“Again do you want the short of long version?” he asks.

“Just explain what’s needed, it might be bad if I know too much” she answers after thinking for a bit.

“Good, seems like you are quite intelligent” he says with a smile, Cecily gives him a small punch on the shoulder.

“Well, the battle in which I was supposed to die will happen in the year 19112, a big invasion will happen and the city will be destroyed by forces from another realm. Just before I died there was a huge explosion in the city, killing my friend and Lilia” Cleamon says reminiscing past events.

“I know what you’re thinking, but no, you were already dead and so was everyone else in this room besides Lilia. During the coup that I told you I had a vision about, the whole royal family died and during the combat outside of the castle many of the students from this school died as well” Cleamon says and sighs.

Cecily is speechless, she looks down contemplating everything she just heard.

About 5 minutes later she says “Shouldn’t we tell more people about this? Ahh this isn’t a question, but a real concern” she adds to it.

“I’ve thought about that as well, but it’s a huge risk. There are only a few people in this city I can really trust to keep it a secret. Lilia, you and my friends, but I rather not tell them until later. It will just make them sick with worry” Cleamon explains.

“what’s your last question?”

“Hmm, let me think about the last one, I already asked of what I wanted to know” she says while going into thinking mode.

Cecily thinks for about five minutes, while Cleamon stares at the other fights going on. Lilia is teaching Amara a bit on how to fight and Homian is trying his best to be as sneaky as possible in his attacks, but is still failing.

“I know my question, did you have more lovers or wives in your previous life?” she asks with a red face.

“I’m not sure how to answer this one” he says scratching his head “Lilia was my wife, but we had many lovers together, just nothing permanent. She wouldn’t mind it, but we traveled so much that we just didn’t have the time. She was usually the one seducing other women and bringing them to wherever we stayed at the time”.

Cecily’s face turned even more red at hearing this.

“Okay I know enough now” she says in a quiet voice and turns away.

Another hour passes and everyone is done with their fights, Lilia won from Amara with 4-1 and Resyana won from Homian 5-0.

The day ends and they get ready to leave for home. “Cleamon, maybe it’s a good idea to take Cecily for a date now, she seemed a bit flustered while in the dressing room, so ask her for after this” Lilia whispers to him. He looks back at her “is it really okay with you?”. “Yes of course, she’s a cute girl, but she needs to see more of the city. I think she will enjoy it a lot!” she continues to whisper. “Sure if you say so I’ll ask her, not sure if she wants to though” he shrugs. “No worries there is no girl who can resist you” Lilia says with a bit of a giggle. She kisses him on the cheek and walks towards Amara and Resyana. Cecily seemed out of it staring towards the ground while walking.

“Cecily can I ask you something?” Cleamon says.

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