Chapter 34: A good result

“Just let me get ready for this” Cleamon says as he charges the aura around him, protecting him from the spell “Okay I’m ready”.

Resyana starts her incantation, which has two parts, one is for the wind and the other for the fire. Cleamon can see the wind already forming, it forms a small tornado between her hands rotating more and more violently until the wind part of the incantation is done. She takes a small breath only to continue at the same rate, the tornado catches fire. At first the tornado is brown reddish of color, but it two seconds it changes from brown red to yellow, constantly increasing in heat. Waves of heat spread out, burning the air around her.

Her incantation finishes, she targets her spell in the middle of the room, instantly a violent, bright yellow, fire tornado emerges. It grows at least six meters in diameter, scorching the sealing. Anything in the near vicinity catches fire, trees stand no chance, the earth turns black, stones start the turn to magma. Resyana falls the her knees, exhausted and panting heavily sweating. The tornado dissipates with a whoosh.

Cleamon gives her a hand getting up and provides her with a potion “Here drink this, it will restore you mana again” he says. “Thank you, so how was it?” she asks. “Pretty impressive, the heat and wind are very strong just your activation time needs some work, but for a smaller version you should be more than fine” Cleamon says with a smile. “Could you get Cecily for me next?” he asks her.

Cecily enters the training room next.

“Hey are you ready?” Cecily asks of Cleamon “You might want to protect your eyes” she pokes Cleamon’s cheek. “Don’t worry I know how to handle a bit of light” he jokingly says back to her. They take their positions and Cleamon prepares his spell to counter bright light that he used during the mock match at the king’s castle.

“Go ahead” Cleamon says. Cecily starts to focus, it seems like she learned Intent as she doesn’t use any incantation. Two seconds later a bright flash fills the entire room, it wasn’t as bright as the spell Cleamon used at the castle, but not far off. Cecily charges at Cleamon, she moves behind him ready to strike at his arms. She grabs his right arm and puts in into a lock behind his back and pushes him to the ground. Cleamon did not struggle or try to counter the attack as a normal person would not have the resources to block the light.

“Ouch, it’s okay to stop now” he says while tapping on the ground with his other hand “I give up”. Cecily is sitting on him with a smile “how about no?” she says whispering in his ear. “Come on this really hurts, I know you improved so get off me else I will get you off by force” he says in a strict voice. “Try me!” she pushes his arm even further up “I don’t think you can do anything to me from down there” she pokes his face. “Okay you asked for it” he focuses and then disappears, causing Cecily to fall over backwards.

In the next instant Cleamon grabs both her hands and pushes her to the ground on her back, her hands above her head. His hand is on her stomach to counter any resistance she tries to give. “What are you doing! You can’t do this to a princess!” she says with a reddening face. The position is quite suggestive, although Cleamon had no ulterior feelings from it. Cleamon stares at her face, making her gaze turn away form his “I guess I win” he says with a smile.

He lets her hands go, she tries to hit his face, but he blocks it, then turns her around in the position he was before “trying a sneak attack is not very nice” he now whispers into her ear. Cecily didn’t know if she was angry or embarrassed “okay, okay let me go already, I won’t try to hit you”.

Cleamon stands up reaching his hand out to her to help her stand up. She hesitates for a moment, but then accepts. Their clothes are completely covered in dust and dirt, even their faces look filthy. Cleamon can’t help but laugh at her “you should look at yourself your face looks like you fell into a puddle of mud”. “Take at look at yourself first!” she retorts back at him, they both walk to a small pond to check their reflection. At seeing their reflections they can’t help but burst out in laughter, after which they cleaned themselves up a bit.

“One day I’ll win from you” Cecily says “and then you’ll be mine!”, at these words she looks slightly shocked. She tries to say something else, but instead just walks away. At the door she yells “I’ll get Lilia for you” and leaves the room.

Inside the girl’s dressing room “what happened to you Cecily, you look like you rolled around in the dirt and your face is bright red” Amara says. “Hmpf, nothing, Cleamon was just playing rough with me, I’m going to get a shower, I’ve got sand and dirt everywhere” she says while taking her dirty clothes off. “Lilia you’re next, he’s waiting for you”, she enters the shower room.

The other girls look at each other a little confused “I wonder what happened inside” Amara says to Lilia and Resyana.

Lilia enters the training room and walks up to Cleamon “what happened between you and Cecily?” she can’t help but ask. He laughs a bit and then explains what happened, except for the last words she said. “Haha, no wonder she looked like that. You must’ve hurt her pride quite a bit, be sure to make it up to her later!”. “I will, I’m just not sure how to handle it yet, she seems like a feisty person” he says while scratching his head. Lilia comes closer and gives him a kiss and scratches his head for him, a lot of sand comes out. “I know, how about you just take her on a date?” she says while she stares right into his eyes. “Why a date?” he looks back at her with a confused expression. “You don’t think she’s cute? Besides I think she would like it, just go somewhere she can’t go normally because of her family. You might get her parents a bit angry, but it’ll be worth it”.

“I will consider it, will you join us then?” he says after a moment of thinking. “No, I want to do some private training, besides we spent the last two weeks together every day. You should see some other people as well, I’ll take her on a girls day out myself later, I have something I want to talk about with her”. “Okay, I will then, thanks for the advice” he gives her a small kiss.

“Lets get started, Homian is still waiting for his turn” Cleamon says.

They walk towards the big rocks on the side of the room, there is an area where you could hide between them.

Lilia starts concentrating, she doesn’t use any incantation, but instead uses Intent just like Cecily. Cleamon can see a pressure form in her hands, one second later her spell is done. She fires a one diameter water blast at the rocks, it goes right through the rocks and comes to halt at the wall. She cuts across the rocks cutting them apart, the room rumbles and dust kicks up as rocks fall to the ground.

“I think that’s enough sweety” Cleamon says while patting her on the back “That’s pretty impressive, your smaller version must be so much quicker than this!”. “Yes it is, but it doesn’t have that much power, it’s hard to control the wind at that scale” she lets out a deep sigh “I have to practice more”.

“For now this should be more than enough to win from the second years with ease, I doubt any of them can make a protection strong enough to repel that spell” he says with a bright smile on his face. Lilia smiles back at him “thanks, without you I probable would still be stuck at a low level”. “I’ll go and get Homian, you guys wait inside the dressing room, we will continue to train together after this” he says while giving her a hug. “Okay, see you soon”, she leaves the room.

Cleamon comes back with Homian, who looks around at the destruction caused around him “wow, they really went at it didn’t they!” he says with a laugh. “Yes, everyone did their best the past days” Cleamon says with a bit of pride on his face. “Now it’s your turn to show what you’ve learned”.

“Okay, be ready!” he says and instantly whispers his incantation, which takes less than a second. The entire area around Cleamon becomes pitch black, the shadow seemingly grabbing at him and keeping him in place. ‘This is amazing, he learned this in just a short while’ Cleamon thinks. While being distracted in his thoughts, Homian had already closed onto him and put his fist on his stomach “got you” he says as the darkness dissipates. “That was amazing, I can’t believe you learned the trick behind this spell so fast” Cleamon says in high praise. Homian scratches his head “well, it’s because you told me to train in the light that I could extend it so far in this short a time-span. It wasn’t easy though, the first few days I couldn’t even make a shadow” he explains.

“Well I’m glad you succeeded, you might be the strongest here now, although Cecily might be your natural enemy” Cleamon says as he pats Homian’s back.

“Well I guess I should clean up this place before we continue, it looks like a big mess” Cleamon says while looking around at the destruction caused.

He starts focusing his Intent and the rocks destroyed become new ones, many of the trees can’t be saved, but they grow extremely fast in this room. Before long the room is as new.

“Okay, time to get the rest for our hand to hand combat training” Cleamon says.

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