Chapter 33: Progress

It’s the day before the tournament starts, the past week Cleamon has trained hard under the guidance of the headmaster. He even forwarded some of those lessons to his friends whenever he could.

Besides that he helped the Hawthorn and Shadeglow family create many more items and potions. As a result he’s made a fortune along with both of the families. He’d also hired a spy to keep track of the movements of the Myrtics and Gambrill families, they were currently still keeping an eye on the Hawthorn and Shadeglow families, trying to figure out how they achieved this success seemingly overnight.

All of the friends gathered at Cleamon’s house, even Cecily was present as Cleamon got permission from the king to invite her, as long as a guard was posted nearby. They are all sitting in a circle inside the training room.

Cleamon stands up.

“Today we’re going to test everyone’s progression, not only their MS, but also they spells I gave you. Of course to minimize damage will move to the school’s battle room later on, I got permission from the headmaster to use it today. First I want to see your MS scores and make sure everything went okay the past week” Cleamon says to his friends like he’s rallying his troops.

“I’ll go first” Homian says as he jumps up looking very confident. Because of the last few tests his confidence has grown massively, he always had the highest MS. “934, wow you really trained hard this past week didn’t you?” Cleamon says. Homian is looking rather smug “I sure did, it would’ve been higher if I didn’t have to learn the spell you taught me” he says while rubbing his nose. “Then I guess you mastered that spell?” Cleamon retorts leaving Homian look slightly embarrassed “not yet, but I feel I’m close. It’s more powerful than the version you did when you showed me before”.

“I’m next!” Cecily calls out, Homian triggered her competitiveness. “Okay come here then, you have your own crystal if I’m right, did you bring it?” Cleamon asks. “Ah, no I didn’t bring mine I knew you have here, so I’ll just use that one instead” she says while walking over to Cleamon. “Okay you know how this works” he says while handing over the crystal. Cecily concentrates, her mana flows into the crystal. “Looks like you beat Homian’s score! 973 MS is just crazy in this short time, did you get some of those cultivation potions?”. “Yes, I got my father to buy them for me, how did you know?” she asks.

“Well I made them, so I know their effects, besides we’re all using them here, that’s how we all progressed so much in this short time” he answers. “Wow, you made these? You should talk to my father to see if you can make a contract with him!” she whispers in his ear. “I know, but that’s for later” he says as he pokes her cheek pushing her away from his face.

“I’ll go next myself, after that Resyana then Lilia, then Amara” he says while quickly using the crystal “looks like I’m at 897, here Resyana” she also quickly uses it “912, you improved a lot”. “Thanks Cleamon, this is all because of you. I wish I could do something for you to pay you back” she says with a slightly blushed face. “Don’t worry about it, just be yourself” he says while patting her back. Lilia already grabbed the crystal and was done “985” she says calmly while handing over the crystal to Amara. Cecily and Homian immediately gave her a jealous look ‘I’ll beat you one day’ Cecily thinks to herself.

“I’m at 908” Amara says while handing the crystal back to Cleamon. “Okay, good now we know how much we’ve grown it’s time to move towards the school training room” Cleamon says.

They move towards the school, while Cecily’s guard is trailing them. No-one except Cleamon notices, although Cecily and Lilia know they’re being followed by a guard.

They arrive at the school gate and Cleamon talks to the guard who has orders to let them in.

“To make sure everyone’s spells remain a secret for now I ask you to stay in the changing room while I test your progress, this will make it fair to everyone. Amara you go first, as soon as you put on your school battle outfit come to the training room” Cleamon says while they walk towards the dressings rooms. They split off the girls and boys take their respective rooms and start putting on their battle clothes.

Amara enters the training room, Cleamon was already waiting. “Okay, lets start” he says. Amara concentrates, she quickly whispers the Incantation for the spell. The earth around them quivers and then moves quickly into a sphere between her hands. The sphere grows and grows until her arms alongside her body, the sphere begins to shrink. The earth cracks and crunches under the force of being compressed, until it reaches the size of an eyeball. Amara is sweating profusely, she really gave it all to show what she can do.

“That’s amazing, you learned this in just a week. It’s still a bit on the slow side, but the power is very high. How is the manipulation of the sphere?” he says, Amara looks proud. She begins to manipulate the sphere moving it around at high speeds, crushing rocks in it’s wake. The sphere itself weighs about 500 kilograms, so this takes a lot of mana out of her and soon the sphere crashes to the ground with a loud bang. The whole floor vibrates and it leaves a small crater. “Very good, with a smaller sphere your control should be high enough to beat third year students” he says while patting her head turning her face red. “How can you freely touch me like that, aren’t you afraid that Lilia will get angry at you if you keep touching other girls?” she says while being patted. “Well actually, she likes you just as much as I do, she’s be more jealous of me patting you and wanting to do it herself” he says while laughing. “Be sure to tell her it’s okay to do it to you, you’ll make her very happy” he continues with a smile.

“We’re done for now, very good job, can you bring out Resyana next?”

Amara leaves the room slightly flustered and confused.

Resyana enters the room a slight moment later.

“Are you okay?” he asks her “Yes, I’m fine. I’m just worried about the trees in here” she replies with a cheeky smile.

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