Chapter 31: A dark past

“It was about 2800 years ago when I first met Saelar, the only person that had the same potential as you have now and possessed all the affinities just like you do. I met him when we were fighting together against a force of magical beasts, he didn’t show much of his skills though. He was trying to hide his powers because some people were after him, he had escaped from the Demon Clan and was on the run. By the time I met him he was already rank Grand mage while I still was a Senior mage, he taught me many things about magic. It’s also the reason I studied more than my original affinity.” the headmaster begins explaining. “Because I’ve never introduced myself, my name is Almar Fusesworn and I’m the last one in this family, many people just know me as the headmaster. I usually don’t give out my real name as it’s a great shame to me”

About 2800 years ago prior to the invasion of Magical beasts.

“We need as many magicians as possible, anyone rank Medior or above should register with the guard! There is a massive invasion of beasts coming and we need all the help we can get! Registers at the nearest gate!” a voice reverberates through the whole city. Thousands of magicians move towards the guard near their respective gate. There are four big gates with dozens of smaller ones in between. “It looks like we have to all register” Almar says at his family’s gathering. The elders look at him like he’s just betrayed them “No, our family is of a noble descent, fighting is for the fodder families. It doesn’t matter if they die or not, but our family is needed in this city” one of them says. Others are nodding in agreement. “You are forbidden to leave this place until this mess is over, we have more than enough magicians in this city for this problem without us included, I’m sure other noble families are thinking the same thing. How do you think our family survived this long? Pure luck? Nonsense, it’s making sure others die first instead of us!” another elder continues.

Almar was stuck in his house for two weeks, while the invasion was going on, the sounds of battle could be heard from all around. Occasionally a report would come in from one of the scouts. Until there was no more scout coming and sounds of the battle were coming closer and closer.

‘I have to start fighting’ Almar thinks to himself, he has been training all this time to be of help when needed. He made escape plans, all of his friends were fighting in this war how could he not be there. The 16th day he executed his plan and sneaked out while there was another meeting going on between family members. What he saw when he exited the premises nearly killed him with shock. Thousands upon thousands of dead bodies everywhere, humans and beasts alike.

There was fighting going on nearby, three huge magical beasts were up against a dozen of magicians. The leader of the group was a young looking fellow, Almar moved towards them with the intention to help. “Hi. I’m here to help, is there anything I can do” he says when he reaches their group. The young leader takes a quick glance at him “I don’t think you’re strong enough to help out here, but at this point anyone is better than no-one. What’s your affinity?” “Light and Water, I can heal and provide a little bit of support” Almar responds. “Good stay in the back with the other two healers, try to copy what they do, the rest lets move in again!” the young fellow says with a smile.

The battle continues for an hour before the first of the three beasts dies, everyone looks exhausted. They take mana regeneration potions non-stop, but the lack of sleep is showing. Magical beasts don’t sleep, since the only thing they need is mana. The beasts notice a lack of concentration from the group and instantly charge in, before they can respond half the group gets torn in half in front of Almar’s eyes. He can only look in horror at the events and nearly vomits. This was his first real fight since his family always protected themselves first. He wants to flee, but his legs were shaking so much he couldn’t move.

“Regroup!” the young leader shouts “Don’t let their sacrifice be in vain!”, it was as if Almar woke up from a bad dream, his vision and mind are both clear again. The rest of the group seems to experience the same, they look invigorated. They recast their protective spells, but in the end it was all in vain. Their numbers had fallen too low to be a real threat to these beasts.

“We have to retreat back to the city center for now, we can’t keep these beasts at bay” the young leader announces to his squad. “I will keep these two busy, you guys move back, now hurry!” he shouts at them. They all have a defeated look on their face “Yes leader, please come back safely” they say while saluting and they move away as quick as they can. Almar was moving as well, he wasn’t as fast as the others. ‘Isn’t there anything I can do?’ he thought to himself while tears came down his face. He stopped in his tracks, the others looked at him, but said nothing and moved further away out of sight.

Almar turned around and moved back towards the beasts where the young man was fighting. He didn’t seem like the same person though, the magic he was using was nothing like Almar had ever seen before. “Why are you back, I told you to run!” he shouts at Almar. “I can’t just leave someone behind, I will heal you!” he shouts back. “Fine, but stay out of trouble”, the young man says. He starts an Incantation that seemed to go on forever, 10 seconds, 20 seconds, one minute, when he is done, Almar could feel the most terrifying mana pressure he’d over felt come over him. The beasts were stopped in their tracks and cowering as well, the next instant the spell was released, everything around the young man disintegrated into small pieces and even those pieces dissolved into nothingness, there was nothing left of the beasts.

Almar could just see what happened but passed out under the pressure.

He opened his eyes and found himself in a bed, a lot of sounds were coming from all around him. Cries of pain, distress and sadness. He was at one of the places that took care of wounded people, on the bed next to him was the young man, looking physically exhausted. Almar remembered the scenes from before and threw up in the bucket that was next to his bed. His whole body was shaking and he couldn’t help but crying.

‘Don’t worry’ echoed through his mind, which immediately calmed down. ‘I killed those two beasts and used my last remaining energy to come here’ the voice in his head continued.

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