Chapter 32: A dark past continues

The next day both of them wake up after a night of rest, the young man was eating some breakfast on his bed.

“My name is Saelar what’s yours?” he asks. “Almar, nice to meet you and thanks for saving me from those beasts” Almar says sincerely. He recalls what happened last night before he passed out. “What was that spell you used? I have never seen anything like it, also you did some weird things in my head. I could hear your voice and I felt my mind calming down” Almar hesitates to ask.

“Sorry, but I can’t tell you, forget what you saw and don’t speak about it to anyone” Saelar answers “Okay, I won’t inquire about it anymore, my lips are sealed. You saved my life that’s the least I can do”.

“What happened after we arrived here? Is the invasion still going on? I haven’t heard any battling for a while now” Almar asks of a nurse nearby. “Yes it ended, the rest of the beasts retreated when most of them got killed during the night, there was one final battle and a lot of people died. I heard it was at the Fusesworn family’s grounds. The whole area got destroyed in the fight, I heard there are no survivors” the nurse says.

Almar’s eyes widened with disbelief, he refused to believe it. “Sorry Saelar I have to go check if my family is okay, I’m part of the Fusesworn family” he says while getting out of bed and putting on his clothes. “I’ll go with you, most of my strength is back anyway and I have to go that way as well”.

They both get ready and leave the building.

They arrive at what used to be part of the city. The whole area is in rubble and it is eerily quiet, Almar looks around to find where his family’s grounds used to be. “Over there!” Almar shouts out to Saelar who was looking in an other direction. Almar recognized part of the big mansion that was part of his family’s domain. It was completely in pieces, the rest of the buildings around it for the family were flattened. The family had paid a lot of money for protecting seals and inscriptions so they could live safely and not be worried about attacks, but it looked like they were broken easily.

They move to the main building and search around by removing rubble, not too soon after they find the first body. It’s one of the elders, his body is a bloodied mess and it looks like all his bones are broken by rubble falling on him. Almar vomits, it’s only the second time he’s seen a body like that. Tears fall down his face as they keep searching for survivors. Body after body turned up, all the same. Almar collapses in grief, all of his near family is dead.

Saelar seems already used to this kind of massacre, he didn’t even shed a tear or even changed his expression.

“I have no-one left” Almar says while choking on his tears “Everyone of them is dead”.

“If you are willing, you can follow me. I will teach you how to use magic and how to battle, but it won’t be easy” Saelar says with the same expressionless face.

“Okay I will follow you, I have no choices left” Almar says after pondering it for a minute.

The next few years were peaceful as Saelar trained Almar. They had left the city and went on a journey to the Earth Realm and were finally coming back to the city.

It had been rebuild, everything that was destroyed was replaced by new buildings.

However as soon as they entered the city they could feel strange aura’s all around them. At first they didn’t think any of it, but soon after it was already too late. That night inside an inn, members of the Demon Realm came into their room. Saelar could just but react in time to turn Almar invisible with his magic, but it was too late for himself. They opened the door and instantly went for Saelar, grabbing him and tying up his arms and mouth. They put a mana restricting necklace on him. “We finally found you, you traitorous scum. How can you just go around and use your stolen powers like that, when we reached this city a few years ago we could sense the lingering mana of the magic you used. We tried to track you but had already disappeared. Now it’s time for you to die and repent for your sins” the leader of the group said.

Saelar’s expression did not change, he was already prepared for this.

In one movement the leader cut his throat and Saelar bled to death.

Almar could only look on in shock, he didn’t dare make a noise. His master had told him some details about his past, but he didn’t expect this.

The men leave the room.

Before the leader closes the door he turns around “I know you are still in there you little rat, just be glad we didn’t come for you” he gives Almar a creepy smile.

Almar’s heart nearly stops, sweat and chills run down his body as he feels the aura coming from the leader. He is petrified with fear.

Back to the present.

“That’s how I lost my best friend and master, during those few years of training he taught me many things, including spells that use more than one affinity. I even recording some of his Incantations that he used for some of the very special ones. I’d like to pass these on to you, but be careful if you show too much power, you will make many enemies even within this city. I can’t guarantee your safety, my best time has long gone and I’m just a shadow of my former self. I got to live thanks to Saelar’s magic which kept me alive over the years”

“Yes, master, I would like to receive your teachings” Cleamon says with a deep bow. He was deeply moved by the story his master had told him. No wonder his master could produce such a frightening aura.

“We will start tomorrow, for now go back to your class. They might suspect too much if you’re gone for too long” Almar says while putting on his shirt.

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