Chapter 30: Full power?

“Headmaster is it okay if I use items as well or is only my own magical power allowed for this match?” Cleamon asks. “Do what you want, I will give you an item of my own if you are able to hurt me” he answers.

‘How should I attack him, I guess lets first test the spell I used at the kings castle’ Cleamon thinks to himself. He positions his hand towards the headmaster, focuses his Intent, about one second later the headmaster is engulfed in a flame tornado, this one much higher than the one at the castle. It reaches the ceiling that is about 10 meters above them and melts away the stones near it.

“Not bad” he hears the headmaster say “but not strong enough” and he instantly dispels the spell with just his aura. He was unharmed and not even breaking a sweat, Cleamon smiles bitterly ‘this old man is insane’ he can’t help but think. The headmaster charges at him, within an instant he is blown away by his massive aura, whilst flying through the air he casts a wind spell slowing him down and making him hover on his spot. ‘That was close, I didn’t even see him coming’ a very sweaty Cleamon thinks, he didn’t sweat because of exertion, but of the fear he felt. Even though he has magical items, they are of no use against pure aura.

Cleamon activates his void magic, disappearing from sight leaving the headmaster slightly stunned ‘He can even use void magic, this kid is too scary’, he think while a slight shiver comes across his spine.

‘I need an attack that takes him by surprise and can pierce that fierce aura of his’ Cleamon thinks ‘The issue is when I cast this void spell will cancel out, so I need something fast and long range’ the conversation in his head takes about five seconds before he comes to a plan. He hides himself behind some rocks to give him time for the spell, he starts concentrating gathering minerals from the rocks around him, forcing them into a very dense conical shape with cylindrical body about five centimeters long, the process takes about two seconds, the rock he created was at least 20 kilograms in weight. ‘Now I need a barrel that I can use to propel this’ he thinks while gathering more minerals, about three seconds later his 30 centimeter barrel is done. He puts his projectile in it and starts casting a very potent spell combining wind and fire and places it on the base, he seals the exit while maintaining the spell.

About 50 meters away is the headmaster, standing with his arms crossed and eyes closed, expanding his aura to at least 20 meters away from himself. The sediments nearby are trembling under the powerful force, causes a slight cloud to form at the bottom.

Cleamon aims the barrel at the headmaster and releases his spell, BANG, the projectile launches at a frightening speed. The projectile reaches him in less than 1/10th of a second, the headmaster could sense the projectile penetrating his aura and his body instinctively reacted to it, moving out of it’s path. His body was not fast enough though, the projectile scratches his shoulder leaving a small trace of blood dripping down.

‘Now!’ Cleamon thinks. He casts a wind spell covering the area in dust, within a second he reaches the headmaster, who let his aura down after the projectile hit him. This time Cleamon casts a Lightning spell to try and paralyze the headmaster. As soon as he reaches the point of completing the casting, his body is pressed down to the ground under a massive force. The dust dissipates and the aura coming from the headmaster is so strong the whole area trembles under it, Cleamon’s body feels like it weighs 10 tons. His clothes are begin ripped apart, leaving him almost naked.

The aura weakens and dies down, the headmaster grabs Cleamon and hold him up in front of him. “You did well, you actually managed to scratch me because I was arrogant and held back” he was angry at himself for letting this happen. “It seems like you planned this well, but your last strategy was weak and badly thought out, it would’ve been better of you could launch a barrage of those projectiles, but then again I would’ve been one bloody mess”. Cleamon feels like a rag-doll in the hands of the headmaster, his body completely shut down after witnessing that frightening aura, the sweat poured down his back and forehead.

“It looks like this was worth it after all, I’ve got something to tell you later after we clean ourselves up” he says while putting Cleamon on his feet again. “Believe it or not, in my lifetime I came across someone with a power very similar to yours, he possessed all the affinities as well. I fought him many times” the headmaster looks up reminiscing his past. “But I will tell you the story later, first get yourself changed, there should be some clothes in the dressing room. After that come back here again” he says while slamming Cleamon on the back, who nearly falls over as his body is coming back to life.

‘Some1 similar to me? Why haven’t I heard or read anything about that person in my previous life’ his thinks to himself while walking towards the dressing room.

Cleamon washes himself while thinking about the fight ‘the initial attack was good, but why did I try to close in on him? Was it arrogance on my part? What kind of spell could I have used to penetrate that monstrous aura?’ all these questions kept popping up inside his head, making him stare in front of him forgetting time for a minute.

He finishes washing up and putting on his clothes, before fighting he changed into the school’s battling clothes, else students would have to pay a fortune when training and battling each other. After looking at himself in the mirror for another minute, staring at his own weakened body, he moves back to the training room. The headmaster is sitting on a rock, in the lotus position concentrating on his aura. His small wound was disappearing leaving behind a faint smoke as it healed.

“Welcome back, it seems like you reflected on yourself in there” the headmaster says when Cleamon approaches him. “Yes headmaster, I was foolish in this battle and recognize my mistakes” he says while bowing. “Good, good, being able to admit to your foolishness will help you become great” the headmaster says as he opens his eyes.

“Let me tell you a story of the past, although it may not seem like it I’m already over 3000 years old” he says with a cold stare. ‘What do you mean, you don’t seem like it you monster’ Cleamon can’t help but think to himself.

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