Chapter 29: Qualification

Although Cleamon felt someone following them after the auction it didn’t seem like they had any malicious intent for the time being and they all got home safely.

Monday at school in the classroom.

“Today we’re going to test your MS for the upcoming tournament, remember only the highest 10 will be able to go to the tournament as representatives, we will move towards the training grounds shortly, you can talk amongst yourselves for the next 30 minutes, but at least talk about something magic related” the teacher announces.

The class spends their time talking about their own MS and training they’ve done over the last week.

“Okay class, it’s time to move to the training room if you applied for the tournament. The rest will stay here with me, another teacher is waiting outside to classroom to guide you. Everyone good luck!” the teacher ends his speech. About half the class stands up ready to go, they form a line and move towards the training room.

Inside the training room.

The last students of the previous class are leaving at the other side of the room, there are currently three classes in each year, that means 300 students per year. This tournament will have 90 participants and will span over two weeks to let students rest between matches.

“Students get ready to test, we are trying to do this as fast as possible there is one class after this. First four in line please come forward” a teacher standing near the testing table says. “Remember only the top 10 highest MS students will be able to enter the tournament, there are no do-overs” the teacher continues.

The first few students take the test “110”, “118”, “123”, “108” “next four please” “126”, “133”, “125”, “101”, “next four please”, “154”, “142”, “103”, “145”, “next four please”. It’s Lilia’s and Homian’s turn, first are the other two students “144, 161” the next teacher testing Homian pauses a bit and stares in awe to the crystal in front of him “Uhmm 527” she says, immediately everyone in the room looked at Homian. Lilia’s tester also stared at the number in front of him and then said “517”, the stares that were first aimed at Homian were now aimed at Lilia. ‘Wow such high MS, how did they improve that much in just a single week’ many people thought. “Next four please”, Amara and Cecily come forward and start the test “496” the teacher says in shock, “513” the other teacher says.

They start whispering amongst each other “what’s going on with these students, they shouldn’t be able to produce these kinds of numbers, inform the headmaster” one whispers to a teacher waiting on the side.

“Next four please”. Cleamon is up next and starts the test “509” the teacher says, wondering how this could happen. By this point the headmaster had come into the room because of the noise the class made when the previous results were announced. He was just in time to hear Cleamon’s results.

“Will the students with the high scores just now come with me” he calls out when a teacher informed him of what happened.

Cleamon and his friends follow the headmaster to his office.

“I want to know how you all improved so fast” the headmaster said bluntly “it’s not normal for children your age to possess such MS, even the fourth years are barely at that level” he continues. “Headmaster, I taught them different ways to cultivate their Magic Souls, which greatly improves their growth rate” Cleamon answers. “Okay, I would like to have a private chat with you then and since you reached a score of 500 I suppose we can already do that which I talked about last time” the headmasters says to Cleamon. “If you all could leave the room, there should be a teacher waiting for you outside, since you are entering the tournament you can get special access to the library for books on spells” the headmaster tells all but Cleamon.

The rest of the group leaves the room and a teacher escorts them to the special library.

“Cleamon when I made that promise I didn’t expect you to come fulfill it so quickly, honestly I’m not completely prepared for this. I would like to do a test on your current strength, I presume you trained your spells and Intent as well since I saw you last?” the headmaster says while leaning back in his chair letting out a sigh.

“Of course I trained, I won’t be able to do any damage to a high skill magic user, but if someone is not prepared I could definitely win” he says with a grin.

“Good, that’s what I like to hear, let’s move to another training room underground, this is usually used by fourth graders, but for now we’ll use it for our mock battle” the headmaster says as he stands up from his chair.

Cleamon follows him to the training room, it’s a huge room with different obstacles in it; rocks, trees, water and some caves.

The headmaster takes off his robe showing a rather muscular body, much more than Cleamon expected. He prepares his defense for Cleamon’s attacks extending his aura, it makes the ground and Cleamon quiver.

“You better be prepared to go full out on me” the headmaster says with killing intent in his aura.

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