Chapter 28: Auction

The auction takes place in a big hall, about a 1000 people showed up, the chairs are in rows and there are special balconies available for the nobles and rich. Cleamon is sitting near the top with the Shadeglow and Hawthorn families, they each entered their products into the auction. The Hawthorn family is selling a batch of sample potions Cleamon made and the Shadeglow family is selling 10 different inscribed items as a test for the market values.

The Stonesoul family is located on the center balcony, the king, queen and Cecily are all there with their entourage. The king got interested in the auction because of Cleamon’s claim that he would have families sell items.

“Mirko do you have a lot list so we know when our items come up for sale?” Cleamon asks him. “Yes, but our items are spread out over the next three hours, there are also some items from other families in there. Our first item will be lot number six, which is for a spacial bracelet. The first item is a 5×5 one, a 10×10 and a 20×20 are presented much later on the day. There are also three different necklaces with a very strong magical and physical protection, which have various ranks of rarity. Three weapons which include a sword, a dagger and a morning star, these all have appropriate inscriptions for their uses. The last item is something very special, it’s an item made with a much higher quality metal.

The auction starts and the auctioneer comes on stage “The first item we have is an armor set with a rank rare inscription made by the Myrtics family. We start bidding at five gold” the auctioneer says out loud “6 gold” as a person in the audience hold up his number, “7, 8, 9, 10, 11” the price stops going up. “Sold to number 359 for 11 gold”, the same happens for the next few items until they reach the first bracelet with a 5×5 inter-dimensional space. “Here we have a very rare bracelet said to contain an inscription of rank master, this item contains a space to store items, I’ve heard there are two more coming later in this auction, this is the lowest rank of the three, the others have the same inscription but a much higher grade crystal” the auctioneer continues. Cleamon had instructed to give that information to the auctioner to get more interest in their items. “The bid starts at 25 gold” “30, 35, 40” the pace is going at a relentless rate “100, 110” the bidding stops. “Sold to number 132 for 110 gold, we will now continue with the next item” to auctioneer announces. The head from the Myrtics family looks towards the Shadeglow family in disgust.

The next few items don’t come close to having such a high price, the highest being 14 gold for a sword. “Next up is a small batch of potions created by the Hawthorn family, this potion is very rare and on master level. This potion regenerates mana at a very fast rate and is advised to be used by magicians rank Senior and above. The offered items are a batch of 10 potions sold all at once, price starts at 20 gold”. Again the prices rise to absurd levels, which is to be expected from such a rare potion. It eventually ends at 91 gold.

The next few items gain not much interest, as they are just normal treasures or crafted items.

“The next item we have was found in a mysterious tomb from far outside the city, what it’s use it we haven’t found out, but looking at it’s mysterious aura and looks it must be very powerful and old” the auctioneer says while showing off the item.

Cleamon’s eyes light up ‘is that what I think it is?’ he thinks while his heart starts beating faster. He’s seen this item in a book in his previous life, it was regarded as a very high grade treasure made by a sage rank magician. “Bidding starts at 50 gold” the announcer says. Several people murmur, bidding on an unknown item always has a big risk so they are hesitant to bid. “50 gold for that young boy over there” the announcer points at Cleamon, who put up his sign. This caused people to turn and look at him and stare with wonder. “60 for the man over there” the announcer continues “100 gold” Cleamon calls out causing even more stares. The other bidding party seems hesitant “120 gold” a woman’s voice calls out “150” Cleamon retorts. This battle goes on for a bit “Miss are you sure you want to stop bidding?” the announcers asks the cloaked woman, she nods, “sold for 430 gold to the young man over there”. A small applause erupts from the hall, it seems like a small battle was just fought. In the commotion the cloaked woman leaves the hall, seemingly disappointed in her steps. She throws one final glance at Cleamon before exiting the door. ‘What was that all about?’ Cleamon thought to himself.

The people around him looked stunned, Lilia is the only one that knows he has a small fortune and she was smiling and gave him a thumbs up “nicely fought” she says causing Cleamon to high-five her “thanks”. The rest however were dumbfounded by the spectacle, this kid just spent a couple of years worth of doing business for a whole smaller family.

The rest of the auction continues with no particular items of interest except the items made with help from Cleamon, they sell even higher than the ones before them totaling a sum of over a 2000 gold split between the Shadeglow and Hawthorn family and Cleamon of course who takes a 30% cut. This is the most money they ever made doing business and Mirko and Arther can’t help but tearing up a little.

Across the auction hall however, less happy families were seated, incessantly talking to each other. Cleamon kept a keen eye on them, this was after all a scheme to lure the Myrtics and Gambrill family out of their shells.

One of their servants leaves after a small talk from both of the families, Cleamon notices this and prepares to inform the others. ‘The news might be a bit of a shock to them though’ he thinks to himself.

He spends about 15 minutes explaining the situation and both of the families agree to hire some protection for themselves on the way back. Cleamon also suggests using the bracelets as storage for the gold they earned.

The auction is over and they go home, Cleamon notices a shadow following them, but only lets Lilia know.

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