Chapter 26: Potions

Cleamon and Amara enter the cultivation room again, getting some weird looks from their friends.

To get rid of the awkward stares he quickly says “Homian can you come here?”. Homian walks up to Cleamon “What was that all about?” he whispers in his ear “I’ll explain later” Cleamon answers. He proceeds to tell Homian his spell, which makes it possible for a certain area to be covered in darkness.

“Let me show you how to do this, follow me to the garden” Cleamon says.

Inside the garden Homian stands about two meters away from Cleamon. Cleamon starts concentrating and the area around Homian becomes very dark to the point where he can’t see anything. “Ok now walk forward” Cleamon says. As soon as he takes three steps the darkness disappears and he is blinded by the light outside. “Wow this spell is really strong” Homian says while looking excited. “Well, the more you practice this spell the bigger the area of influence becomes, so be sure to train hard. This spell can best be trained in the bright daylight as opposed to your cultivation which has to be done at night. So stay outside for now and train it here.” Cleamon explains.

He moves back inside.

“Resyana, I want to teach you a spell, but it will be hard to practice this one. Since you are fire, anything you cast will burn this whole place down. Does your house’s training room have fire protection?”

“Yes we do, my mother uses it to train as well” she replies. “Okay good, this spell is very destructive and if you can learn to control it you will be able to win a lot of fights in the tournament” Cleamon explains. He tells Resyana the spell he had in mind, it’s a better version of the standard fire tornado, this one has much more heat built up inside it.

“The best way to practice this is to make sure your wind is under control first before you add the fire to it. Use this incantation to make only the wind part and later use the whole incantation for the completed version” he continues. “Thank you so much for everything you’ve done” Resyana says while on the verge of tears. “No problem” Cleamon says while rubbing her head.

The day and evening continues as they train, Cleamon inscripted the items brought by Mirko. He used the strongest spells he knew that the crystals can take.

The evening ends and everyone is ready to go home.

“Before you all leave I have another gift for you all. As you saw Amara’s father came in, he gave me some items I would like to share with you. Please keep these a secret, they are for your own benefit and protection”.

Amara receives the spacial ring as he told her earlier and the gloves as she will use the earth condensing magic which the gloves help with. The earring goes to Resyana, who already has an earring. The boots go to Homian, they are very light and would help with stealth magic. Lilia receives the wand, it greatly boosts her mana regeneration. The left over dagger sword and already reserved necklace are given to Amara to bring back to her father.

Next day after school.

This time Homian’s father Arther comes to visit with good news about the herbs. “We found most of the herbs you listed, can you make a few sample potions so I can please the family about this deal?” he asks Cleamon. “Sure, but I don’t have an alchemy set here, could we do this at your place, also did you find someone I could teach the recipes to?” he responds. “Not yet, we are still testing their skill to make sure they are able to learn this quickly” Arther replies. “Okay, for now have Homian watch me, maybe he is interested in doing this as well. It might be good for him to learn this skill as he will probable need it at one point”. “I will make sure to wake him up when we get to our house” Arther says laughing.

They spend the whole day and evening creating potion samples. “We finished enough samples for now” Cleamon says to Homian and Arther stretching his back. “These four different potions should be good enough to sell in this city. Let me explain what each one of them does”.

“First this potion is called Master Mana Regeneration Potion and it does exactly what the name says. This potion will speed up the mana regeneration of the user, it can have side effects if the user can’t handle that much mana.

Second potion is Master Healing Potion, this will heal any flesh wound made by physical damage. The side effect is that the user will be drained of energy for at least an hour afterward.

Next is Master Magic Resistance Potion, this will greatly increase the user’s resistance to magic spells, the only side effect is that this also counts for beneficial spells.

And lastly this is the most rare amongst these, Grand Master Cultivation Potion, this potion can only be used while training and in while it’s effect lasts, the user has to be in deep concentration. This potion will force a lot of mana into your Magic Soul forcibly expanding it. This will hurt a lot and can be damaging if used by inexperienced magicians”.

Arther and Homian look at Cleamon in shock, never has there been such a high quality potion in their family, let alone have enough money to buy something like that.

“Like I said, keep this secret until this weekend’s auction where we will sell the first batch” Cleamon says while he winks at them. “Of course you have my word, I will show these potions to the people I trust” Arther says while sounding really formal and making a slight bow.

“I will take two of each sample with me, also for every 50 we make I want one for myself” he says. Arther can’t really argue about this since without Cleamon this deal wouldn’t exist at all. “Of course, I will keep them separate for you” he replies.

Cleamon leaves the house after some smalltalk.

The week goes by almost the same as previous, they train themselves hard and whenever they can.

Saturday at the kings castle.

Cleamon and Lilia visit Cecily again for her training, she seems very happy as she improved a lot over the week thanks the tips Cleamon gave her last time.

First he trains her physically again until the break.

“Can you ask your father to take me to the vault again?” Cleamon asks Cecily. “Okay” she leaves the room for about 10 seconds and comes back. “I asked a guard to send the message, he should be here very fast when he hears the reason” she says while having a sly smirk.

About five minutes later “Cleamon who said you can force yourself upon my daughter!” the king yells while he enters the room. Cleamon can’t help but face-palming with a smile ‘so this is what she meant by fast’ he thinks to himself.

“Ah sorry daddy that was a lie, I just needed you to come quickly” she says before he reached out to Cleamon. “Oh, well then, what’s wrong?” he says while composing himself. “Cleamon wants to enter the vault with you again” Cecily says while crying with laughter. She’s never seen her father break character like that.

Inside the vault.

“I’m sorry about Cecily, I didn’t expect her to send a message like that” Cleamon says after a long awkward silence. “It’s okay, I’m just glad she has some friends now, besides since you came here last week her magic has improved by leaps and bounds. I actually should thank you for that.” the king answers. “Just this morning she came in proudly stating she had reached the 500 mark. How is that even possible? At this rate she’s going to surpass me in two or three years” he says while sighing.

“I think it would be nice if you give her some protection gifts from your vault, there are some good items there that can protect her. Also I was wondering if I could borrow some of the books stored there, especially the ones about magical beasts, I will bring them back as soon as I have read them. Actually while on the subject I have a gift for you as well” Cleamon says while reaching inside his spacial ring with his Magic Soul. He takes out a bracelet similar to his, he’s got a few more samples from Mirko to experiment with.

“Here have this” as he gives it to the king “reach out with your Magic Soul into the bracelet, you’ll be surprised”.

The king focuses and his expression changed from focus and wonder to amazement. “This, how did you get this? It must be worth a fortune!” the king says while going out of character again.

“I made it, well I had some help to create the bracelet, but I did the Inscriptions on it” Cleamon proudly says “We will auction out five of these tomorrow at the main auction, I wonder if you would be interested in joining Guernier” Cleamon probes the king, knowing full well he is interested.

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