Chapter 25: Starting business

Cleamon and his friends attracted the attention of the teacher and some other students, ‘how did they improve so fast to clear all these tasks with such ease’ many of them are thinking. Some of them are getting jealous at their result and looked on in displeasure.

The school day passes and Cleamon and his friends go to his house, except for Cecily, who is not allowed to go by her parents.

Inside the cultivation room.

“Today I will teach you a spell that is specifically for your affinity, you will have to train this spell to the point of being able to use it with Intent. Consider this a gift for the upcoming tournament from me” Cleamon tells his friends. “If you have any suggestions on what kind of spell you want let me know, I can probable give you a chant for it” he proudly says.

“But first let me test your current MS scores, this will help me think of a better way for you to train your spell, I’ll go first to let you know mine, then Lilia, Amara, Homian and Resyana” he says as he throws them all a testing crystal.

“Mine is 211” he says. “Mine 223” Lilia continues. “Uhmm mine is only 191” Amara says a bit disappointed. “Hah! Mine is already at 253!” Homian exclaims while proudly showing his crystal. “197” Resyana says.

“You guys all improved a lot, much more than we all probable expected. I know you might feel slightly let down by your own scores, but through normal methods you would still be stuck between 100 and 120MS now. So don’t feel bad about it, it will only get better over time!” he says while smiling at Amara. Her face clears up “You’re right I should be happy with this result” as she gives him a bright smile back. ‘I will only get stronger, specially since he will teach me Inscripting as well’ she thinks to herself, looking back at the events of yesterday.

“Now in the same order come to me and I will teach you a spell, keep this spell a secret to everyone, including the people here until the tournament. This way it’s more fun” he says while giving a sly wink.

Lilia, who was already by him, gets a spell whispered in her ear. ‘I’ve never heard of a spell like this, can wind and water really combine like that?’ she thinks to herself. Cleamon whispers to her “This is a spell that’s a very strong water-jet, by building pressure and directing that at the water you can create a jet strong enough to pierce through steel armor”. Her eyes show a slight hint of fear on hearing this.

“Okay, Amara follow me” Cleamon says as he walk out the door into the garden. Amara follows suit ‘I wonder what kind of spell it is’ she wonders while walking over.

Earth spells usually involve Earth used from the environment and thus depend on the quality of earth in the nearby area. This makes Earth rather unreliable in combat where the environment is not well known.

“This spell let’s you refine earth you find around you, condensing it into the smallest form possible. Because of your physical training at home, you should be able to carry this around with you and you will be able to use your own earth anywhere” he says while earth is being directed to between his hands. “As you can see I’m collecting earth now, and soon it will become very dense, this also makes it very heavy” he continues as more and more earth forms a perfect sphere. “Now watch me condense this” he uses the incantation as an example. The sphere becomes smaller and smaller, it started out the size of a melon and was becoming the size of a pea. The smaller it got the more Cleamon seemed to sweat and have to concentrate.

Amara looks at Cleamon in amazement ‘how can you condense something that big into something that small’ she wondered.

“Done” Cleamon says while handing over the pea sized sphere to Amara. She holds her hand up and Cleamon drops it, she immediately falls over because of the weight. It’s not heavy enough to hurt her, but she didn’t expect it to be this heavy. “This weighs at least 30kg!” she exclaims looking at the tiny sphere.

“Well this area doesn’t have many minerals inside the earth, but if you would do this where there is, who knows what you can create.” he says while he smiles at her. “Also you can do the reverse spell, which returns this earth back to it’s original volume and allows you to manipulate it. You can make it so fine the enemy can’t even see it. If you can manipulate this earth in its condensed form you can attack enemies with it as well” he continues explaining.

Amara looks stunned at this ‘I don’t really know how I can attack with this, but it looks like a very strong spell’ she thinks.

“Okay, lets move back inside” he says while putting his arm around her, making her blush and lower her head.

At this point her father shows up in the door opening seeing this spectacle, not really sure how to react to it. “Hey Mirko” Cleamon says after seeing him a bit uncertain “what brings you here?”. At this point he retracted his arm from the shoulders of Amara.

“Well since yesterday I’ve been buying good materials for the items we discussed and I have a few item samples with me, I wonder if you could take a look at them” Mirko answers.

“Sure, are these going for sale?” Cleamon asks “No these are just examples I created using less time than I would do with a normal higher quality item. Why do you ask?” Mirko responds. “Well if you won’t use them I’d like the give each of my friends one, what kind of items do you have?”.

“Each of every category, bracelet, earring, ring, necklace, boots, gloves, sword, dagger and wand. I had a few other family members help with the making of these. Of course I didn’t tell them anything about our deal” Mirko says as he lays out the items he has on the table in the garden. He took these from his bracelet he had gotten the previous day.

“These items look great, but like you said, they can be improved, it’s a very good start though. Even these will fetch a big sum if sold with the Inscriptions I will do on them” Cleamon says while inspecting every item thoroughly.

“I will Inscribe these later, while the rest cultivates. I will have Amara watch me closely and will teach her a bit while doing it. Do you have any preferences in Inscriptions you would like to see?” Cleamon asks Mirko.

“Hmm, can you do a protection spell for magic and physical attacks on the necklace? I would like to give this one to my wife” he answers like he had already made that decision beforehand. “Of course, I will do the strongest one the crystal inside supports, I will give these to Amara when she leaves here, she can take them in the spacial ring I will create. It’s not as big as yours, but big enough for all of this” he says. “Okay great, I will be leaving again then, in a three days or so I should have the higher quality items ready for the auction at Sunday. I will bring these over as soon as I’m done with them” Mirko says. He leaves again, having the people inside look to the garden at Cleamon ‘what was that about?’ they all, except for Lilia, think to themselves.


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