Chapter 24: Gifts

Next day at school.

Cleamon and Lilia meet Cecily in the school’s cultivation room. “Hi Cecily how’s your training going?” Lilia asks her. “It’s going great, I had some muscle pain after Cleamon’s training on Saturday though” she says while giving a weird look to Cleamon.

“Well your body is still weak” he says in response, which makes her come up to him and smack him slightly on the head. “What was that for?” he asks. “Train me more then! So I become strong, I have no-one to practice fighting with at the castle” she answers with a sad look on her face.

“Well I’d like to train you more, but I’ve got a lot planned for now, next week I should have more time. Just notify your father that I want to take a look at the treasury again” he says while patting her on the back. “What is your MS now?” Lilia asks her. “I don’t know yet, I wanted it to be a surprise to me too, but I’ll let you know I practiced a lot!” she says while putting her hands on her side and looking quite content with herself.

“Okay, lets test it then” Cleamon says while taking out the testing crystal. According to his calculation she should be around the 150 mark. He gives her the crystal and she concentrates, her Magic Soul connects to it. “159, you are improving fast!” Lilia tells her while grabbing and shaking her hands, this to the confusion of Cecily. ‘Is this something friends do?’ she wonders.

Although he brought items for his friends, Cecily doesn’t receive any from him, at least not yet. He will look through the treasury again for an item she can use, else he would ask the king himself to let him buy her something after explaining the reasons.

They spend the time having some small talk before the lessons begins.

Cleamon, Lilia and Cecily arrive at the classroom, most of the students are already located at their seat. They watch as the three enter the room, but then enter their own conversations again. Cleamon called his friends to his seat. “I have something to give you all” he says and they all look a bit confused.

“For you Amara I have this necklace which helps your cultivation, this ring which would protect you from danger and this bracelet which will attract mana to you and store mana for bigger spells” he says with smile. Amara became rather embarrassed it’s almost like he’s asking her to marry him.

“Homian, this ring protects you from magic and these daggers channel your mana. They will be enhanced with your Affinity type when you use them. And this is the same bracelet as Amara’s”.

“Resyana, these rings will protect you from magic and physical attacks. This bracelet is the same as the others” he finally says.

Cecily and Lilia look a bit disappointed, but Lilia knew that Cleamon probable had something else for her in store. Cecily is pouting a bit ‘did he forget about me?’ she thinks to herself.

“Don’t worry I didn’t forgot about you Cecily” he says as if reading her mind “it’s just that I found something more suitable for you last time when I visited. I will ask your father to give it to you”.

“Okay, that’s a promise!” she says pointing at Cleamon.

‘Ahw she’s so adorable’ Lilia thinks to herself, almost sticking her hand out to touch Cecily’s head. Cleamon saw this urge and rubbed hers instead. “Don’t worry, the best items will come later for you when we get the equipment from Amara’s father. I have something special in mind just for you” he gives her a kiss on her cheek. This made the girls looking on turn a bit red and the guys whistled.

“Everyone take your seats, the class is starting” the teacher says as he walk into the classroom. “I have an announcement to make, some of you might already know this, but every year there is a tournament between the students of this school and the best 10 will go to the main event covering all schools in this city. Participation is not mandatory, but the people that are competing will get extra marks for outstanding results. Please be aware that you will be battling second and third years as well, while the fourth years are in their own league. Minimum MS to participate is 100 and the test for this will be next week Monday, so if you are still below a 100MS you will have to train hard. There are two kinds of battles; group and individual and you may enter both”.

“Does anyone have any questions?” the teacher asks.

“Yes Homian” he says. “Teacher, what about injuries and the dangers?” he asks while the other students murmur among themselves wondering the same thing.

“Good question. The battles will take place in a special arena which prevents students from seriously getting hurt, of course it’s still possible to hurt someone really bad, but the teachers will jump in as soon as something dangerous were to happen” he explains.

“Any other questions?”

“Yes Cleamon” he says. “Teacher what will be the rewards for winning the competition?”

“Another good question, which I’d like the answer to myself. I know the king himself will be present to give the prizes away. That’s an honor in itself!” the teacher says proudly.

“Anyone else?” he asks, but no-one seems to be ready to ask anything. “Okay good, then lets continue with our normal lesson. Please open your Incantation book at page 20 where we left off last Friday. Please practice the Incantation that belongs to your affinity, by whispering the Incantation and targeting the crystal on the table in front of you. If your crystal reacts, move on to the next page, keep doing this for one hour” the teacher says while turning over a big hourglass.

Cleamon and his friends breeze through the pages, Cleamon of course held himself back quite a bit by practicing all the affinities, although he really didn’t need to. They attracted quite a lot of attention from the other students, who were wondering how they got so good in such a short amount of time.

Cleamon’s mind wanders to last year’s tournament, he didn’t even get to qualify because he MS was only 80 by that time. He remembers that the Gambrill and Myrtics family would be present to represent their clansmen. This time though, he will come between them trying to sabotage the tournament.

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