Chapter 23: Thinking ahead

The clerk looks at Cleamon like he’s an idiot, what could this shabby looking kid possibly afford. “Uhm, sir I don’t think you can afford these. The minimum price for one of these items is 25 gold coins” she says. Cleamon looks at her with a frown, he kind of expected this, usually the more rich customers come to this shop. “Don’t worry, I have more than enough money to spend” Cleamon says as he takes out 500 coins and shows them. “I’m sorry my dear customer, I will bring you to a private room” she says as her tone instantly changed to formal.

Inside a private room.

“What kind of items is the sir looking for?” she continues. “I’m looking for magic boosting items and items for protection” he says. “Of course sir, I will be back soon with the items” she bows and leaves the room.

“What do you need those items for?” Lilia asks. “We will be attracting a lot of attention in the coming weeks, we have to be careful and protect ourselves better until we have stronger Magic Souls. I will give each of our friends a few items to protect themselves. They don’t know it yet, but they will become very strong quickly because of the methods I taught them. Our magic is growing as well, in one week we’ll be at 300MS at this rate” he explains.

“Why will we attract attention? Is there anything coming?” she asks. Lilia has always been a curious person, that’s why Cleamon explains as much as possible when he can. “Next week the school will announce a tournament, I plan on winning it. The main price is something I want, I will be showing of my magic there and it will attract the attention of the conspiring families” he says while sighing.

At this point the clerk came in, followed by two helpers carrying items. They put the items on the big table located in the middle of the room, Cleamon and Lilia are sitting on a luxury couch and the other end of the table. The helpers leave the room after sorting the merchandise on the table, there are multiple jewelry, weapons and armor items.

“Sir, I’ve ordered them from rare to master, where would you like to start?” the clerk asks.

“Actually I’ll just go down the list, I will examine them in quiet and then I’ll let you know which ones I’ll take” Cleamon says. “Oh, okay, I will wait for your response then” the clerk says a bit flabbergasted, normally clients require them to explain what an item does.

Cleamon examines the first item, it’s a ring with a crystal embedded in it. From the look of the Inscriptions this ring protects the user against physical attacks, the crystal inside it should be able to supply two physical attacks worth of protection and it’s rank is rare.

Next is another ring, this has a much nicer finish and is at least of an extra rare quality. This ring protects the user from five or so magical and physical attacks.

Next is a necklace that improves mana cultivation, it’s finish was really fine and had many Inscriptions to help cultivation and it was rank master.

The rest of the items are all of use to Cleamon after inspecting them. The total of items is: four rings, three necklaces, three bracelets, two chest pieces made of a very light metal, a mana channeling wand and two daggers.

“I’ll take all of them” Cleamon says after about 30 minutes of inspection. The clerks eyes light up, but then die back down again as soon as Cleamon says “but I’ll pay 720 gold for it”, after considering the minimum prices for these items.

After pondering in her head for a while, she says a slightly disappointed “Of course sir, if you cold pay the gold coins and put them in here” as she gives a bag. Cleamon puts the money inside the bag and takes the items and puts them inside his bracelet to the surprise of the clerk who was ready to get someone to deliver these items.

They leave the shop and go to a shop next door for clothes, the last clerk reminded Cleamon that they need better clothes if they are to shop at more high places and auctions.

“What kind of clothes should I buy?” Lilia asks Cleamon “a nice dress would be good” giving her a wink “I will get a nice suit for myself, please don’t worry about money”. They spend about an hour looking around and trying different sorts of clothes. They each choose two sets of clothes to take with them, a suit and a pair of nice clothes for Cleamon. Lilia chooses a nice long dress and a set with a nice corset and skirt.

They move back home to further their training and cultivation, Cleamon will divide the items he gathered the next day at school.

In the training room they take their position and hold hands, their cultivation had soared to new heights with the items Cleamon bought, but this was just the start.

As soon as the potions were made their speed would be even faster. In combination of his self made items, potions and bought items it should be possible to reach the novice rank, which requires a MS of 500. When Cleamon reaches this stage he will have to visit the headmaster of his school and see what he had in store for him.

They cultivate for three hours and increase their MS by leaps, Cleamon is now at 189MS and Lilia at 223MS. After the that they take a short break and Cleamon starts to explain the use of Intent to Lilia and how to use it properly, he will have her learn a small spell at first and keep trying to add components to it to let her get used to it.

In his previous life Lilia was a lot more experienced at using Intent, although she didn’t know that many spells.

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