Chapter 22: A lesson in Inscription

“Uhm.. sure” Amara says uncertainly and Lilia goes in for a pat.

After the rather awkward situation that followed, Amara’s father comes back with a freshly created bracelet. It’s not as high quality as the one Cleamon possesses, but still a very good piece of work.

“I hope this is good enough, if I had more time it would be much better of course” Amara’s father says. “Thank you, I will get to work as well. Do you have Inscription tools here? Also may I ask what your name is, I’d like to keep a friendly relationship with my business partners” Cleamon says with a smile.

“Let me get the tools from the toolbox, and you can just call me Mirko” he says as he walks towards a shed. After some rustling noises he comes back with a small container. “here, they might not be the highest grade tools, but they should be good enough” he says.

“Amara please watch what I’m doing, this would be a bit too hard for you to learn, but it will give an idea what is in store for you” Cleamon says to Amara while he walks over to the table near the forge. He sits down and Amara takes place next to him, she is watching his every move as he starts Inscripting the bracelet.

The art of Inscription is using Intent while writing down Glyphs, Incantations and even Seals. The combination of different spells will give a result that is normally weaker than actually casting the spell itself due to the limit of mana an item can process. In this case the bracelet will contain a Seal that is combined with Void and Time Glyphs that create an inter-dimensional pocket. The size of the pocket depends on the crystal that supplies the mana and the material of the item, even if the crystal runs out of mana the pocket will still exist in a different dimension. To use the item a person has to connect his Magic Soul to it and supply it with mana if the crystal is empty. If you would fill the crystal up, no mana supply is needed.

Cleamon keeps writing down tiny characters and drawings, filling most of the inside of the bracelet. Amara watches on in awe ‘how can he remember so many of them and know what they do’ she wonders to herself.

Meanwhile Lilia and Mirko were talking to each other about why they wanted to be business partners in the first place, since Cleamon explained most of the plan to her and what and what not she could say, she was able to answer most of the questions, while still remaining a bit vague.

About 15 minutes later Cleamon is done Inscripting and he wipes away the sweat that had built up on his forehead. “Here it’s done” he says while giving the bracelet to Mirko “try connecting your Magic Soul to it”.

Mirko concentrates and the bracelet begins to glow and absorb mana, a mini vortex of mana could be seen being drawn into the crystal embedded inside it. It stops absorbing, Mirko can see a space about 5x5x5 meters in front of him as soon as the Magic Soul connects. He couldn’t help but stare in wonder.

“This is what’s called an inter-dimensional pocket, it can store anything in that space you see in front of you. You use your mind to wander through it and place and pick up items” Cleamon says while stretching his back “Of course the higher quality the crystal and material of the item the bigger the space will be, I would even be able to link the item to one specific user without it ever opening up for someone else” he says with a smirk.

“This is amazing!” Mirko nearly shouts out “I have never in my life seen anything like this, this would revolutionize storage and transport. I’m not even sure what the price of one of these would be!”

“What if I told you time flows differently inside the pocket, which means you can leave bread that would normally mold in one week in there for about a year” Cleamon says with an even bigger smile.

All three other people present had their jaws drop synchronously, to the pleasure of Cleamon. ‘Studying all those things in my previous life sure paid of big’ he couldn’t help but think.

In his eagerness Mirko runs inside to show it to his wife, she is equally blown away by the item. They both came outside and at the same time say “We leave our daughter in your care and we have a deal” as if intentionally suggesting at something else. Amara’s head nearly exploding from blood flow, while Lilia looked at her and giggled.

Cleamon remained calm “pleasure doing business with you, I’ll give a list of which items I will be Inscripting besides the bracelets. Of course the first bracelet is a gift to you, I hope you use it wisely.” he says. “Ah before I forget, I would also like for you to get higher quality materials for better mana flow, this will help the quality a lot. Besides that also higher quality crystals, just be careful not to attract to much attention yet. Here is some gold to get you started”.

Cleamon hands over almost 500 gold pieces and they almost faint, this is more money than they have ever seen together. Almost with tears in their eyes and hearts still pounding they bid Cleamon farewell as he leaves the house.

“Amara you better stay on his good side, I don’t think anyone would like to be on the bad side of him. He seems almost like an adult inside a young body, he feels too knowledgeable and dangerous to mess with” Mirko says.

“Don’t worry father, we’re already good friends and I would never want to harm my friends in any way. Besides that I’m indebted to him for teaching me how to learn to cultivate my magic much better and now he even wants to teach me how to do Inscripting” Amara says, she could feel her heart beat faster as she said it.

Cleamon and Lilia went back to the merchant district and have entered an item shop.

“Hi, I’d like to see your most expensive items” Cleamon says

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