Chapter 21: Business proposition

Cleamon, Lilia and Arther sit down at the kitchen table.

“I want your family to make some special potions that aren’t being sold in this city, I’ve got my hands on some special potion recipes. The issue is that these herbs need to be grown somewhere” Cleamon explains.

“I have a list of herbs that are needed, most of them are pretty easy to get. The rest can probable be found outside the city” he says as he gives a list. “What’s in it for us?” Arther asks curiously. “I want to split the profit 50/50, but I will need people who can prepare the potions in secret. If you have any family members that are alchemists I would be willing to teach them how to make it, of course this has to be kept absolutely secret” Cleamon says with a stern face. “If the recipes would leak, all the profits would go down the drain as soon as other families start producing them. I would like you to contact me as soon as the supplies are ready and you’ve found some trustworthy alchemists. Here is a forward payment to get things ready” Cleamon takes out 10 gold coins and hands them over. This amount of money is what the family would normally earn in a month.

The money system is as follows: tin → copper → silver → gold → platinum, with each of them needing 100 to go to the next level of value. Because of the bracelet and the payment received for training, Cleamon currently has around 5000 gold, which could buy a decent house in the Noble district, so giving away a few coins for his plans wasn’t a big deal at all, after all he would be making a lot more down the line.

“We have a deal” Arther said with a smile while shaking Cleamon’s hand. “I’m glad my son has such a good friend, I’ll be sure to let him know you dropped by, if you don’t mind I’d like to get started right away”. “Of course not, I have other plans as well, if anything happens send over a message or just send over Homian… If he ever awakes”.

They leave the house and Lilia looks surprised at Cleamon ‘where did he get all that money from? Did he make a special deal with the king? I will have to ask him later’ she ponders to herself. “Do we go to Amara’s house next?” she asks.

“Yes, let’s hope she’s awake” he says while smiling. They walk hand in hand towards her house, it’s about a 10 minute walk from his own house. During their walk they buy some snacks to eat and shop at a clothing store.

Amara’s house, they knock on the door and Amara herself opens.

“Hey Amara can we come in? I have something to discuss with you and your parents” Cleamon asks. “Uhmm, let me ask my parents first, wait here” she says.

About a minute later she comes back “Okay, come on in. Leave your shoes by the door”.

Her parents were eating lunch, their shop was always closed on a Sunday.

“Hello, my name is Cleamon Ashfall and this is Lilia Hillsteam, we are friends and classmates Amara, nice to meet you” he says whilst him and Lilia make a slight bow.

“Welcome Cleamon and Lilia, we’ve heard about you before. It was you was taught our daughter a way to improve her magic right?” Amara’s mother says. “Correct, I just gave her some pointers” winking at Amara who giggles a little. “It seems she improved a lot over the last week, we’d like to thank you for that. Please sit down” Amara’s father says.

“Well I have a request, although this might sound a bit weird, I’d like to make you a business proposition, this would also be a benefit to Amara. That is if she’s willing to learn inscription” Cleamon says while looking at Amara, she nods.

“Let me explain, I want to work in cooperation with your shop to sell higher level inscripted items. These items will have to be at least 20% lower price than the current market value. They would contain inscriptions going from rare to grand-master, I will be doing these myself. On the side I will teach Amara how to do Inscriptions, of course this will take at least a few years to reach a decent level. I also want a 50% cut of the profit from selling the items and you would also have to guarantee that you won’t explain how you got these Inscriptions” Cleamon says.

Amara and her parents look at him a bit bewildered. Then look at each other, they are interested, but could this little boy really do high level Inscriptions?

“Before we accept your offer, would you be willing to show what you can do?” Amara’s dad says breaking the awkward silence.

“Of course, could I also see your skills at making items at the same time? I would like for you to make a bracelet of this size and I’d like you to put in this crystal as a core” Cleamon says while handing over his bracelet and a high grade crystal.

“No problem, let’s go to the forge now. It will probable take around an hour to create something of this detail. Follow me” he says. Cleamon, Lilia and Amara all follow him to the forge, which is located inside their garden.

The next hour Cleamon, Lilia and Amara spend their time talking about class and Amara’s improvements. She was happy to announce her MS rose to 171 points, an increase of 73 points in the span of six days.

She asked Cleamon about his plan to teach her Inscription.

“I will teach you personally four hours a week, the rest of that I will have you read books and copy inscriptions until you can dream them” he says with an evil smile, scaring Amara a bit. “It won’t be easy for you, but you will be able to help your family a lot” he says while patting her head. Lilia looked a bit jealous, she wants to pat Amara’s head as well. She was only two centimeters taller than Lilia, but Lilia felt she was like a cute puppy. She stared intensely at her for a few seconds making Amara feel a bit uncomfortable. “Can I pat your head too?” Lilia asks all of a sudden.

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