Chapter 20: Rankings

After cultivating for 3 hours Lilia went to bed, she was exhausted after spending a busy day. Cleamon was still thinking about the events to come. He took out the bracelet, connected his Magic Soul with it and looked around in the space that was connected to it.

‘Hmm it seems it’s mostly old armor and weapons except for a few thousand gold coins, a book, some crystals and a mysterious looking egg. I wonder what kind of creature is in that egg.’ he could sense magic coming from it so it had to be a magical beast. In other realms some magicians had made pacts with magical creatures to strengthen their own magic and/or use them in combat. If Cleamon could train this beast it would be a great asset to his strength, he also knew of a way to connect his Magic Soul to that of a magical beast, allowing them to merge. This only works if the affinities match up though.

Most of the items looked like common or apprentice rank, while the crystals were around the rare rank, the book was something he had never seen before, he would look at it later.

In this world there are different ranks among items, Inscriptions, Seals, Spells and Magicians. Items, Seals and Inscriptions share the same ranking system.

1: Legendary
2: Divine
3: Grand Master
4: Master
5: Extra rare
6: Rare
7: Uncommon
8: Common
9: Apprentice
10: Useless

Magicians fall under one of the following ranks, although among these ranks there are multiple levels as well before you ascend to the next level.

1: Sage
2: Legendary
3: Arch
4: Grand Master
5: Grand
6: Master
7: Senior
8: Medior
9: Novice
10 Student

Spells have different ranks and are based on the scale of the magic, this does not mean that the lowest rank can’t be just as effective as the highest rank. Depending on how magic is used, small scale spells can be much more effective.

1: God class
2: Realm class
3: Continent class
4: Country class
5: Province class
6: War class
7: City class
8: Group class
9: Single class

All Realms have a system based on this or the same, which makes trading between them easier. If Cleamon was to make a lot of money and put the 2 families out of business he would have to create at least rare to master rank items.

He took out the egg and it was bigger than he expected, at least the size of his own head. He could feel a faint magic coming from it, he reached out his Magic Soul and tried to feel inside the egg. A powerful gravitational field almost crushed his soul, he quickly retreated. “That was close” he couldn’t help but say out loud, the sweat was pouring from his face.

‘I can’t believe it, this creature possesses gravity magic, I will have to be careful if I want to raise it’ he thinks while wiping away his sweat. ‘For now I’ll put it back in the bracelet, this is something I have to research. I will try asking the king if I can look in the royal library before trying anything weird’.

Cleamon crawls into bed as well, Lilia was fast asleep, she had a cute worry-less look on her face. He strokes her hair, which makes her turn to her other side. He wraps his arm around her hugging her tightly, slowly his mind calms down slipping into a dream.

Next morning they eat breakfast at the inn next door and make plans to visit their friend Amara and Homian. Homian’s family has a farm on the outskirts of the city, it grows vegetables and plants and can maybe supply Cleamon with herbs to create potions. Amara’s family runs a blacksmith and shop associated with it.

First they move to visit Homian.

Cleamon knocks on the door and Homian’s father opens. “Hi is Homian home?” Cleamon asks. “Yes he is, but I think he spent the whole night training his magic so he might still be asleep. I’ll check if he’s awake, make yourselves at home”. Cleamon’s been in this house many times, but the last time for him was very long ago, so he’s getting a bit nostalgic about it.

“Sorry he’s not awake at the moment, even calling out to him had no results” Homian’s dad said with slight annoyance “I really need to be stricter on him”. “It’s okay, it’s probable my fault since I gave him tips on how to improve his Magic Soul faster by training at night. Sorry for the inconvenience” Cleamon bows slightly. “No, no it’s fine, as long as he is improving there are no issues. Lately he’s been training so much compared to before it’s like he’s a new person” he says while smirking.

“I have a favor to ask from you actually and a proposition for a business opportunity” Cleamon says while his tone gets more serious. “I’m listening, continue” he answer back in an even serious tone.

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