Chapter 2 – Fresh start

A light descended from the heavens, although none could see it, a lonely soul was directed towards a house in the residents district. “Be born anew” a woman’s voice said and the soul entered a young boy’s body.

The boy woke up with a shock ‘where am I?’ he asked himself ‘I thought I just died on the battlefield’ he recalled from his memory. Looking around the room, he could recognize it bit by bit. “It worked!” he shouted out, still amazed that he went back in time.

At this point his room door opened and his mother said “what’s wrong? I know it’s your first day at school but you don’t have to get up this early!”.

‘Wait first day of school? That means I’m 14 at this point in time’ Cleamon thinks to himself.

Magicians start learning magic from around this age as earlier their bodies wouldn’t be able to cope with the Magic Soul pressures. This would severely damage their body and make them unable to ever learn magic again.

Looking at his mother his eyes teared up, in his previous life his family was killed in an attack on the city from within. Leaving 1000’s of victims behind and caused the destruction of one of the major magic clans. In this life though, he would do anything to prevent that from happening!

“What’s wrong?” his mother asks a bit perplexed “are you that happy you can finally go to school?”.

“I just had the worst nightmare, I thought I lost everything, you, stepmom, dad, Jenny and almost all my friends were dead. I’m just happy to be awake again and see you” he says.

“That’s sweet of you, come downstairs in an hour so we can have breakfast and celebrate your first day of school. I think your sister is just anxious about it” she says and softly closes his door.

He recalls everything that happened and clears his mind afterwards, he gets dressed and finally goes downstairs where the rest are already waiting for him.

A few hours later it was time to go to school, everything had sank in Cleamon’s brain. Since they didn’t have any means of transport he had to walk 30 minutes to his magic school. This was one the lower district’s magic schools.

On birth everyone would have their Magic Souls checked to see where they would place later in life. As Cleamon’s parents didn’t have much Magic Soul themselves, Cleamon inherited that as well.

Arriving at school he met with Lilia and other friends of his neighborhood, many of his friends died not too long from now during the attack which also killed his parents.

Because Lilia was his wife in his previous life he couldn’t help but stare at her, she had blue hair till her shoulders with a ribbon on the side. He knew she was already interested in him, because even though they only started the relationship around 20 years old in his previous life, she told him she liked him since they were much younger. Of course at that time she and Cleamon didn’t have any clue about each others feelings.

Everyone was getting excited as classes were announced and Lilia and Cleamon ended up sharing the same classroom. So of course they sat next to each other, at the dismay of some other boys in class. From now on he would help Lilia and his friends train outside of the classes at school, since they were of low quality compared to the knowledge he still has.

It’s truly a new start on life!


  1. I suggest you make a paragraph about the reactions of his mother. Three lines is enough. The transition from the bedroom to the school is too abrupt.
    You choosed start your history in way very similar to Tales of Demons and God, to me, that is not a problem, but you could explain somethings a little more, to create some differences and to awake the will to continue to read your history in most of people. I will keep reading! Good luck in your job.


    1. I added a little bit in there, I agree the first chapters aren’t that well paced. That will improve a lot later.


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