Chapter 19: Physical

When they arrive back the group is happily eating talking to each other. They already ate their lunch and are now drinking tea, although you can’t really call it tea, it’s more hot water with a hint of flavor.

“The next part of the training will be physical, first we’re going to spar with each other, to see what your current level is” Cleamon says to Cecily. Whilst sparring he notices that her muscles are underdeveloped compared to his ‘must be the life of a princess’ he think to himself.

After sparring for a while the result is clear, she needs much more physical exercise.

“Your muscles need more development and your stamina is bad” he outright says to her “for the next weeks you have to train your body just as much as your Magic Soul, else your progress will stagnate. I will ask your father to provide you with training weights, which you should wear every day, even at school. It might be very hard at the start, but once you get used to it your body will be much stronger”

“Before that I would now like to test your current MS and how much progress we made today, it should be a bit less than normal since it’s only been a few hours. I will help to improve this training room the next time I come here so the efficiency should go up” he says to her.

Cleamon takes a crystal from his bag and gives it to Cecily, who starts to concentrate.

“127 not bad, an increase of seven in just these few hours is really good, if we improve the training room it should be at least double that result” Cleamon says, which lighted up Cecily’s eyes. To her this result is very important, the faster she gets stronger the earlier she can help out the people of the city when the bad events happen that Cleamon “predicted”.

“With that today’s training is over, next time we will include more physical training as well, but as we don’t have the materials yet, it would be a waste to do it today” he says while stretching.

“If there is anything else please tell me, I’m always willing to help. I will give a piece of paper with the required materials” he says while bowing towards the kind and queen.

They seem quite pleased with the results of today, Cleamon intended to make good connections with the royal family, but didn’t think it would be this easy.

After he receives his payment they say their goodbyes to the royal family and move out to the gates again.

Cecily went back to cultivating and the king and queen went back to their duties.

“Lets go on a date” Cleamon says to Lilia while grabbing her hand. She lights up, today she didn’t get that much attention so she was happy he thought of her.

Merchant’s district.

The reason Cleamon wanted a date wasn’t just for fun, he was also planning to inspect the businesses of the Myrtics and Gambrill families and how he could overtake them. The Myrtics family sells many magical items with inscriptions like armor and weapons, to put them out of business Cleamon needs to make better items for lower the cost.

The Gambrill family sells mostly potions and magic crystals, which they farm and mine themselves. Where they exactly mine the crystals from is a family secret. To take them out of business would be a lot harder, he would need the backing of a herb producing family and look for a way to get crystals himself.

They enter a, antique jewelry shop.

Cleamon was looking around for a gift to give to Lilia, when he spotted an amulet. ‘This is a rare item it would help protect her and should easy up her cultivation as well! The price is low as well, must be because they don’t know what this item does’ he thinks to himself.

“I’ll take this” he says to the store clerk. He pays and gives it to Lilia “this is for you, it will protect you and help you improve faster” he says with a smile. Lilia looks delighted and shy at the same time, she didn’t expect anything as she was just looking around while Cleamon bought the amulet.

“Thank you so much” she gives a kiss on his cheek, which made them blush a little. He helps her put it around her neck.

The amulet has a drop shaped design, the outside is silver with in the middle a dense magic crystal. There are many inscriptions on the back of it, although these are hard to see with the naked eye. ‘The one who made this must be an expert’ Cleamon thought to himself.

They spend their day walking around shops and eventually eating dinner at a restaurant near their own district. Whilst eating dinner they overhear some local explorers talk about a new cave that was discovered near the east gate of the city, but it was sealed shut. Experts couldn’t get this cave opened and were looking for someone that could help out.

Cleamon took note of this and was determined to pay a visit later.

Since his pay for teaching was what a normal person would earn in two weeks hard work, he opted to have him and Lilia stay at a more expensive inn to get some more private time. Lilia first went bright red at the idea, thinking Cleamon had lewd ideas in mind, but after explaining she calmed down.

He chose this place because it has a nice hot spring bath, which would help calm their bodies and refine their Magic Soul a bit. They move into the bath together, completely naked of course, which first shocked Lilia, but Cleamon assured it was for their own training benefit.

They take their cultivation position.

“I love you” Cleamon says to Lilia, taking her by complete surprise. If it wasn’t for the hot water making her skin and face red, it surely would be now. “I.. I.. love you too” she said stuttering, which made Cleamon smile. He couldn’t help but think ‘She’s so cute’.

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