Chapter 18: Treasure

The training has been going on for an hour now, Cleamon explained how to use Intent to Cecily and by proxy Lilia. Also how to properly cultivate and in what position to do this. This is all to speed up the cultivation process to as high a speed as possible.

While Cecily is cultivating Cleamon is giving pointers and keeps trying to improve her posture. For animals the most difficult thing is to stay completely still. The king and queen are watching over the training process, they are wondering what is different from a normal lesson. Most of the training improvements come from little things, but the biggest change is the cultivation method her gave her yesterday.

About two hours later the cultivation training ends.

“Okay, it’s time to take a small brake. We will continue the next training after that” Cleamon says.

“Sire can we take a look at those items now? Since the break will take about one hour” Cleamon says after walking over to the king. “Okay, lets go” he answers.

The royal vault.

“Wow so many high quality items here, this must be worth as much as the whole city” Cleamon says with a sparkle in his eyes. The vault is about the size of the school building where he takes lessons. There are many doors and paths that lead to other parts, but they seem even more protected by Seals and Inscriptions. Getting into the normal vault would be a very hard job for a grand magician and would take months to crack the Seals. ‘Why would he needs this much protection?’ Cleamon wonders.

They arrive at a door, the king orders Cleamon to turn around and close his eyes. He takes a drop of his blood and uses it to deactivate the Seal. After that he uses his own Magic Soul to reach out to the room and the door opens. The room is filled with old documents and items that are very dusty.

“These are all the items we have no idea about what they do, you can choose one of them to keep for yourself, but you have to tell me what it does”.

Cleamon looks around, most of the items are beyond repair, especially the Inscriptions look like they are almost disintegrating. There are some items that catch Cleamon’s eye though, three of them are Inscriptions that look almost pristine. ‘These must be very high quality’ he thinks to himself. He reads all of them and is surprised anything like this still exists. “These Inscriptions are very rare, one of them describes a very powerful spell that uses some lost magic, if I study this I could even learn how to cast is normally” Cleamon explains to the king.

“The other two are just legendary class spells, one is a combination of Lightning, Wind and Fire while the other is Water, Wind and Shadow. They are about city scale”.

“You can study the one Inscription here if you want, so you can choose another item to take with you” the king says.

Cleamon looks further around the room, there are a lot of books written in a very old language. “These books are about different Realms and where portals are located, also what kind of monsters and civilizations appear in those Realms. One of the books describes how to use some of the more older magic spells and lost affinities”. Cleamon explains while pointing at the books.

Next are the magical items that were put in a cabinet at the far end of the room.

Some are empty high quality crystals used for Seals or Inscriptions, but he notices a bracelet he has seen before in a book in his previous life. This book listed many high grade treasures made by the Sky Realm a long time ago.

“Can I have that bracelet?” he asks the king.

“You can, but only after you tell me what it is. It’s been in the family for thousands of years, but we never had a use for it”

“It’s an inter-dimensional storage device. You can store a fixed amount of items inside it. There are still some of these left in the Sky Realm, but are getting hard to come by since the magic behind is was banned a long time ago” Cleamon explained.

“If I can study this item, I could probable make a copy of it. I will give you a copy as well” Cleamon says with a smile while putting the bracelet on. What he neglected to tell was that the bracelet probable already contained something, but he would look at that later at home though.

Continuing on there were many crystals of an extremely high quality, but made from a material that is rarely seen. “These crystals are really hard to use without proper guidance and instructions, I can give you the instructions on how to use them, but it might be too difficult” Cleamon tells the king.

I took quite a while to identify the items up till now and the break time is over so they exit the vault and go back to the training room.

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