Chapter 17: Treasured items

Five people are staring at what’s left of the magical training dummy. The torrent of fire continues to rage on for about 10 seconds and then dies out.

The king has a delighted look on his face, whilst others look shocked and horrified. Such a small magic did so much damage. To put things in perspective, a decent fire spell that can be compared to a campfire usually takes about 3 seconds to cast for a lower grade magician. The spell Cleamon cast would take a higher magician at least 15 seconds of Incantation, Intent would be even longer.

“Cleamon I would like to speak with you in private, follow me” the king says. The rest was wondering what’s going on after they recovered from shock.

Inside a private room with the king.

“I expected you to be good at magic since you know so much, but I didn’t expect this kind of level. I know I asked you to teach my daughter, but after seeing this I would like to offer something besides the favor I gave you earlier. Of course I expect good results from the training in return. Now that’s settled I would like you to answer a few questions.”

“Of course sire, I will do my best to teach her, would it be okay to ask for something in that case? It would help speed up training a lot. I will write the things I would need on a piece a paper later” Cleamon says in gratitude.

“No problem as long as it’s not too much”.

“Now for my first question I would like to know how you will try to hinder the conspiring families” the king asks of Cleamon.

“Well to be honest I didn’t think it through completely yet, but the first step is the remove their sources of income to limit their actions inside the city. At that point they will probable try to silence me and take me out of business, which I will have to be prepared for. I have a friend, who’s family sells normal items and armor, which I will enhance with Seals and Inscriptions to take out the Myrtics family. That will be step one” Cleamon explains.

“Okay, you will have to report your progress to me every week”

“Understood sire”

“You can just call me Guernier and leave away honorifics, but only in private though.” the king says.

“Okay, you had another question for me?” Cleamon says

“I heard you know some ancient languages and can read documents written in them. I have a few items here that no-one seems to be able to read. They have been in the family for a very long time, but are now just taking up space. Can you take a look at them? If they are of any use I could even use them”.

Hearing this Cleamon’s eyes lit up, he was always very interested in everything that was old and especially things that were kept hidden for a long time, since they must be of great importance.

“Can I take a look at them right away? I’m really interested in finding out what these items are”.

“Lets save it for after the training, I’m more interested in your teaching methods and your cultivation knowledge, maybe you can even show me some pointers” the kings says while laughing.

They leave the room and kept chatting as if they were close friends, which caught the people waiting inside the training room a little bit off-guard. ‘What happened’ they all thought.

While they were talking the teacher had already left to get some of the training materials which he usually used in his lessons.

The girls were chatting about love, since Lilia was Cleamon’s girlfriend the queen was rather interested, if Cleamon was any good he would still be a suitor for Cecily. Although the queen didn’t let her intentions slip out towards Lilia, Cecily knew what her mother was doing.

Cleamon and the king return.

“Ok let the training begin when Franthor gets back” the king says.

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