Chapter 16: Gaining a favour

“To elaborate on the things I said to Cecily yesterday, I can give a few names of who you can and can’t trust. There are a few in the castle that can’t be trusted. They will conspire against you and shut down the barrier from the inside. Anyone from either the Gambrill or Myrtics family can’t be trusted and I suggest having someone follow them around. I will try to prevent them in my own ways or at least make them a lot weaker” Cleamon says.

They talk a bit more about what will happen and Cleamon gives the names to the king as well. He had written these down as preparation for today.

“You have our gratitude Cleamon, we would like to give you and Lilia both a favour. Is there anything you would like?” the king asks. Unbeknownst to him they had already discussed what to ask for in the case this would happen.

Cleamon speaks up first “If it’s not too much trouble I would like for the royal family to support me in the future. At the present time I do not require anything, but I will in the future”. The king nods “Okay, if the future request is within acceptable boundaries I will make sure it happens”.

Lilia speaks up next as the king looks to her “I would like for Cecily to train together with us and be friends with her”. The king and queen look at each other with smiles “Of course we will make it so, but we talked about this already with Cecily. To let her go to your houses is a bit risky for a princess, instead we would like for you both to train here inside the castle. Cleamon I would like you to also train her personally, after you pass the test of course”.

“I would be honoured to sire, may I ask what kind of test you have planned for me?”

“This might be a bit sudden, but I would like for you to show your battle skills and show your most powerful spell you possess now. I’ve arranged a supervisor who is proficient in magic to test you. Cecily dear could you get your old teacher? He should be waiting outside”

The teacher looks around fifties, although looks are deceiving in this world. Many magicians look much younger than their actual age. He has a black beard and a bit of a bewildered look on his face, probable because his job now fell onto a 14 year old. “Greetings my name is Franthor Venmenor, my affinity is Shadow and I will be testing you today” he politely says as they exchange greetings.

“Lets move to the training room, before we damage this one beyond repair” the queen says with a smile.

Training room.

Are both sides ready? “Yes sire!” the both say at the same time. “On the count of 3 begin your match. 1… 2… 3!”.

Franthor starts his Incantation, Cleamon recognizes the spell as one that manipulates shadows to bind the opponent.

‘This will be easy, my strongest element Light is a direct counter to his Shadow’ Cleamon thinks to himself. He focuses his Intent and in front of Franthor a small light appears and before he can react, it feels like Cleamon threw the sun in his face. The Light was so blinding that no-one could see anything, except Cleamon and the king, who both put Shadow across their eyes and a small barrier to prevent the Light from cancelling it out.

“Arggh my eyes, I can’t see” Franthor says while stumbling around. Cleamon focuses his Intent once more and uses the spell that was about to be used against him binding Franthor to the ground. He struggles for a bit, but has to admit defeat.

“Amazing!” the king says “You almost had me as well, if it wasn’t for the battle experience I have”. “I see you used two opposite affinities there with Intent, do you by any chance have more than that?” he asks Cleamon curiously.

“Yes sire, I can currently control all of them, but Shadow is my weakest and Light the strongest”.

“Show me the others” the king says very excited.

“Sire is it okay if I use a spell instead? It would be wise to stand further back though.” Cleamon says.

“Go ahead” the kings motions everyone to stand back.

Cleamon focuses his Intent once more, combining affinities inside his Magic Soul. First combining Fire and Water creating steam, next adding Wind as he compresses the steam, in the centre he adds Lightning as ignition starter, then adding a very fine dust with the Earth affinity inside the swirling vortex.

He targets a magical training dummy with his spell, from start to finish this took about one second. The instant the spell hit, the Lighning ignites the fine dust inside the vortex causing it to expand instantly making a huge fire and steam explosion, which turns into a tornado of fire about two meters high. Winds violently covering the training grounds and shaking the whole place.

“I think I overdid it a little” Cleamon says with a smirk.

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