Chapter 15: Audience with the king

That night they got report that a magic creature was sighted outside the west gate and knew Cleamon was speaking the truth. The king made arrangements to have an escort pick them up as soon as possible.

Around 9:00 in the morning on Saturday.

“Cleamon wake up!” His father yelled, with excitement and a bit of panic in his voice. “There are people from the royal court here for you?! Are you in trouble?” as the messenger had orders just to pick them up and had no knowledge about why.

Cleamon gets up and gets dressed.

“Dad it’s okay, Lilia and me just have a meeting with the King and Queen” Cleamon says while having a smirk on his face. “THE KING AND QUEEN?!” his dad’s jaw almost made a hole in the floor. “I’ll explain later” Cleamon says. He greets the escort and moves towards Lilia’s house.

He just says he’s here to pick up Lilia, because they made plans for today. She was already up and dressed. Cleamon told her that this would be a possibility yesterday so she prepared for it. She sees her parents off and they move towards the castle.

It’s about a 30 minute walk straight towards the castle. Along the way Cleamon buys some gifts to give to the king and queen as a token of gratitude. They arrive at the castle gates.

Five meter high walls surround the castle with a very strong barrier that surrounds the whole place. The man than escorted them tells them to wait for a minute while he enters the room next to the gate. ‘To enter a barrier like this they need to imprint our Magic Soul signature into it, so that it allows us to enter’ Cleamon thinks to himself. Lilia is simply stunned by how huge the place is, she could always see the castle from afar, but never went close to it since it’s hard to enter this area without a royal invitation.

“Please follow me” says an elderly magician that came from the room where their escort went. “Please touch the crystal I give you and you will be able to enter through here” the magician says while pointing at a sturdy looking steel-like door. “Your escort will be waiting on the other side, I will take my leave” he bows and goes back into the room he came from.

The follow their new escort further in, eventually they enter a room where they are told to wait until called. Lilia and Cleamon both take in their surroundings, they seem to have entered a majestic room decorated with different paintings of the previous generation of royal family. Before they could take it all in they were called from a side door “Please follow me” a man looking like a butler tells them. “Remember this is the king and queen you will be speaking with, I recommend you use the utmost delicate and formal speak you possess”

“Welcome my daughter’s friends, could you introduce yourself?” the king asks.

The room contained a big table, with at the head the king, besides him on the right was the queen and on the right Cecily. Cecily looked quite nervous and kept looking away a bit.

They both get down on one knee and bow their heads. “Sire, my name name is Cleamon Ashfall, I recently became friends with your daughter. Please excuse my lack of delicacy when I speak” he says confidently. “Sire, my name is Lilia Hillsteam, likewise I recently became friends with your daughter, Please excuse my lack of delicacy as well” she says while her voice audibly trembles.

“Good, good, you both seem decent youngsters, raise your heads and don’t be too nervous. Although I’m the king, I’m still a father first.” he says while smiling. ‘Just as rumors said, the king looks like a relaxed person’ Cleamon thinks to himself. Cecily was more relaxed as well after hearing this.

“Now could you please explain the whole situation, my daughter told me what you told her on Friday, but I have a feeling too much information was missing” he says while looking at Cecily.

“Of course sire” this was the moment Cleamon was waiting for.

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