Chapter 14: The royal family

Inside a room in the castle.

“Mom, Dad, I have something important to tell you. I heard this from a friend and it worries me.” Cecily says with a stern face.

She explains the whole situation she heard earlier that day and also the new things she learned for studying magic.

“If he is correct we should investigate this issue, I’ll ask some of my most trusted advisers, but if they are in on this plot we might have a problem on our hands” the king says. “I would like to wait until we get the report he was speaking of, if that happens I will invite your friends over so I can have a personal talk with them, he might know who is in on this”.

“Can we trust them?” her mother asks. “Yes, I believe so I tried finding hints of dishonesty, but couldn’t find any. The cultivation method he gave me seems to be very powerful as well, this alone is worth a fortune if it were leaked out” she says.

“By the sound of it your friend seems very knowledgeable about magic, it might be an idea to hire him to teach you in private. Under supervision of course. I’d like to see him perform some magic as well to test his skills” the king continues.

“You said he can read old and forgotten languages? I’ll prepare some documents form the family vault that no-one has been able to translate to see if he can make anything out of it” the king says while writing down something.

“Do you by any chance like this boy?” her mom asks

Cecily blushes a bit.

“He has a girlfriend already, she is the other friend I was talking about. Also I’ve only met him once for about five hours, so I don’t really know” Cecily confesses.

“Okay too bad, our family could use someone with great talent to marry you. Lately all the boys that get recommended seem to be thinking very highly of themselves without having actual talent or skills. It seems like I will have to check this boy as well, as for his girlfriend, well she can always be his second wife” her mom says as she looks for approval of the king.

“Don’t you think it’s a bit too early to talk about this?” he replies

“It’s never too early to fall in love or prepare a decent suitor for our daughter” she says as she winks to Cecily who’s face is red as a tomato.

“Okay it’s settled then, lets wait for the report” her mom continues.

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