Chapter 13: A royal friend

They arrive at the house, Cleamon made sure no-one was home and invited the rest in. “Would you like something to drink?” he asks his guests. “Tea, please” they both reply. While Cleamon is making tea, Cecily is looking around. ‘So this is a commoners house, it looks kind of cozy’ she thinks to herself.

They sit at the dinner table and wait for the tea to be done, the mood is a little bit awkward, Cecily is quite visually anxious and Lilia doesn’t really know what to say. Cleamon comes back with the tea “here you are” he says and gives each of them their tea.

“Where do you want me to start?” he asks. “Start at how you can raise your MS so quickly, I’ve been a bit annoyed at Lilia’s progress compared to mine!” she says whilst frowning towards Lilia. “Well I found these methods in ancient research, it’s written in a very old language not many people are able to read anymore. These were found in an underground dungeon. The method Lilia and myself use is one that allows the Magic Soul to accept multiple affinities, but it has some issues if you use it alone at the start. We only train together which we can do because our Magic Souls are compatible” Cleamon explains. “Because of this our cultivation speed is higher than it normally would be with this method, but for you I’d recommend a different method. I just need to know what type of magic user you want to be and what you want your role to be.” he says.

After pondering for a while she says “I want to be a backline supporter and commander, my current affinity is Light so healing my allies while providing mental support would be the best suited for me”. “I agree” Cleamon says “but to be the best there is you will need more than just the Light affinity, best would be a combination of Mental, Time and Light”. “What!? Mental and time? Never heard of those.” Cecily says. “They were once very dominant, but were banned a long time ago because some uses were just too strong and dangerous, but in your case these would help you support your allies. Mental gives you the ability to use telepathy and raise morale when trained, whereas time will help you slow down time in a particular area. This area becomes bigger and stronger when you train your Magic Soul” Cleamon explains.

“This will be very hard though and I will need to guide you through it, for today we can do the start of it, but for learning the Incantation and Intent you will have to come back”.

“Ok, lets do this I want to see this in action, but show your own method first” Cecily says.

They move to the cultivation room.

Cleamon and Lilia take their usual position and start synching their Magic Souls, for about 15 minutes they cultivate their MS as an example.

“Now it’s your turn” he says to Cecily, “this method is called Spirituals Time Enlightenment and is about 12000 years old, I also have spells that utilize these 3 affinities, but they are very high difficulty so that’s something for later”. Cleamon tells the Incantation to Cecily and she start the cultivation.

Time passes by very quickly as they all do their cultivation. About five hours later they get ready to leave the house again.

“Ok let’s test your MS now and see how much you improved this time, it should be around the same amount, but your Magic Soul is now getting used to the new affinity. Eventually when your Magic Soul is used to it the speed should increase a lot” as he gets out his testing crystal.

Cecily concentrates while holding the crystal and open her eyes. She makes a shocked expression “110!? that’s a lot faster than I expected!” she says with a bright smile. “Thank you so much, if there is anything I can do for you that is within my power just tell me!”

“Actually there is something I must tell you, you can only tell this to your parents. Currently two of the main noble families are planning a coup in two years there will be a huge battle within the city where the royal family will not survive unless something is done about it. The Myrtics and Gambrill family are responsible for conspiring against the royal family and are currently making sure they have enough forces” Cleamon explains.

Cecily’s eyes look like they’re falling out of her head “How can you know this for sure? And how do you know this?” she asked after the initial shock dissappeared. “I can only tell you I have a way to know future events, as an example to prove this I can say what will happen this night. At the west gate there will be a sighting of a high level flying magical creature. You will probable hear about it tomorrow” he explains.

“We’re done for today, lets leave before your parents get mad and worried about leaving from school. We’ll escort you back with the same method you came here” Cleamon says.

The leave and walk back to the school and report to the worried guard who was waiting at the school gates. They leave Cecily in his care and move back home.

That evening Cecily reports everything to her parents.

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