Chapter 12: Masterfully executed

Lilia concentrates and the number that show up shocks Cecily “What!? 120! how is that even possible?” She loses a bit of her composure, but notices quickly and goes back to her calm demeanor.

“My boyfriend told me how to do this, would you like him to teach you as well?” I hope she takes the bait both Cleamon and Lilia think.

“I think I would like to know yes, but because my parents are very strict they expect me to come home right away.” Cecily says bitterly. “We can skip today’s class to teach you, we even have a way to escape the sight of your bodyguard” Lilia says. Cecily is a bit shocked “How did you know I have a bodyguard?” a tiny bit of fear can be heard in her voice. “Well there is always one guy standing outside in the hall and he leaves when you do, we just put one and one together. We can pass you by him without him noticing, but it would be best to leave him a message that you are okay and will be back at your normal time.” Lilia says.

“Did you guys plan to lure me in like this?” Cecily asks a bit confused. “Yes, sorry, but the reason will be made clear to you later, we believe this is the best for you as well princess” as this point Lilia is whispering so absolutely no-one can hear her.

Again Cecily is stunned ‘How do they know I’m the princess? What are they trying to accomplish? She doesn’t look like she is lying at all’ she thinks to herself. After a minute of pondering she reluctantly says “Okay I will go and see what this is all about, but if anything happens I will scream and activate my seal”. “Agreed” Cleamon says while seemingly appearing out of nowhere “Hi my name is Cleamon, I will be your teacher for today and hopefully after that as well, I’m sorry for tricking you like this, but I know the princess is very competitive and this looked like the best way to get you interested” He says while bowing slightly.

“This better be worth it! My parents will be furious I skipped class” Cecily says while writing a small note. “It will be princess, if it’s not I’d be willing to be your slave for the rest of my life!” Cleamon says jokingly.

“Okay let’s go then” Cecily says.

Cleamon focuses his Intent on Cecily and she slowly disappears from sight, even her aura has vanished. To make sure the guard doesn’t suspect anything he uses a hair of her, to temporarily create a fake aura that should last about 10 minutes.

Cleamon and Lilia exit the room, with a hidden princess following close behind them. They leave school and go to Cleamon’s house. Since his parents all work it should be empty as this time.

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