Chapter 111: Promise

“Hey Yako, where have you been all this time?” Cecily asks as Yako comes into view while walking inside the castle.

“Your father had a task for me, however now I’m relieved of that task. I’m looking for Cleamon do you know where he is?” she says a bit grumpy.

“No, we’ve been wondering the same thing. However he should be back by dinner”

“Okay I’ll go take a bath then so see you all at dinner time” Yako says.

“The other girls are taking a bath as well, you can probable join them” Cecily says.

“I’ll think about it”

“Well… see you at dinner” Cecily says to move the awkward conversation on.

They both head in opposite directions.

‘I wonder what that boy is up to, it was by his command I ended up doing this task. I need some spoiling and mana, I didn’t even have enough time to take mana from the dead during the raid’ Yako thinks stretching her back while walking.

Within a few minutes she reaches the housing.

‘I guess I’ll go take a bath on my own before seeing them all again’ Yako thinks.

She heads for a separate room and heads for the bath.


‘I should really check on them again it’s getting close to dinner time’ Cleamon thinks.

Beside him, on the table, many potions are stacked next to each other. He puts another another potion next to the others and wipes off the sweat from his brow.

‘I’ve created so many potions I completely forgot about the time’

He stands up, rubs his eyes and then heads into the time chamber.

He finds both Amara and Homian collapsed on the floor, with their items completed and on their desk.

“What happened here?” he says shocked.

Neither of them respond to his statement.

He takes a potion he made earlier and first lets Amara drink it, then forces Homian to drink as well.

Within seconds they wake up in a daze.

“Ugh my head hurts, I feel like I haven’t eaten in a day” Amara groans as she wakes up.

“Huh where am I?” Homian says as he squints his eyes while yawning.

“Good morning” Cleamon says with a smirk.

“I see you completed the task I set, well done. Judging from your aura’s I can see you’re now more used to creating a steady output. I bet your both dying to eat something, so let’s go and have dinner”

Amara and Homian instantly jump up while their stomachs rumble.

“Don’t forget to take your items, you’ll be handing them over to the others to share”

“What time is it?” Amara asks curiously.

“It should already be Monday by how much time we spent in here” she follows up.

“Don’t worry you’ll have enough time” Cleamon says

“However keep how long you’ve been in here a secret for now” he says motioning them to go outside.

They enter the room where Cleamon was previously making potions and their eyes nearly pop out of their sockets.

“What the hell is this place? It looks like a mad-man’s lair!” Homian says bluntly.

“…Thanks I guess” Cleamon says.

“For that I’ll have you blindfolded again, I was planning to tell you, but for that you deserve to be kept in the dark a little bit longer” Cleamon says a bit annoyed.

“Ah sorry I didn’t mean it like that” Homian quickly apologizes.

“Don’t worry I was just kidding, however keep this a secret for now. I will tell everyone else when the time comes” Cleamon says giving Homian a slap on his back”

Cleamon climbs up a stone staircase hidden behind an illusionary wall, leaving Amara and Homian behind in wonder.

“Hurry up already” Cleamon says.

They exit out of another illusionary wall and head towards the communal kitchen.

A nice fragrant smell comes from the kitchen making Amara and Homian drool. They hurry their pace and meet with everyone already sitting at the table.

“Where have you guys been?” Cecily asks impatiently.

“Training” Cleamon says giving a quick answer before Amara or Homian can answer.

“Cleamon what day is it?” Homian whispers to him.

“The same day as you entered the room, just about eight hours later” he whispers back.

“What? You mean you made a room where time flows faster than the outside?” Homian whispers back surprised.

“Heh, I’m amazed you even know about it” Cleamon smirks.

“I’m not an idiot you know, but that’s amazing! You can do all sorts of things with a room like that!” Homian whispers enthusiastically.

“Yes, but for now keep quiet about it okay?”

Eventually he calms down after he sees the food being delivered to the table by the sisters.

“Cleamon can I have a word with you?” Yako says after he tries to sit down at the table.

“Of course, let’s move to a different room” he motions her to follow.

“What’s this about?” he asks as he closes the door behind them.

“I wanted to report about the mission I had, you did order me to do it”

“I see, I got a report from Almar about the infiltration mission. I heard it would’ve been nearly impossible without you. Good job!” Cleamon says while rubbing her head.

Yako shows a slight smile which turns into a frown of annoyance.

“So did you find anything at the Myrtics family grounds?” Cleamon asks seeing her facial expression.

“Nothing really, it looks like they are refraining from any suspicious activity. I guess they’ll wait till everything cools down before continuing their plans” she says sitting down on a chair.

“Hmm then at least everything is safe for now. I bet the king is not going to ever let them out of his sight again” Cleamon says relieved.

“Thank you for you efforts, I know you’re not complacent with me ordering you around and that’s why I decided to release you. What you did for me and this city is more than enough to justify releasing you. However I want to make a blood-pact before I do this”

“You’re really willing to do that? I thought you said you’d wait one year for that. What kind of promise would I have to make?” she says while her eyes light up.

“Just that you won’t hurt this city and any of the inhabitant unless they threaten you or your existence. That means no illusions either”

“I can do that, when will you make the pact?” she asks excited.

“We’ll do this later tonight, let’s first have dinner. I also want to ask if you would like to stay with us, we could really use someone with your strength and skills. I mean as a friend, I will give you money so you can do whatever you want” Cleamon says bowing deeply to her.

“I’ll think about it, you did what you promised and you didn’t have any intention to take advantage of me. Well… let me see how I feel about it when I take a night’s sleep while being free again” she says.

“Okay, I would love to have you as a partner in our team. I’ve never met someone as good with illusions as you are. I’d hope you would be able to teach me some of your skills one day” Cleamon says still bowing down.

“Let’s see…”

They leave together back towards the rest, three new people have joined the table.

The saved sisters and their little brother are sitting together and are talking with Cecily, as she’s the only one they’ve seen regularly.

“Cleamon, welcome back!” Delyth says jumping up from her seat causing the table to wobble.

“Sister your manners!” Morgana says knocking her little sister on the head.

“Sorry” she says pouting.

“Ah don’t worry about it” Cleamon says with a smile “I’m glad you could join us for dinner”.

They spend two hours eating dinner and talking about various topics.

Metztli however sits quietly next to Cleamon without ever saying a word.

After dinner Cleamon says goodbye to the Sisters and their little brother and walks them back inside the castle.

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