Chapter 11: Starting the plan

Waking up the next day was quite the awkward experience, they didn’t expect to fall asleep together. The stares of his parents were killing them with embarrassment, they didn’t dare to say anything.

After breakfast they left for school.

During the walk they discussed their plan again, but were careful not to let anyone hear about it. Lilia will try to befriend Cecily Sageflower, who is actually part of the royal family and took on a fake last name. Her real last name is Stonesoul, she is the first princess in line to become the next ruler of this city. The reason she attends a school in a normal area instead of a noble school, is because she has to learn about the people she will rule one day.

They arrive at school a half hour early in the hopes that she is already there. In his previous life he knew the princess was a hard studying person that valued magic training as much as a normal magician would, so he assumed she would be in the school’s shared cultivation room.

Arriving at the room they notice a person standing guard, although a normal student wouldn’t expect such a thing. “She must be in there” Cleamon whispers to Lilia. “Here is a testing crystal, see if you can let her test her MS with it”. They both enter the room but go their separate way, Cleamon sits a not to far away distance from them so he can hear their conversation.

“Hi, my name is Lilia Hillsteam, we’re in the same class together, I believe your name is Cecily?” Lilia says without sounding too forceful. “Hi Lilia, yes my name is Cecily, nice to meet you, I believe we spoke a bit yesterday after I finished my Incantation practice” Cecily says with grace. “You remembered! Sorry for asking but what was your MS again?” her eyes flash to Cleamon for a moment.

“No it’s ok, mine was 82, although it should be a bit higher now because I practiced for three hours yesterday” she says with a smile. “I practiced as well yesterday, I was just about to test my MS again, I got a crystal from my boyfriend so I can keep testing my score to see if I improve, would you like to give it a try as well?” at this point Lilia is no longer nervous and seems genially interested in Cecily.

Cecily is a blonde girl with hair to her lower back, her hair seems delicately taken care of. Her skin looks soft like silk and is slightly on the whiter side. She is about the same height as Lilia, although her body is a little more developed ‘must be the good food’ Lilia thinks to herself.

“Sure, but you go first, I’m a bit nervous to test it out” Cecily says. Lilia grabs to crystal closes her eyes and concentrates on her Magic Soul and the crystal responds “87 already?” Cecily says with a bit of shock on her face. Even Lilia is a little bit shocked at this result, she never would’ve thought the short practice session they had yesterday would result in such an improvement.

“Now it’s your turn” she says while passing the crystal to Cecily. Cecily follows Lilia’s example and closes her eyes to concentrate, she feels a little bit nervous. Cecily was always a competitor, the plan is to make her compete with Lilia and make her more and more interested on how Lilia improves so quickly.

“Wow 84 already” Lilia says. “You must have practiced hard as well yesterday to increase your score by two in one day”. Cecily looks a bit disheartened and says “Although not as much as you improved” with a bitter smile. “Ah I have a secret method of training, which allows me to improve much faster, if you want I could show you one day” Lilia says cautiously, she didn’t want to force it upon her or scare her away.

“Maybe I’ll hold you to that!” she says and stands up. “I have to go now class will start soon and I still want to freshen up a bit, see you soon in class” she bows slightly and exits the room.

Lilia lets a sigh of relief go ‘that went better than expected’ she thought to herself. Cleamon went to sit next to her, hearing every part of the conversation he seems delighted at the result. “Just a few more times should do the trick. We have to improve your score every day, because she will try to compete with you now” Cleamon says with a cunning smile. He rubs Lilia’s head as a reward to her acting and she doesn’t seem to mind it at all.

The next few days Cleamon and Lilia spend a lot of time training together in the evenings, trying to make sure he and Lilia improve as much as possible. On the side Cleamon is practicing a secret spell that will come in handy one the plan comes to fruition.

Every day Lilia and Cecily compare scores. They first tested on Tuesday, Wednesday Lilia has 95MS and Cecily 87MS, Thursday Lilia has 104 MS and Cecily 91. As the weekend is approaching Cleamon and Lilia train through the night to provoke the princess even more.


“Hi Cecily ready to test again?” Lilia asks. “Yes, I’m ready!” as Cecily seems delighted, black rings can be seen under her eyes. ‘she must have trained through the night as well’ both Cleamon and Lilia think to themselves.

This time Lilia lets her go first. Cecily closes her eyes again and concentrates “97, wow an increase of six, looks like you improved a lot this time!” Lilia says with a slightly cunning smile. Cleamon can’t help but laugh to himself a little, but keeps Cecily from noticing.

“Okay your turn now, let’s see how much you improved” she says although her face shows quite a bit of annoyance. ‘How can she improve so much every day?’ she wonders.

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