Chapter 109: Waking up

After Cleamon leaves and brings back some extra food for them, he sits behind his own alchemy station outside the time room. Within half an hour he concocts a potion that can wake Izbella up from her sleep, he also makes one that paralyzes her from the neck down just to be sure.

He goes up to the room he put her in and casts a barrier around it that prevents anyone from hearing what happens inside.

As Izbella looks like she’s having a nice sleep, Cleamon is apprehensive about giving her a paralyzing potion.

‘I’d rather not do this, but I think it will be quite a shock for her when she hears what happened. Especially after waking up in a strange place she’ll be confused’ Cleamon thinks giving her the two potions.

Slowly Izbella wakes up, her eyes finally adjust and she notices her body doesn’t move. Her eyes show her panic inside, she tries to move her body with all her might. As the panic increases tears start to form in her eyes.

Not being able to see Cleamon, because he’s just outside her vision, she assumes someone has kidnapped her.

‘What’s going on!? Why can’t I move!? Where am I!?’ her brain works at lightning speed, but can’t make a rational conclusion.

From the moment she woke up only fifteen seconds have passed.

“Izbella calm down, you’re fine. I just gave you a potion that makes your body relax” Cleamon says in a kind voice while walking in her line of sight.

“Cleamon!?” she nearly cries out.

“What did you do to me? Where am I?”

“First calm down, I’ll explain what happened and why you’re here. First I’ll put you in a sitting position so you can see more than just the ceiling” Cleamon says supporting her back and lift her up so she’s sitting with her back against the wall.

“You can move your neck to keep your head up, this paralysis will fade in a few minutes so don’t worry too much” he reassures her.

“Fine, now start talking. What’s going on here?” she says a lot calmer.

“I’ll tell you, but please don’t panic” he says sitting down on the bed.

“Do you remember I asked you about your family? You told me that there was something going on and that your members were being kept inside the family ground”

“Yes, I remember”

“Well it turns out that the heads of your family were plotting to attack the city. They used the stronger members of your family to extract special crystals from sacrifices. There were many people reported missing and they were brought to a facility in your family grounds”

“What!? Are you sure it was my own family!?” she asks distraught.

“Yes, they found proof after they caught a spy”

“After that they infiltrated your family and went on investigation. They discovered the missing people and that all the elders were part of the plan. Only a select few members knew about it so the rest would probable be told as soon as the plan was being executed”

“I-I didn’t know, my parents were worried about it, they had a feeling something might happen” Izbella says looking down.

“Yes, many are like yourself. They had nothing to do with it”

“That’s also why a mission was planned. To extract all the people that weren’t part of the plan. And… to eliminate all that were” Cleamon continues.

“All of the elders were killed by the mission and all of the people were extracted and brought to the castle’s prison until the mess has cleared up”

“Wait… so my family is now in prison!?” she asks surprised.

“Yes, however they are being cared for. Just as you were, they are asleep and don’t know what happened. As soon as they clear up the mess they will let your family back to their homes. However since I have contacts with the king, I was allowed to bring you here”

“You are now inside the castle, actually these are houses built be me. My friends and I live here and this room is normally empty. I took you here to explain the situation as I see you as a friend and this is partly my fault” he explains.

“I’m inside the castle? What do you mean it’s partly your fault?” she asks.

“I was the one who discovered their plans and reported it to the king, you confirmed my suspicions when I talked to you”

“I see, so it’s also my fault…” her face looks even more down than before.

“It’s more like you helped to prevent tens of thousands of innocent deaths. They were planning to summon a creature into the city that could easily destroy parts of it before anyone had the chance to kill it. The whole castle would’ve been destroyed, our school would be gone, many of your friends would’ve been killed” Cleamon says.

“Still… I have to live with the fact that many of my family members are dead because of me…” she retorts.

“Even without your help, this would’ve happened. Just in another way and another day, so don’t blame yourself for this. If you want to blame someone blame me for finding out”

“But to be honest, the ones that should be blamed are you family members who tried to kill those people and killed many others for their plans”

“Even if you say that, I’m not sure I can look my family in the eyes again. I still feel partly responsible for this. Also who’s going to explain all of this to them?” she says with a sigh.

“Well that’s partly the reason why they’re still asleep. It won’t be easy to tell all of them what happened and I doubt that all of them will believe the truth. I just wanted to tell you personally, I owe you that”

“Thank you, it doubt I could remain calm in that situation, although I still panicked” Izbella says with a painful smile.

“Oh try moving your body, your movement should be better now. It’s already been five minutes so the potion should stop working” Cleamon says poking her arm.

She moves her legs and arms a bit and feels relieved, even though she calmed down she was still worried about her body.

“So you didn’t do anything weird to me while I was asleep right?” she asks a bit shyly.

“Well… I just undressed you and kissed you but that about it” Cleamon says shrugging his shoulders.

“You did what!!!???” Izbella jumps up with her face completely red.

“Ahh your movement is back” Cleamon says with a smile.

“Never mind that, why did you do those things to me!? You even took my first kiss from me!” she says angrily.

“What are you talking about? I was joking of course, why would I do that to you while you’re asleep anyway? It would be much more fun to see your face while doing it” Cleamon continues to tease her.

“You-you what are you saying!? Stop fooling around with me!” her face had become even more red.

“The rumor inside the school is that you’re an adulterer, but I didn’t think it would be this bad!”

“What do you mean I’m an adulterer? It’s normal for people to have multiple lovers in our city” Cleamon retorts.

“Yes one or two lovers… not six!!” she says pouting.

“Is it really six? Lilia, Metztli, Danmi, Narae and who else is there? I only count four” Cleamon says nonchalantly.

“Fine it’s four, still it’s too many! How many do you need to be satisfied?”

“Actually I was satisfied when it was just Lilia, however over the weeks the others grew on me. Also they kind of forced themselves on me. They’re cute so it’s hard to say no, especially when Lilia invites them into bed. Do you know how hard it is sleeping with five girls in one bed?” Cleamon says with a sigh.

“Why five? I thought you only had four girls?” Izbella says a bit confused.

“Ahh, well since last week my sister came to live with me. Since she won’t take no for an answer she’s claimed her space in my bed. She always clings to me either naked or half naked” Cleamon sighs again.

“Y-y-you even your sister!? It’s much worse than the rumors say!” Izbella’s eyes nearly pop out of her sockets from shock.

“I can’t believe Idalia and me actually like you… she’ll be so disappointed hearing this!”

Izbella’s faces turns pale white after realizing what she just said.

“I-I no uhmm”

Nothing that makes sense makes it out of her mouth.

Cleamon just looks at her with a surprised face.

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