Chapter 107: Potions and Inscriptions

Both Amara and Homian have a conflicted look in their eyes. Wanting to learn new skill is a given, but spending a hard day of training is not something you’d normally want.

“Your training will not end until you both have completed at least ten items of a good quality. Don’t worry about failing, this is a learning process. However be aware that these items were provided by your own families” Cleamon says as if commanding his troops.

Both of them nod with renewed confidence.

“Then let’s go, the place we’ll go is a secret so I’ll be giving you both a drink that will make you unconscious for an hour. It should be just enough time to make it there” Cleamon says.

“Is that really needed?” Amara asks.

“For now yes, the less people know about this location the better. Not even Lilia knows about it and just one other person, besides me, knows”

“Drink this, you’ll feel sleepy instantly” Cleamon says throwing over a bottle to each of them.

Without hesitation they drink it and fall into a blissful sleep.

“Wake up you two!” Cleamon says feeding them a waking reagent.

“hmhmh just five more minutes” Amara mumbles as she rolls to her side.

“Do you want me to start undressing you?” Cleamon whispers in her ear.

“Huh what!?” she forcefully opens her eyes and sees Cleamon hanging over her body.

He face turns red instantly “w-what did you do to me!?” she asks stumbling over her own words.

“I gave you a sleeping potion remember, I’m here to train you. Now wake up and take notice of where you are” Cleamon says standing back up.

He walks over to Homian and slaps him in the face “how long are you going to pretend to be sleeping!? Did you really thing I’d assault a girl in her sleep!?”

“Ouch, you didn’t have to hit me for it. I was just curious how you would go about waking her up, that’s all” Homian says rubbing his cheek, which has a red hand outline imprinted on it.

“Well I can’t deny that having a girl sleeping so innocently didn’t trigger any desire to do things to her” he says just loud enough to Homian that Amara can hear it.

They both chuckle at her reaction.

“Well now that you’re both awake, I can start the training. As you can see we’re in a special room and you won’t be able to leave here unless you complete the task I set you. Like I said before, failure is not a bad thing, don’t try to rush it and make sure you do your absolute best with each try. Don’t worry about forgetting the steps or specific details, I’ve provided you both with the instructions” Cleamon says.

Amara and Homian took a good look around the room. Many elaborate inscriptions are written on the walls and ceiling. They all seem to be slightly glowing and pulsating. Each opposite side of the room has the equipment they both need.

A sturdy table with Inscription tools and a pile of items next to it for Amara. The other side has an abundance of vials, with a setup that looks like a perfect example of a mad scientist’s first chemistry set.

“Let me just say that time is no matter, I will take care of any issues if you take a long time. In return I expect the utmost concentration from the both of you. If you need any help or explanation you can ask me, however I will be leaving here from time to time. I will also provide you with food so don’t worry about that. Now first get comfortable with your equipment, it’s necessary that you feel at ease using it” Cleamon explains pacing around like a sergeant.

With bewildered looks the move to their designated spots and start fiddling around with the equipment.

Amara’s desk looks like an antique desk with many different drawers. In them different materials are housed as reagents and tools for Inscribing. There are drawers with crystal dust of different grades, the same with whole crystals. The ingredients alone cost a small fortune for a normal person. Nervously Amara grabs some of them and starts playing around to see how the tools work.

Homian’s desk contains a set that is currently boiling pure water on top of a small fire. Just as Amara’s desk, this one has a dozen or so drawers filled with ingredients. Homian’s eyes glow as he sees many of them were grown by his own family, more specifically his parents.

He starts by analyzing the different types of herbs and gathering the ones needed for the potions he will create.

Cleamon takes place in the center of the room and concentrates on his cultivation.

At least three hours pass before Homian comes to Cleamon first.

“I think I’ve succeeded with my first potion. What do you think?” he shows Cleamon a vial full of a dark green liquid.

“Not bad for your first try, but the potion I’m looking for should be a clear green, yours is still too impure. I can’t count this as a success yet it’s effects are lower than 50% of the original. There should be a book in your desk on how to clear impurities from potions, however it’s too late for this one. If you would sell this it would probable fetch 1 silver, whilst the clear version is at least 1 gold and depending on the demand even more” Cleamon says.

With conflicted feelings Homian returns to his desk.

‘Did he praise me only to make me feel bad after?’ he thinks starting his next try.

Another two hours pass by and now it’s Amara’s turn to show off her results.

“Can you take a look at this bracelet?” she asks nervously. Her forehead is sweating like a waterfall and her desk looks slightly messy.

“What happened?” Cleamon asks.

“Well I’ve never concentrated so hard in my life, I didn’t think it would be this exhausting” she says embarrassed.

“I did say it would be a hard day of work” Cleamon says with a smile.

He takes a good look at the item Amara gave him.

“Not bad at all, even thought there are a few small errors, they don’t impact the functionality of the item that much. I’d say this would be about 80% of it’s normal power. Good job this is a pass, but for the next item I want more than 80%” Cleamon hands back the item to her.

Amara looks ecstatic hearing the news, she blushes slightly and hurries back to her desk.

“I guess lunch is coming up soon, I’ll be back in an hour or two. Please continue even if you finished another item” Cleamon says standing up and leaving the room.

They hear a locking sound as Cleamon locks them inside.

“Homian how’s your progress?” Amara asks slightly smug.

“Well everything is fine except the purification process. The mana control needed for this is still beyond me. I’m just glad we don’t have a time-limit” he says with a wry smile.

“Yes I get what you mean, even this one item drained almost half of my mana. To keep a constant flow up while doing such intricate work is hard. No wonder these items are worth so much more when Inscribed” she says taking a breather.

“At this rate I’ll run out of mana by the third item, I should ask Cleamon for some restoration potions” she says with a sigh.

“Then drink this” Homian says giving her the impure potion he made before.

“Is that the failed potion you made?” Amara says looking at the substance.

“Yes, but it’s safe to use. It’s effects are just less than the potions that Cleamon provided us with previously. For now it should help you regenerate your mana” Homian explains.

“Thanks, I’ll use it right away!” she says and right after she drinks the potion.

Slowly her mana starts recovering, but not at high enough rate to keep up with creating items.

“By the way, what kind of item are you making?” Homian asks curiously.

“Well the item is supposed be a- wait a moment! Of course!” Amara says slapping herself on the forehead.

“What happened!?” Homian looks confused at Amara.

“This assignment is made so we can help each other. The item I’m creating let’s you control your mana flow better. It isn’t that strong of an item, but when you use more of them the better the effect!”

“So then we’re supposed to give each other the items we make until we have ten of each left?” Homian says pondering the thought in his head.

“It makes sense right? Even if I speed up, the process I have to do takes longer per potion you have to make. If you provide me with your potions we should be able to finish around the same time, give or take a few hours” Amara says.

“Yea it does make sense, then give me the bracelet you made before and I’ll try it out” Homian says with a smile.

“Here try it out”

Homian tries getting back to the task of getting rid of impurities.

“Wow it helps, it’s not much, but I can feel an improvement”

“Then let’s continue, let me know when your next potion is ready!” Amara says with renewed spirit.


‘I wonder if they’ll figure it out’ Cleamon thinks walking towards the kitchen.

‘Even if they use that strategy it will still take them about 40 hours to complete all of it. Well they should be done by dinner time outside here. Since time flows five times slower in that room it gives them a nice chance to get more progress done. It’s a shame I can’t get a higher rate yet, I really have to go back to Mjerna and look at that room again. I might even have to take the power source from it’ Cleamon thinks taking a sip of water.

‘I also need to think of skills the others would be able to make use of’ Cleamon grabs a paper of paper and starts writing.

List of users and their skills:

  • Cecily → light, mental

  • Lilia → Water, Wind, (others still in development)

  • Resyana → Fire, Wind

  • Sisters → Fire

  • Metztli → Personal bodyguard

  • Jenny → Still too young

‘It will be hard to find something for Lilia and Cecily’ Cleamon thinks.

‘First the sisters and Resyana can probable do some work at Mirko’s blacksmith by smelting with their fire. This will train them how to precisely control their power’ Cleamon thinks

‘Cecily could be some kind of mental coach for others, this should help her maintain her magic for a long duration. Maybe she should take on a class of unruly children…’ Cleamon ponders.

‘As for Lilia, there is currently nothing that requires a steady stream of water, ice or wind. Most of the uses for ice are really menial things like ice-cubes for drinks. Making her into an ice vending machine is a bit demeaning and also won’t help her one bit’.

Cleamon puts down his pen and closes his eyes, thinking back to the past.

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