Chapter 106: The two students

Cleamon heads over to Homian’s house to meet with his father.

Even thought it’s still just after sunrise, Arther is already busy farming some of his locally grown herbs. Many of the herbs grown are imported from outside the city and difficult to grow inside. They require some special circumstances and environment to grow in.

Currently Arther is using specially made crystals with Inscriptions to force those conditions on the herbs. A small greenhouse per herb is used to keep each environment to its own.

Cleamon arrives at the house and meets up with Arther.

“Hi Arther, how are the herbs coming along? I heard you started to use special ones from Homian” Cleamon asks shaking Arther’s hand.

“Ah yes! Thanks to the money we made I could order many different seeds. I was just taking care of them by refilling the crystals with mana, I also bought some growing agent that makes them grow ten times faster than normal. It cost me a small fortune to acquire it, but we should make it back with ease after we’ve created potions” Arther explains excited.

“Wow that’s great! Do you have some samples ready for me?” Cleamon asks.

“No not yet, the herbs themselves are even more expensive to buy. I should have them ready in a month, I’ll be sure to let Homian know so he can tell you. However I still have all the other ones you originally requested, we’ve already run out of the potions you made the last time and even though my family started making the potions as well, it’s still taking a long time to create a large batch of them. That’s why I requested your help”

“I see, it so happens that I set up a new private laboratory where I can make even bigger batches than I did before. I was hoping you’d have some new herbs for me to use, but it seems I’ll have to wait. Would you be able to get those herbs if I gave you the gold for it?” Cleamon asks.

“I guess so, but what kind of herbs do you want? There’s hundreds of different kinds to choose from, most of them get sold on auctions to the bigger families running potion shops. They supply the bigger families so they naturally have more money to spend on it” Arther says.

“How much would the herbs cost of the seeds you bought?”

“About a hundred gold for a small amount, for many people that is what they earn in a year”

“Okay, then what if I told you to spend two thousand gold on herbs, what would you be able to get me?” Cleamon asks while putting two thousand gold on the table.

Arther eyes nearly pop out of his head seeing the stack of gold on the table.

“I-I think I can get whatever you want with this, well whatever hunters manage to bring to the auction. Is there anything specific you want?” Arther asks staring at the gold.

“Yes, but I don’t think you’ll be able to get it. Many of the herbs I want are not from here, for now try to get as many of the rare herbs you can from the auction. We’ll be able to make more than five times this money back with ease, maybe even more than that!” Cleamon says having money signs in his eyes.

Arther rubs his hands with the same signs in his eyes.

“Hahaha” they both cackle like a maniac.

“Well I’ve put the herbs I have left for you in this bracelet, I’ll go to the auction later today to see if there is anything I can get” Arther says handing Cleamon a bracelet.

“Okay thanks, I’ll be off again then. I’ll give Homian the potions that are ready to be sold” Cleamon says shaking Arther’s hand.

“As always it’s a pleasure doing business with you” Arther says with a smile.


Cleamon leaves again.

‘Too bad he didn’t have anything new, but for now this should suffice’ Cleamon thinks walking towards Amara’s house.

He inspects the inside of the bracelet and finds almost a hundred gold inside.

‘No wonder he couldn’t buy any herbs, he should’ve just used this money. I guess he didn’t want to skimp on my part of the payment’

By the time Cleamon checked all the contents he’s already near Amara’s house and spots Amara’s father, Mirko, as he walks towards his shop.

“Hey Cleamon were you by any chance coming to see me?” Mirko asks cheerfully.

“Yes, I was just on my way. Are you going to your workshop already?” Cleamon asks.

“Actually I’m running a little late, I have to get up early to make sure the items I’m making are done the same day”

“Well it’s good timing, I’m here to take the items that need Inscriptions. I’ll be teaching Amara today so I’ll need the more basic items with a lower grade crystal” Cleamon says.

“Ah, well I don’t have anything on me now. Come to my shop and I’ll give you a few”

“Then let’s go, I want to start as soon as possible. It will be a busy day for me so I’ll need all the time I can get” Cleamon says with a smile.

“We should be there in fifteen minutes, I’ll grab some of the items quickly so you can be off again” Mirko says.

Cleamon quickly heads back after receiving the items, the trip only lasted about an hour before returning to the castle.

Cleamon knocks on Amara and Cecily’s room door.

“Amara can you come for a minute” Cleamon calls out.

He hears some stumbling behind the door and a half asleep Amara, still wearing her slightly see-through nightgown showing her chest and panties, opens the door.

“Yawnnn~~ why are you making so much noise in the morning?” she says with her eyes squinting at the light coming in from the outside.

“I’m sorry, but it’s time I gave you some more training in Inscribing. I promised you I would teach you, but lately it’s been rather busy. Get dressed and come downstairs to the kitchen, I’ll be waiting there. Also wear a bra, your gown is see-through you know” Cleamon says with a smirk.

Amara looks down at her own body, her eyes take some time to adjust.

“Waaa, don’t stare like that. At least have the decency to avert your eyes!” she says covering her chest with her arms.

“Sorry, but that is kind of impossible. You’re flaunting your body in front of me, I rather enjoy the moment” Cleamon says with a smile and walks off.

“Don’t take too long” he calls back to her.

Amara slams the door shut while mumbling with her face completely red.

‘That bastard, how can he do and say those things without any shame or reservation!’ she thinks while getting dressed.

Meanwhile Cleamon has knocked on Homian’s door as well.

“Homian get your ass in gear, you’re going to get some private training!” Cleamon says.

“I’ll be there in a few minutes, give me some time to get dressed and prepare. I’ll meet you downstairs” Homian says from the other side.

“Just don’t take forever!” Cleamon says in a playful tone.

Downstairs Cleamon is preparing some breakfast for his two students. Not out of niceness, but to speed things along. His schedule for the day is so overwhelming that he doesn’t have much spare time before bed.

About five minutes later both of them arrive.

“Amara why is your face red?” Cleamon asks.

“You know why!” she retorts slightly annoyed.

“While you were sleeping I already met your father, he was on his way to work already. I guess you are nothing like him” Cleamon teases Amara.

“Why did you meet with my father? Is he coming here?” she asks curiously forgetting the rest of what Cleamon said.

“No don’t worry, I just got some items from him we’ll be practicing on. I take it you studied on the symbols used with Inscribing?” Cleamon asks.

“Well, I did study some, but I can’t seem to remember the fine details of them. I think I know about ten now” she says half proud half ashamed.

“It’s a start, once you learn the patterns and intricacies of the symbols you’ll find it easier to remember”

“Homian, did you study up on the recipes I gave you? Every little detail that is in there should be followed exactly” Cleamon asks.

“Yes, I studied every night and even simulated the process in my room” Homian says proudly.

“Then after you eat your breakfast I’d like to see your progress on real ingredients. Be prepared for a long and hard day of work” Cleamon says with an evil smile.

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