Chapter 104: Sacrifice

As the smoke and dust settles, carnage is left behind. A small movement can be seen underneath a pile of dust.

Loudly coughing the king crawls from under the pile, his face blackened and clothes burnt. Blood is streaming down his face from a gashing head wound. He holds it tight with one hand trying to balance himself with the other.

Blood is still coming out of his ears, because of the explosion his eardrums have shattered leaving him with severe vertigo.

He stumbles towards the door that was blown out, but before he can reach it he hurls over and vomits. Still in a daze he crawls forwards and is greeting by the first batch of guards checking what happened.

“Sire! Sire! Are you alright!?” a guard instantly tries to help the king balance himself.

“I’m fine, check the room for survivors!” he says clinging on to the guard.

“You guys check the room!” the guard says to his subordinates.

“Yes sir!” they storm off into the room and are shocked by the devastation.

“This… what happened here?” one says nearly throwing up looking at the blood and guts splattered everywhere.

“The way it sounded and how this looks, it must’ve been a big bomb that exploded. The king is lucky to survive this”

The group of guards digs through the room searching for survivors, but the only thing they find is pieces. With their faces turned white and slightly green they return to their superior still carrying the king towards the medical ward.

“Sire we’ve haven’t found any other survivors, the whole room is a mess with parts everywhere. It’s a miracle your highness has survived the blast” one of the men says.

‘It’s not a miracle at all… If it wasn’t for that man I would’ve died with them. At the last moment he used his body to form a shield between the blast and me… How could we have been so careless… I need to speak with Almar quickly’ the king thinks dragging his body along while being supported.

“How about Almar is he already up?” the kings asks.

“We haven’t had any notice yet sire, the doctors said it would at least be a few hours. We’ll be going there now since they’ll have to look at your highness as well” the superior holding him up says.

‘I guess it will have to wait, should I contact that boy as well? He had some influence in this after all, he might know something of value. If the other family gets wind of this we’ll be in trouble!’ the king thinks.

Inside the prison all the members that were taking from the Gambrill place are still under the effects of the sleeping gas.


The last few days have been busy for Cleamon, he had a stockpile of items that still needed Inscripting and new potions to make. Like a mad scientist he spent a lot of time at night creating these items and concoctions in his secret laboratory.

Using his past knowledge of newer invented items he even created some himself with the materials provided. The armor for the rest of his friends was also done two days later and even Jenny could pick up her set.

Although her armor size is a little bit on the big side, it’s so she can grow into it more.

Every evening they sparred together, even Jenny joining in. Lilia and Cleamon took special interest in her education. While she continued to make advances at Cleamon during the night, which didn’t succeed in him budging an inch. It more-so caused Lilia to have less intimate time with Cleamon.

Even the other girls are feeling the strain of the little sister claiming her brother. Every time Danmi wants attention, Jenny looks at her with disdain. She actually became good friends with Cecily and Narae as their intentions towards her brother don’t seem to be there as much.

Eunhui and Ahri didn’t seem to fit her personality that well, so after talking for a bit the conversations kept dying out. As a result she looked for an older sister type that would be able to guide her a bit, whilst not doting on her brother.

Cecily and Amara grew closer as well, often they would share baths and talk until midnight. Cecily seems to have an interest in creating Inscriptions and items after seeing Amara’s father’s workshop.

Eunhui, Ahri, Danmi and Narae took up a special training schedule to get more control over their fire magic and partial transformations. Due to never having something to fight or even someone to guide them, all they could rely on was their memories of their ancestors. As time went by the memories faded more and more leaving just fragments behind.

Resyana and Homian also grew closer, they spent a lot of time doing their private training. Both of them focused more on strength training than on magical ability. After fighting with Cleamon, Homian and Resyana realized they need more strength and speed to be able to keep up with enemies or stay ahead of them. Of course Cleamon provide a fitting training schedule for them to make the most out of their time.

Metztli trained together with Cleamon, Lilia and Jenny. Off in their in little private world, Cleamon had Jenny join in on the blood pact as an insurance that if her life would be in danger, he would know. It would also give her a fighting chance whenever someone targets her.

At the time of the explosion Cleamon and the rest were just about to leave for school. Because of the castle interior’s barrier, the sound and vibrations didn’t reach over to their side, leaving them unaware of what transpired.

As they reach the courtyard, they spot guards panicking and rushing over to the inner palace.

“Hey what’s going on!?” Cecily yells to the running guards.

“Princess! There has been an attack on the king, please hurry!” the guard says while politely bowing and then motions them to follow.

‘An attack? I thought this morning was the day of the mission… Did it fail?’ Cleamon wonders.

“Is my father okay?” Cecily asks worried.

“He’s hurt, but not in danger. We’ll be going to the medic ward now” the guard responds walking in a quick pace.

Cecily makes a sigh of relief, her face still show signs of worry though.

“It’ll be fine” Cleamon whispers to Cecily while putting his arms around her shoulder. “Your father is tough and even if he was hurt badly I can fix him up as good as new”.

Cecily looks slightly flushed at the suddenness of Cleamon’s actions, she looks at him and looks back on front of her. She wipes away some forming tears.

“Thanks Cleamon, but I’m fine. After all I have to be strong for him as well” as she says that she gently removes Cleamon’s arm from her shoulder.

“Good, you’re looking better now” Cleamon says with a smile.

Cecily’s stride becomes a lot more assured as they enter the castle’s interior.

A few minutes later they arrive at the medical ward where Almar and the king are, two healers are currently in the process of healing the king.

“Make way! The princess has arrived!” the guard escorting them commands the other guards currently standing in their way. Without making even a single noise they part and bow slightly.

Cecily runs over to her father.

“Father are you really okay!?” Cecily asks as the tears start flowing again at the sight of her father.

“Yes my dear, however that can’t be said for the people that were with me unfortunately. Even though I’m glad I’m okay, it was only because of the help of the man who protected me in the last moment of his life” the kings says with a complex expression on his face, showing angry, regret and sadness.

Cecily holds his hand in silence and just watches as the doctors take care of his wounds.

Cleamon and the others gather with the guards that are worried for the king’s well being as well.

‘I wonder if I should help out with the healing as well…’ Cleamon thinks.

‘Ahh that reminds me I have a few healing potions on me. Although they are still experimental I did test them on myself already after Metztli wounded me on purpose. My Magic Soul is a lot smaller, but it should help sufficiently with the healing process’

Cleamon walks forwards towards the king.

“Sire, I have a potion that will speed up your healing. Although I’ve made and tested it by myself, the effects are profound. If you drink this it will definitely help” Cleamon says slightly nonchalantly.

“Boy how dare you speak in that tone towards your king!?” a guard grabs Cleamon’s arm, but the kings dismisses him immediately.

“If you say so, then I’ll gladly take it”

“But sire, how can you trust this boy’s medicine? He’s just a kid, just let us heal your highness!” the elder looking healer says with slight shock.

“Without that boy, this city might have been much worse off than what happened today. I’ll believe his word, I think my daughter can vouch for him as well. Can’t you dear?” the king says in a serious tone.

Cecily nods.

“After all he might even be your future leader if my daughter wants it to happen” the king says smirking at his daughter, who by now is red as a beet and heading her head in her chest.

The king drinks the potion made by Cleamon.

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