Chapter 103: Success can lead to failure

As the spell hits the elders and pierces a hole in the wall, everything in the room gets drowned inside a bright white and yellow light. A loud crackling follows, shattering everything inside the rooms.

In the next instant everyone hit by the spell convulses due to extreme high voltage and amperes, their bodies start smoking and begin to get charred. Within a second they catch fire and the bodies start to burn up rapidly.

Even the hostage, who was suspended in mid-air, succumbs to the attack. The one elder who was able to barely escape instinctively heads for the exit. Blinded by the spell he makes his way past Almar, who is unable to see himself.

However reaching the stair towards the exit, he bumps headfirst into mister anonymous and knocks him over.

The elder puts out a massive aura as a threat, but mister anonymous doesn’t budge. Instead he meets him head on with his own aura, sending a chill down the elder’s spine.

‘There’s another one? I thought there was just one attacking us, what was that attack? He killed everyone with just that attack!’ the elder thinks jumping back a few meters.

Almar himself falls down exhausted and unconscious, having used all of his mana his body shuts down completely. Yako catches his body and lays it down gently on the floor. She focuses her attention on the other two blankly staring at each other and testing their aura’s.

As the bright light fades and their sight slowly returns to normal, the elder quickly looks around and spots Almar on the floor with Yako standing next to him. Feeling no aura coming from them he targets them and rushes towards the both of them.

Feeling the aura come forward, Yako takes a defensive position with her blade ready to strike.

As the elder comes closer fast, mister anonymous finishes casting his spell. Sharp spikes erupt from the floor as the elder nearly reaches them. The first spike pierces his foot as soon as it touches the ground. The other spikes lock his leg in place. The elder slightly stumbles and steadies himself.

“Who the hell do you think you are coming here and killing my family!?” he yells out of frustration.

“We are the people that will kill off your family for conspiring against the kingdom and the murder of many of our hunters.” mister anonymous says slowly walking closer with his blade drawn.

The elder glares at mister anonymous with hateful intent and tries to free his leg.

“Don’t even try, you’re not escaping us. We’ll take you in for questioning and we’ll get everything you know out of you” as mister anonymous says that, the elder’s hands, arms, legs and feet get bound by heavy stone shackles.

“Like you can even get a single thing from me” the elder says snorting in his mind there is no way he’ll even let them know anything.

Without further conversation mister anonymous fully encases the elder in stone, leaving just a small breathing hole and begins to transport him out of the building.

Yako follows suit with Almar being carried on one hand over her head, it looks as though a young girl just killed a bear and is carrying it home.

When they reach the ground above, the others are already waiting for them. Having completely emptied the family grounds of anything alive. Mister anonymous hands over the stone encased elder as well.

“Use any method you can to extract information from him, I don’t care if he dies in the process” he says handing him off.

“Yes sir, I’ll let the interrogation team know” a womanly voice says from behind a masked face.

They all move outside and head towards the castle, the plan succeeded without a hitch.


At the Myrtics mansion.

“Elders, Elders, I have bad news!” a young man says running towards a meeting nearly stumbling over his own feet.

“Hurry up and tell us already!” one of them sneers at the man.

“Y-yes sir, one of our spies noticed many bodies from the Gambrill family being taken away by hooded people. He followed them and they were taken to the castle. It seems like there is were least two hundred people moved this way. He hasn’t seen any of the elders come out yet, but something is going on!” he says.

“Did they catch on to us?” one elder says with a panicked voice.

“It must be… why else would they target the Gambrill family!? This might mean we’re next and whoever they are, they must be very strong to make something like this happen. It must be that Almar, he has always had good connections with the king” Adam Myrtics says making a fist in anger.

“Should we proceed to use our spell even though we don’t have enough crystals to fully utilize it yet?” another asks nervously.

“I don’t think we would have enough power to make a difference, even if we use the spell there are too many magicians to counter it. The result would end up with us being annihilated!”

A heated discussion erupts between the elders going back and forth between the different options.

“Okay since we can’t agree like this let’s have a vote instead. We have nine member here so we should be able to reach a consensus with the majority of the votes” the oldest elder says.

“Write an O if you want to activate the spell and an X to keep our heads low for now. Take your time to think about this, it otherwise might be the end of our family. Go home for now and come back in one hour and we’ll continue this”

The elders all leave for home to ponder their decision.

An hour later they are all back and visibly calmed down a bit.

“Now let’s start the voting, if you could all pass me your votes I’ll announce the results” the head elder says.

“One vote for activating the spell, one for waiting, another for waiting, another for waiting, one for activating and another, one for waiting and another for waiting. Waiting has already got the highest votes, so from now on we’ll refrain from doing anything suspicious. The people we kidnapped and are still alive will have to be processed, but we won’t do anything else in the mean time. We can’t afford to make mistakes and lead them here!”

“Yes elder, we’ll order the extraction team right away to hurry up. We’ll need to put the crystals in a place where others won’t be able to find it, I guess the family vault would be the best solution” Adam Myrtics says.

“I’ll get our Seal experts to write a Seal inside the vault so they will remain hidden even if someone were to break into it” Adam continues.

“Great, then from now we’ll ban any talk about this subject until things have calmed down a bit” the head elder says.

“You’re all dismissed”


At the castle.

“Sire we’ve successfully completed our mission, unfortunately there were some innocent casualties as a result of Almar’s spell. However we concluded that the person they were extracting didn’t have a good life left even if we did save him. The rest were all involved in the process of extracting and have been eradicated as planned. There are no witnesses of this raid besides the one elder we kept alive in this stone box” mister anonymous says.

“Good job, but where is Almar?” the king asks.

“After the spell he fell unconscious due to mana exhaustion. Yako took him to their quarters and started replenishing his mana. He should wake up withing the next hour or so, meanwhile I would like to make sure this elder spills the beans on what they were planning”

The guard are still carrying the elder encased in stone, slowly mana is leaking out of the case and filling the room with a layer of fog like mana.

“Sire do you have a good interrogation room where we can take him?” mister anonymous asks.

“There is a room near the armory that was once used for this purpose. It still contains anti-magic Seals and has all sorts of equipment you can use” the king says pondering the options.

“That sounds fine, let’s move there right away”.

‘I’ll teach those bastards to mess with my family!’ the elder inside the stone box thinks.

‘Even though you sealed all my limbs we all have a special trick up our sleeve for these situations. My love I’m sorry it ended like this, please seek revenge against these tyrants’

A sudden burst of mana shatters the stone casing, mister anonymous jumps in front of the king.

The next second the gas like mana ignites, the elder’s body glows bright white.

The whole castle shakes under the explosion that follows. The door to the room get’s blown to pieces and the shock-wave travels through the whole castle blowing out windows and shattering glass everywhere it passes.

The room where the explosion happens has blood splattered all over the walls, limbs, body parts and other pieces of flesh are scattered all over the floor.

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