Chapter 102: Infiltration

The commotion caused by Andrea at the gate has attracted the attention of the elder that stayed behind. He rushes towards the gate.

‘What is happening out there, all of a sudden it seems like fifteen of our people just vanished. Also this thick mist is infused with strong mana and poison’ he thinks jumping over the cloud as if flying through the air.

With a loud bang he lands in front of Andrea, leaving behind a small crater.

“Who are you? State your business” he says in a demanding tone.

His aura forces away the mist surrounding the place, leaving the both of them in a clear spot.

Andrea just silently looks at him as if gauging his strength.

“Answer me!” the elder says getting annoyed.

“Do you know where you are!?” his aura grows further, cracks appear on the ground and stones fly up around him like dust.

Andrea smirks seeing the elder lose his composure further enraging him.

Without any warning he charges her head on whilst chanting an incantation, fire begins to swirl around his body a he comes closer. He throws a punch in her direction and a stream of fire shoots from his fist.

Andrea dodges with ease and vanishes into the thick mist. The elder follows her trace, but can’t seem to spot her.

From behind a dagger targets his back, but bounces off his armor. It leaves him distracted for a split second as he turns around to see what caused it.

Andrea appears quickly while he turns around, charges at him by using a powerful jump allowing her to silently approach through the air. She stays as close as possible to the ground, in a split second she reaches him and before he can react she stabs another dagger inside his armpit, where the armor is the weakest.

In a reaction he lets out a burst of fire in all directions and turns towards Andrea, who speeds off into the mist again.

Blood is pouring down his armor and drenches the earth below.

‘This crafty bitch’ he thinks while cauterizing his wound so it doesn’t bleed anymore.

He checks his surrounding for any movement, but no traces can be found.


Meanwhile near the other side entrance many unconscious bodies are being carried outside the premises by dark clothed figures.

“How many are left?” one of them carrying three bodies asks the one standing on guard with a long piece of parchment.

“According to this list we have about fifty percent of the people we’re supposed to take, so hurry up before anyone notices” the guard says.

“Yes sir” he speeds off with the bodies.

Four others are currently checking the houses mapped by Yako and mister anonymous for innocent people. The map and list they created is to secure the safety of those not involved with this incident.

The operation itself has to be completed as fast as possible, the mist only contained a sleeping poison that could subdue the less strong. The bigger targets were left in a daze unable to do much, let alone conjure magic. However these people need to be subdued by other means, for this purpose they have a stronger poison they have to let the target inhale directly.

Over the next two hours the five of them make sure all houses are vacated and everyone is accounted for.

All the bodies are transported to the underground prison inside the castle, although it’s a prison many parts of it became more luxurious than normal housing as the wife of the king felt like it needed some sprucing up.

Of course the deepest past of the prison remains the same as it ever was. Mana gets drained instantly from anyone staying inside those cells and magic is impossible to use. Every cell has basic furniture and other necessary facilities.

Some of the captured people have already started to become conscience inside their cells, however they are still very lethargic and have trouble moving around.


Almar, mister anonymous and Yako meet outside the door of the facility ready to enter. Yako has been researching a way to open the door so they can enter at their own will.

She opens the door and they take out the guard behind it instantly without him being able to even let out a sound. His head is sent flying up against the ceiling and Almar catches it and throws it outside. The falling body is picked up by Yako and dragged outside as well.

“Let’s go, remember to hide us from them. We need to get to the crystals first before we start the fight” Almar says in a soft voice.

The two nod in agreement.

Slowly they walk downstairs into the light coming from the door at the bottom. The room is very crowded compared to normal.

“What do you mean it will take another day to complete?” one of the elders says outraged.

“It’s been delay after delay, the Myrtics family is waiting for us as well without our part they can’t complete their spell either!” he slams the table in front of him splitting it into tiny pieces.

“I understand, but the last victim we caught put up some sort of resistance making it harder for us to extract the Soul Crystal. We hired some others to help speed up the process, but they arrived just yesterday” a shaking man says.

“I don’t care, just get everyone here that’s not doing anything inside and hurry up!” the elder says.

“We’ll stay here to make sure it happens!” he continues with a snort.

Yako and the others arrive just in time to hear the conversation.

Mister anonymous points towards another door at the far end of the room and makes the signal for the extraction room. He then points towards another guarded door and signals that it’s the storage for the crystals.

They silently move towards the storage room and Yako alters her illusion.

To them it seems like an elder has come their way.

“Open the storage” the elder says.

“Yes sir” and without any suspicion they open the room.

Towards the others in the room it looks like the door is still closed.

Inside the room there are many items that should not be in the hands of these families. There is a bookcase full of Inscriptions, many that are of a high level. There is a chest full of lower grade crystals, there is at least a thousand of them.

The Soul Crystals are located at the desk and put in protective casings. The glow a very dark red and seem to be pulsating as if having a heartbeat.

“Let’s take everything in here, they won’t have use for it anyway after we’re done” Almar says.

Yako stashes everything inside the bracelet she received from Cleamon, completely emptying the room.

“Okay let’s do this” Almar says with grin.

They open the door again and head outside, the illusion still in place. As the guards greet them they notice the room is significantly more empty than before. All the elders are staring through the glass at the extracting process unaware of their presence.

Almar, noticing no-one is looking their way, takes off the heads of the two guards that let them inside the storage room and quickly tosses them inside the storage room. Yako takes care of the illusion that the guards are still there.

“I’ll prepare my spell now, please take care of masking my aura” Almar whispers to Yako.

She nods and sits cross-legged on the floor with her eyes closed.

Almar starts his Incantation and for the next ten minutes he continues to do this while his mana gets depleted further and further. In front of him Lightning magic is being created, inside a sphere it seems like there as a storm raging.

The orb glows bright yellow and almost seems white, Almar starts sweating profusely. He grabs some crystals from inside his outfit and they lose their shine quickly. Yako takes some of the crystals from the storage room and hands them over as well.

Almar nods, thanking her, quickly taking in the mana stored inside.

‘I got rusty, this peaceful life made me sloppy in my training. After this is done I should go on a trip and train some more’ he thinks to himself.

The sweat slowly fades from his face and returns to his calm self.

The last part of the Incantation takes only a minute compared the time used for the Lightning spell it seems like nothing.

“I’m ready, prepare to take care of the ones that isn’t taken out by this spell. Also be careful and wait to engage until the spell is finished, it will electrocute you instantly stopping your heart” Almar says.

“We’re ready” both Yako and mister anonymous say while taking out magic infused swords.

Almar launches his magic “Lightning Jet” at the elders. The illusion fades as their presence is now discovered. One of the elders jumps to the side with his eyes widened as full of shock.

The spell hits the other elders and pierces through the glass window leaving behind a hole.

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