Chapter 101: Offer

“What kind of training will we do?” Izbella says a bit confused.

“This will be a scenario where one group will attack the other, the attack group will prepare and hide within the environment here while the defending group has to walk a route between the houses. The goal of this is teamwork so the attacking team will get ten minutes to prepare. The defending team won’t have that luxury and will have to adapt quickly to the situation” Cleamon explains.

“So everyone grab a piece of paper from this box, the color will be the team you’ll be at” Cleamon says while Metztli holds up a box.

“Can I just ask who that girl is?” Idalia asks.

“Let’s just say she’s my assistant and won’t be joining in this training and neither will I. We’ll both be observing and finding your weaknesses. Don’t worry about getting injured, I will be on standby to heal and this room has many protective Inscriptions and Seals that prevent people from dying” Cleamon says.

“Also you’re not allowed to wear any armor or items that protect to make this even, besides that I want you sisters to sit this one out. Please use all your senses to look at the battle and try to remember”

“Now please come and get your paper and state your name, I’ll try and remember your name, but this might take a few hours. Don’t open the paper yet, wait until everyone has one”

Metztli is holding a box with the papers in it.

First Cleamon’s friends take their card and next are the group of new trainees.

“Hi, you might not know but my name is Graeyam. I fought in the tournament versus Cecily in round four”

“My name is Theodananda I was up against Lilia in the last tournament and lost in the first round”

The rest of the group introduce themselves and all pick a piece of paper, Cleamon notices that all of them took part in the tournament.

“Okay you’ve all got your paper you open it now” Cleamon says.

“If you have the red color please move over to my side, blue please stay where you are”

The group mixes and meet their teammates.

Group red consists of: Lilia, Amara, Izbella, Theodananda, Sereya, Kaya, Deron, Karina

Group blue consists of: Cecily, Resyana, Homian, Idalia, Graeyam, Johnath, Camden, Sirah

Many of the trainees are currently over 800MS after training, which is low compared to the group trained by Cleamon. This test and training is made to show them that they can do things even when they are underpowered compared to others.

“Now blue group please take your time discussing your strategy to prepare the ambush. You have thirty minutes to discuss it” Cleamon says.

The group leaves and head around a corner into an alleyway and disappears from their view.

“Now red group, please make your acquaintance and get to know each others magic. Be sure to remember everything. You’ll need it during the test”

As both the teams prepare for their encounter, Cleamon heads over to Metztli and waits.

“I hope this works out” he says.

Metztli nods.

Thirty minutes pass by quickly as they all feel have a much more confident look on their face. Cleamon heads over to the other group currently hiding, without exposing them he yells “Are you guys ready? The training will start in ten seconds”

As both the teams ready themselves, a long day of hard training awaits them.


The next two days pass by quickly after the training they did. In the end the team with Lilia won as her strength had increased so much it easily overpowered the other team. Actually it was a one way slaughter that even Cleamon didn’t see coming.

Currently it’s Friday morning, the day before the summoning spell activates inside the Gambrill family grounds.

“Yako, you’ll have to provide the reason for the leaders to enter that room. Once they’re all inside try stalling as much as you can while I signal the others to come in”.

“Meanwhile we’ll launch a large scale water attack that puts all of the weaker magicians to sleep with the poison. One person will go in through the front, leaving a distraction for the guards while the others sneak in quickly. You’ll have to make sure they are covered by your illusion” mister anonymous says.

“No problem, I’ve gone over the scenario so many times now I can dream it” she replies.

As the morning progresses, many of the magicians enter the extraction room, leaving only a handful of guards. The rest of the area is completely empty, the wives and children that aren’t allowed to enter school reside safely in their houses or play in their backyard. Unaware of the attack that’s about to happen.

Yako starts her illusion, emulating a messenger that usually comes to the head to have him come over to the extraction room as the process is about to finish. She does this for all of them over the next thirty minutes. All of them make their way and enter the room.

At this moment mister anonymous signals the invading team.

Andrea, who is part of it, has been given the job of distraction. Although he magic isn’t the strongest, she can provide enough of a bang to draw the attention of the guards that are still outside.


A large explosion occurs at the main gate, signaling the others to enter through the back door. The doors have been left open as Yako gave them the illusion they are closed.

Instantly guards flock towards the main entrance to be welcomed by an overly armored Andrea. In her hands she holds crystals that have been re-purposed to be bombs. Five of the ten guards surround her as a thick fog spreads around the premises. The distract them from seeing it, she throws two of them at the gate, taking out the door and blowing it to small pieces.

“Who are you!? Do you know what this place is!?” one of the guards yells at her.

Andrea just silently stares at them.

“This is the home of the Gambrill, one of the most prestige families in this city and you dare to attack us!? We won’t let you leave alive!” he continues.

As they are preparing a spell, the thick fog encompasses them. Their bodies fall to the ground with a thud.

Andrea, who’s wearing a mask, quickly ties them up tightly and takes them outside the barrier. She puts Inscriptions and Seals on their body completely restricting any use of magic. Another dark clothed figure shows up to quickly take them away.

This dark figure is in service of the king, one of the few knights he can trust. The people are being taken to the prison underneath the castle at the king’s request.


One day ago at the castle.

“My sire, we currently devised a plan that can get rid of at least one of the families. The threat is too big to leave them alone much longer. However this plan will cause a lot of their members to die, at least the elders will not be spared” mister anonymous explains.

He tells the king the plan they have thought up during their practice runs. Almar, Andrea and Yako are also present, while from the king’s side five knights were chosen to be involved.

“I won’t allow any casualties of people who we can take out without alarming the others. If possible the members should be brought to prison. Of course the children and other innocent people should be spared. If you use that plan, I’ll make sure one of my knights will take care of the unconscious bodies you’ll put outside their barrier. Anyone that resists can be dealt with” the king explains.

“Yes sire” they all say in unison.

“Yako I understand that you are currently under contract by Cleamon is that correct?” he asks.

“Yes” she answers quickly.

“I also understand this is not voluntary is this correct?”


“Were you to be released from your contract, would you harbor any ill feelings towards him or the humans living in this city?” the king’s tone becomes very serious.

“From what I understand he doesn’t want me to be tied to him in this sense. I’m still allowed freedom and space of my own. I don’t know how I will feel about it in one year when he plans to release me from this contract” she says honestly.

“I see, could I make you an offer?” the kings says after pondering for a while.

The people in the room all look surprised.

“If you’re willing, I want to offer you a job at the castle. Your skills are just what we need and I would be a fool not to try and hire you. Of course you’ll receive full freedom and there are no strings attached besides having to make a contract with me that states you’ll never harm the citizens and innocent people that may come. This would be different if there will be a job related to this particular expertise”

All stares are pointing at Yako now, who herself looks perplexed.

She thinks for a moment.

“I can’t tell you yet, I have my pride and I don’t want to be confined to one space ever again. However when I’m in the neighborhood I might be willing to take up some tasks you would provide” she says.

“Well it was worth a try, although I must say that these missions will not be just in this city and will allow you to travel the realms” he adds to it.

“Then I’ll let you know when my contract ends in one year” she says with a slight bow.

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