Chapter 100: Training

**A big “thank you” to everyone that has read up to this chapter and for sticking with this novel. It’s been a life long dream of mine to write a story, although the story itself has changed over the years due to influence from others. I hope you enjoyed it so far and I hope to continue for as long as I can.

A little about myself:

I currently live in Osaka Japan and have been for the past 14 months, this is actually my fifth time here as I went at least once a year in the previous years.

About the characters:

The character Lilia is slightly based on Momo from the To Love-ru series, which I’m a huge fan of (you should see my house).

Metztli is based on a design my girlfriend gave me (she helped me fund my first manga chapter).

Behind some of the names I use is a lore, Metztli for example is a goddess of the moon.

Yako is a name based on Japanese folklore of spirit possession by foxes, her fake name (Dina as angel) is based on the angel of learning.

The sisters’ names are based on Korean names as it would be a nice as my girl is Korean.

Many of the monsters are based on mythology and folklore spread around many different countries. I intend to use as many of them as possible.

Anyways back to the story!


While the battle is going on, the sisters, Jenny and Metztli are having a nice dinner. Jenny is asking Danmi and Metztli questions about their relation to her brother.

Inside the room created by Amara a huge explosion occurs.

The walls that hold Cleamon locked inside crack and debris flies everywhere. With great difficulty the other party avoids most of the bigger pieces, the small pieces are easily blocked by the armor without leaving as much as a scratch.

“Homian, Amara try to subdue him!” Cecily shouts.

Using the spells they used before they target Cleamon once more.

After breaking free Cleamon switched back to his Void form and quickly escapes away from the attacks. The attacks aimed at him hit empty air instead.

‘Shit he escaped again!’ Cecily thinks.

“Everyone be on your guard, he can appear anywhere” she yells.

All of them stay on guard and look for signs in their surroundings.

Cleamon is hiding behind a low rock on the far-end of the room and cancels his Void form knowing they can’t see him.

‘It seems they have good teamwork, I wonder if they practiced while I was away’ Cleamon thinks.

‘I should use some spells I’ve been dying to test, but I’m afraid that it might be too powerful for their armor. I guess I should test it on one of them first before I try a larger scale’

Cleamon wonders for a moment which target he should choose and decides for Homian as he’s the toughest. Instead of using his Intent, he starts a normal Incantation as spells he read from old books are hard to master with Intent. To be able to fully use Intent you need to know the feeling of the spell itself.

He starts reciting from memory “call forth the heavens and the sky, hasten and darken as your furious roars echo through the mountains. Release your energy as you fall down, strike my enemy as they may crumble underneath your power. By guided through the air as my hand falls and gather at my command. Fulgura Orbem!

As he finishes the spell a considerable amount of mana is flowing from Cleamon’s body. Using a Three part spell, as described by the page he remembers, should be strong enough to take care of a single magician. According to the book, the spell itself is not that strong, but the control the caster has over it makes up for it.

Spells become more powerful the longer their chant is, there are spells so powerful that reading the Incantation itself would take a day. However the amount of mana needed for those spells grows exponentially as each verse is added. A verse describes how the magic is formed and what its origin is, many spells start with the same verse as they belong to the same type.

The more mana is supplied to the spell the faster it activates.

In Cleamon’s hand appears an orb that’s furiously buzzing, it’s so loud all of them try to find the source of it. He stands up and appears in full view to aim at Cleamon who spots him almost instantly.

Cleamon aims and released the spell.

A violent arc of electricity connects to Homian as he has no time to react. Even though the armor suppresses some of the spell, most of it goes through. Even the protective jewelry easily breaks from the impact, although they are supposed to protect from spells and physical impact, the crystals in them are not sufficient for stronger attacks.

Homian falls over paralyzed and his body shaking as the arc is still connected. Those three seconds the spell lasts are the longest in Homian’s life so far.

Cleamon adjusted the power of the spell to make sure not to kill his friend, but even he is shocked by the power of Lightning spells. In his previous life he only met one Lightning user, but never got the chance to see it in action. From stories and reading he understood that the reason behind that there aren’t many users of this type is that they often had big backlashes, killing themselves in the process.

This was also the reason Cleamon chose one of the simpler version of a Lightning spell. The backlash still happened as his hand was completely numbed after using it.

Hearing the violent crackling of thunder, the girls instinctively ducked down and looked at the source. To them Cleamon looked like an evil sorcerer coming to exterminate mankind.

Taken aback by the spell’s power he stumbles a bit backwards.

“Wait!” he yells to the others.

He runs over the Homian to make sure he’s okay. Upon arrival Homian’s hands and face show serious burn marks. His eyes are closes and his breathing is irregular.

Cleamon uses his Intent to call forth a strong healing Light spell as he dowses Homian in the rays. Slowly the skin begins to heal and the burn marks disappear after ten seconds. He breathing turns back to normal and slowly he opens his eyes.

“Are you feeling okay?” Cleamon asks rather worried.

“Fine just a bit dizzy and I feel numb all over my body” he says.

Cleamon pulls him up to a sitting position checking his vitals, but everything seems okay.

“I’m sorry about that, I wanted to try a new spell and didn’t know it was this powerful. This was only the three verse version of it” he says with a slight bow apologizing.

The rest had come over as soon as Cleamon started running and threw worried looks at Homian. However the way Cleamon acted was even more surprising to them.

“Let’s cancel the fight for now, I don’t feel like continuing” Cleamon says.

“Can you stand?” he asks Homian.

“Well I can try” Cleamon pulls him up to his feet and he wobbles a bit trying to find his balance.

“Let’s go” he puts Homian’s arm around his neck and supports him while walking.

“I think I’m fine now, I can walk myself” Homian says after a few steps. He had regained his feeling in his limbs again and his senses were back to normal.

“Just make sure you don’t overdo it this evening. Take some rest and let your body heal completely. My healing can heal superficial wounds, but nerve damage is not something I can fix. Please make sure everything feels like it’s supposed to” Cleamon says in a worried voice.

“Sure, guess I’ll take a long bath then” Homian says with a smile.

Resyana comes over to him and like Cleamon did before, supports him while walking.

“No really I’m fine!” Homian says a bit embarrassed.

She hits him playfully on the head “you idiot, everyone can tell you’re still not okay. Just accept the help already. Now move!” she says in a commanding tone.

“Yes madam!” Homian salutes her.

She cracks a smile and pulls him along.

That evening Resyana takes care of Homian, massaging his limbs to make him regain the proper feeling. She even helped him prepare for his bath, as his limbs don’t have enough strength to wash himself, Resyana offered him a full service.

She didn’t go to her room that night.

Cleamon however quickly vanished before the others could talk to him. Metztli however knew exactly where he went as the others inquired if they saw him pass by.

Inside the underground laboratory Cleamon is sitting on a chair with his head in his hands.

“Metztli… I almost killed my own friend today…” he says out to the empty space in front of him.

She appears as if it was timed.

“How did you know I was there?” she asks a bit confused.

“Barrier…” Cleamon answers without proper explanation.

“I-I don’t want to lose my friends again, one lifetime is enough. Today I realized how quick it could end and how fragile we all still are. How am I to stop what’s coming when me and my friends are nothing but fodder compared to the enemies out there. This city alone has many magicians more powerful than all of us combined” Cleamon says while tears fall down from his face.


“I want them to live… It feels like the impact I made so far has been nothing” he wipes away some of his tears.

Metztli looks at Cleamon with the intention to hug him, but instead she puts her hand on his head and rubs it.

“You’ve been through a lot, any person would feel like you do. You still have a chance to make a difference, I’ve seen your past and there are things you can change. It might be risky, but you need to be pro-active. I’m there for you and always will be” she says smothering him.

That evening Cleamon and Metztli remain nowhere to be found.

Even the next day the girls are unable to find them. However they find Homian and Resyana leaving his room at the same time.

Lilia gives a thumbs up with a smile, Amara and Cecily look slightly shocked.

As they sit together in the garden to eat some breakfast the mood is rather awkward. Both Homian and Resyana give each other glances while blushing.

Danmi and Lilia seem distant and in thought.

“Have you guys seen Cleamon and Metztli after yesterday?” Cecily asks.

The mood becomes even gloomier than before, the only thing uplifting is the two silent flirters.


The group brings Jenny to her school as Cleamon didn’t show up, leaving her friends slightly shocked at the size of the group she was with.

“Who are they?” her friends ask.

“About half of them are love rivals” Jenny says with a friendly smile towards Lilia.

“Love rivals for who?” her friends as confused.

“My brother of course” Jenny says as it’s the most natural thing in the world.

Her friends wisely stop inquiring as they view the other group leaving.


Entering the school they are met by Izbella and the others that are there for the training. To their surprise Cleamon is not with them.

“Is Cleamon not coming today?” Izbella asks surprised.

“Actually we were wondering if you’ve seen him today. There was an incident yesterday and after that he left, we were thinking he’d left for school already” Lilia says.

“We’ve been here since early morning and haven’t seen anyone come in” Izbella says while the others nod.

“I see, well if he’s not coming in today I guess we can show you some tricks we learned from him. We’ve gone through a pretty rigorous training ourselves because of him” Cecily says proudly.

“Okay I guess that’s fine for a first lesson” Izbella says making Cecily look a bit annoyed.

They head for the training ground they got access to.

What they find inside after changing into their armor astounds them, it looks like a part of the city has been transported inside.

In the middle of, what seems to be a towns-square, Cleamon is sitting on a bench next to Metztli.

“What took you all so long?” Cleamon says jokingly with a slightly pained expression on his face.

However it seems that Lilia is the only one noticing the expression Cleamon is making.

“Then let’s get the training started!” Cleamon says in a serious tone.