Chapter 10: The truth

Lilia and Cleamon continued cultivating for another hour after everyone left. Their Magic Souls swirling around each other growing bit by bit, because Cleamon’s MS was so low compared to Lilia’s, his growth was the biggest. He noticed during the test that his restoration was very fast, that’s why he could keep casting spells. He thought that his mana capacity was that of a decent size lake, but the mana that was allowed to flow from it was just a little stream. Allowing a continuous flow of mana to refill his Magic Soul.

Their souls stopped intertwining and gradually stabilized again. “Do you want to eat dinner here?” Cleamon asked Lilia. “If your parents agree, I’d love to. Let me notify my parents as well”. Cleamon stood up and helped Lilia up as well, they went to the living room to ask Cleamon’s parents.

“Mom can Lilia eat here for dinner? I want to spend some more time with her after dinner” Cleamon asked. “Oh, did my little man find himself a girlfriend?” she laughingly said while poking his face. Both Lilia and Cleamon blushed a little. His mom noticed this. “Of course she can stay!”. “I’ll go and let my parents know!” Lilia says and runs home.

They eat dinner together with his moms, father and little sister.
After dinner they go to Cleamon’s bedroom. “I will tell you something you can’t tell anyone else, it might seem a bit unlikely, but I’ve been reborn into this body from the future” Cleamon says with a serious face. “I died in the year 19112 on the same day as you, we died because Heaven Realm invaded ours and we tried to protect it. We were married in my previous life and we were together for about 470 years”.

Lilia’s face is full of disbelief, how could this be true? “How and why did you come back?” she asks after pondering for a while. She had so many questions, but it’s hard to ask them all at once.
“When I was near death, I focused all my Intent into a wish to the heavens, then a goddess answered my call and let me return here, I don’t know who answered my call though. I’m just very happy I can now try to fix all the bad things that happened before and be together with you again. If you have any other questions I will answer all of them”.

“What did we do in your previous life? What bad things happened?” she asks quickly.

“We mostly traveled around many Realms and did a lot of research and exploring. We found many treasures and hidden things, also spell and cultivation methods from ancient times. The one we practice now is one of those. As for the bad things, there are too many to name. The one that is closest is the internal struggle in two years time. The Gambrill family is conspiring with the Myrtics family to overthrow the current crown, when the fighting starts many spells are fired in random directions destroying parts of the city and killing tens of thousands of people.” Cleamon says with a deep sigh.

“That’s why we have to train hard, I will think of a way to deal with the two families, but for that I will probable need a lot of money and influence and a way into the royal family. The first two are kind of hard, but I already know someone that can help me connect to the royal family, although I might need your help for that later”.

The two of them discussed many other things that evening and Lilia slept over for the first time. She felt more at ease with Cleamon now and wants to be of help. They make a plan to try a get in contact with the royal family, which they will execute as soon as possible.

They fall asleep in each others arms.

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