Realms of Fate chapters


With Cleamon gone the tension in the group comes back. Although they now know that the pressure of the aura they feel is fake, it still has a severe mental effect.

It takes them 10 more minutes to prepare themselves mentally, before starting their plan.

Their intended plan is to do as much damage as possible while it’s still sleeping, before it can defend itself properly. However they don’t know if the creature will react as soon as their intent to kill it becomes known.

With the utmost care and silence Homian and Resyana take their places so she can properly support him. Her Wind magic supports him while carefully moving him through the air towards the target.

Lilia meanwhile finds the best spot to attack from and targets the base of the wings, while Amara gathers minerals to use for their defense.

Narae and Danmi are waiting for the first attack to come, after which they will instantly transform to keep it distracted.

~can you all hear me?~ Cecily sends her telepathic message to all of them.

Unanimously they raise their right hand, giving her a satisfying smile.

Having taken her observatory position, she starts the countdown for their initial attack.

~Attack in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 now!~

From melee range Homian swings his sword with all his strength at the right wing joint of the Efreet. At the other side Lilia has just launched a spell that seems like icicle spears, in total 12 of the. With frightening speed they launch and lodge into the joint on the left wing.

Homian’s sword cuts away half of the flesh and sinew connection the joint as well.

With a terrifying screech the creature awakens. Homian and Lilia quickly launch another attack leaving the wings even more useless. However before they can completely cut them off they start to heal back slowly.

~Everyone it looks like it has regeneration abilities, hurry and cut off the wings~ Cecily quickly sends out.

Using the ice still stuck in the joint, Lilia forcefully expands it, tearing the wing out of it’s socket, ripping the flesh apart.

Homian, with the help of Resyana, manages to cut through the other side of the joint, clearing all the remaining connections.

With a loud bang, both of the wings fall on the ground, kicking up so much dust the whole cave becomes covered in it.

~retreat back for now, there is not enough visibility to launch our next attack~ Cecily relays.

Although the screeching is deafeningly loud, the message still comes across. With their hands covering their ears they retreat back to a safe distance.

Through the thick clouds of dust they can see the creature coming out of it’s slumber, every movement feels like an earthquake. More dust and rocks come down from the walls and ceiling at it positions itself and faces towards Cecily and Amara.

The temperature in the cave skyrockets, the flowing dust comes flying towards them.

Then its body starts emitting a bright red aura, scorching the ground beneath it. The wounds at the place where the wings were connected close up.

It opens it’s mouth and release a beam of fire towards Amara.

~quickly block~ Cecily relays.

However Amara already was on it, she moves the earth she gathered earlier and makes a wedge shaped wall to protect them. The flame connects and gets redirected to the sides. As the stone starts to melt under the heat Danmi and Narae jump on its mouth.

They’d jumped up towards the roof and waited for the moment it would react.

With their full size and body weight they caught it off-guard and closed its mouth while it was in the middle of an attack.

Seven teeth are knocked out from the combined attack of the jump and its own beam. A moment later its tail comes swinging towards Narae and Danmi, who quickly fly up again barely missing it.

~good job~ Cecily proudly says, after all everything is going to plan so far.

The creature, now even more enraged, scouts the air for Danmi and Narae. Its eyes manically moving around as if leading their own lives.

Each eye targets a different person and locks on.

A new fire attack, a pure white stream of fire, targets both Danmi and Narae. Instead of its mouth this time its coming from the spikes on the back. They dodge out of the way, but the stream follows them.

Seeing its attention shift towards them, Homian and Lilia prepare their next attack.

Homian, under a concealment spell he learned and supported by Resyana, flies through the air and slashes his sword at the left eye.

Lilia launches a boulder at the other eye, but because of the mistiming it had already closed that one and protected it just in time.

Homian tries to pull out his sword but it’s stuck under the eyelid and is forced to back off for now. Grumbling inside he returns to Resyana’s side. Searching through his spatial bracelet he grabs two daggers.

‘Good thing I prepared lots of weapons, I would look like a fool otherwise’ he thinks.

Meanwhile the sword was keeping the eye movement limited as the creature opened its eyes again to continue its attack.

Failing to hit anything, it switches strategies and runs towards Homian and Resyana.

Startled by the sudden change, Cecily freezes up without giving new orders. Luckily Lilia had just cast a spell. The floor was now completely made out of ice, stepping on it the creature slips and slides head first into the wall, nearly knocking Resyana off.

Stones of debris falls from the ceiling and walls because of the impact.

Following this, Homian jumps down on top of it and heads for the base of the tail.

Lilia manipulates the ice and encases its legs in thick ice.

Resyana, free from having to support Homian, launches wind based attacks at its eyes.

Danmi and Narae jump on top of its head and claw at its face. Because the skin is so thick only surface scratches are being made. However it has the effect that the creature focuses its attention back on the sisters and tries to bit towards them.

As soon as it stands up and breaks Lilia’s ice, it slips and lands on its back, exposing his softer underbelly.

~use your strongest attack now!~ Cecily relays.

Homian, at the base of the tail, uses his daggers to slash away and cut open parts of the skin. Blood gushes out like a fountain, dying Homian bright red. Not being able to see much, he retreats back.

Lilia creates a massive icicle half the size of the creature itself and drops it point first onto its belly. It pierces the skin and breaks off leaving a large piece of ice inside the body.

The creature howls painfully and it squirms trying to get up.

~get ready to launch another attack while its do…~ Before Cecily can finish her message she feels an ominous aura leak out.

Black miasma oozes out of the wounds, the eyes turn black and it’s complete aura changes color.

An earth-shattering voice sounds through the cave “WHO DARES TO ATTACK!!?”

Alarmed by the sudden change, all of them retreat towards Cecily.

Looking flabbergasted at each other and wondering what’s going on they await its next move.

The miasma closes the wounds and slightly levitates to creature as it turns around to try and get on its feet again. The ice underneath melts away with great ease.

“What should we do?” Amara asks Cecily.

“The black stuff is probable part of the curse Cleamon was talking about, it feels like it has its own conscience. Its probable reacting to our attacks and is trying to save its host”

“We should continue our attacks, but beware that it might be smarter now. Since the wounds are now closed again, we should try to converge our attacks for a one-hit kill. If we keep this going I don’t think it will ever end” Cecily says.

~Narae which spot is the best to target to kill it?~ she sends out her message.

In mid flight she uses a leg to point at the best locations; head and heart.

“That was kind of expected…” Cecily says.

“Let’s aim for its head, Lilia try making an icicle as dense as possible. Amara we need your earth skill to hammer the icicle through its skull. Resyana use your wind to accelerate it, Homian use your blackout skill to deprive it of its vision as much as possible”

~Narae, Danmi make sure it never targets us~

“This will be hard, but I want to ask it something first to see if we get a reaction. If there really is a conscience in there it might respond to tell us what happened to the city” Cecily continues.

~who are you?~ Cecily directs to the creature.

~oh? Mental magic I see, it looks like you came prepared~ a dark voice responds directly into her head.

~my name? It’s of no relevance~