April 19, 2017

Sorry for the late update, my previous laptop died and I ended up having to buy and wait for a new one.

Leaving the others behind, they move towards the gate. On the way there, they stop to buy some food that was still missing from their luggage.

Without any issues they pass the guards at the gate and move towards an area far away enough so the guards won’t notice them.

“This should do it, Narae, Danmi transform into your real forms” Cleamon says scouting the area.

After undressing, they transform in an instant, compared to the 30 seconds it took before.

“Wow you really outdid yourselves on that transformation!” Cleamon says patting Danmi on her butt by accident.

“Ahn~” Danmi makes a weird moaning noise feeling his touch.

Ignoring the sound, they split up and take place on the backs of the sisters.

With a strong flap of their wings, they take off. Even without Cleamon’s help their speed has significantly increased during their training. However to speed up their travels he casts Wind and Gravity magic on both of them. Reducing their weight and providing Wind propulsion.

Within two hours their destination comes into view, Metztli, Danmi and Narae already know the place they are going to. A familiar lake comes into sight between the trees and they land at a small piece of open land.

“What is this place?” Lilia asks curiously.

“It’s still a surprise, just wait and see” Cleamon says when jumping off.

With a poof the sisters change back into their human forms, Cleamon hands over their clothes so they can get dressed again.

With a seductive smile Danmi hugs Cleamon tightly “if only we have some private space now” she whispers in his ear.

“Don’t worry, we can have some private time later. I know you’re needy, but for now get dressed” Cleamon whispers back.

With a satisfied smile she puts on her clothes as if it’s a reverse strip-tease.

With the show over Cleamon heads towards the tree that they entered from the first time they came here and opens the entrance.

“Everyone move inside, we’re going underground from here on” Cleamon says waiting for the others to move inside.

He closes the entrance as he enters himself.

“Be careful when walking down these stairs they are quite slippery” Cleamon says.

They descend down the long stairs and see a large, already open, door.

“It seems this place was already visited before” Amara says pointing out the rather fresh footprints.

“Yes, I know” Cleamon says as if it’s natural.

Almost visible question marks appear above Amara and Cecily, wondering why he seems so blasé about it.

Without inquiring further they move into the maze, since it was cleared and deactivated before, it had just become a normal maze. Within 15 minutes they emerge from the other side.

“Wow what is this place?” Homian asks.

“This is the place where I found the lovely sisters, the city of Mjerna. It’s also the place where I found the princesses and prince you’ve met before” Cleamon says.

“How could anyone live in this place? It’s completely deserted and empty” Amara says surprised.

“Well we slept most of the time so we skipped a lot of years. Also there were many remains and food scattered across the city we ate” Narae explains with a melancholic face.

“We were living together so we kept each other company, we also had the memories of our parents to explore. Although we lost most of those memories over the years as our own replaced them, we learned the human language and basic magic. However our parents weren’t that proficient in magic and they were eventually hiding from humans” she furthermore explains staring at the city.

Danmi grabs her hand.

Lilia walks over and puts her arms around them as well.

“We should go, we have a test to do here” Cleamon says after waiting for a minute.

They nod and follow Cleamon.

“I’ll explain your test while we walk” Cleamon says.

“First of all, this will be a fight which requires the utmost concentration from you. For this fight I want you to assign roles and come up with a strategy before you engage. Metztli and Me will not be joining this fight as it would make it unfair. Metztli is simply too strong and she is better in stealth combat, as for me well, I have to overview your performance” he says with a cheeky smile.

“But first, Narae and Danmi, please explain them what’s in store as you know what the enemy is. You’ve felt the aura before, so you can gauge what their power is”

“Okay, but we don’t know their skills” Danmi says.

‘Even though I said Metztli and me won’t interfere, I don’t think it would be possible for them to handle the two of those creatures. Even with their improved strength, just remembering that aura gives me the chills. I really like to observe what caused their change in behavior. I’ll have Metztli on standby just in case’ Cleamon thinks to himself.

“That’s fine, just explain the weaknesses of the Efreet”

“Okay, well as you probable know, Efreets are fire based. So water based attacks are very effective against us. Our bodies have multiple weak points where our armor can be penetrated and the defense is weakened. One of those points is inside the mouth, another under the base of the tail. Generally the joints are a weak spot as well just like in place armor, there is skin to allow as to move our limbs. If you target the wings, make sure you target the membrane” Narae explains.

“When attacking you’ll have to be careful of the Fire Magic and the tail. Since they can’t fly here they will use their wings to cover their sides” Danmi follows up.

“So we’ll have to use Water and Ice based magic and try to aim at the weak points?” Lilia asks.

“Yes, we’ll have to use distractions so you can attack those points” Narae points out.

They all become silent for a moment trying to think of a plan.

“I think I have a plan” Cecily says breaking the silence.

“I will heal and provide support, Lilia should be the main attacker, Amara will block any attacks with her Earth magic, Homian will use his Shadow magic to try and attack their weak points directly with his weapon, Resyana will provide direct support to Homian to move him around faster, Danmi and Narae will distract them so the rest has an easier job” Cecily explains while drawing their positions on the ground.

If we move around like this we should be able to attack consistently.

She draws multiple scenarios on the ground, indicating their movement with arrows.

“Cecily I didn’t know you knew so much about tactics” Amara remarks.

“Well on Cleamon’s advice I studied tactics and ways to lead. I’m a princess after all so I’ll at least need to be able to lead” she says puffing out her chest.

“Then we’ll have you take the lead, who votes for her as well?” Lilia asks.

Unanimously everyone raises their hand.

“Take care of us Cecily” Lilia says with a smile.

Cecily looks a bit taken away by this development, but regains her composure and extra confidence.

‘I’ll prove to Cleamon I can lead them, I can even use my mental messages for communication between them. I can finally see the results of the hard training I’ve done the last months’ Cecily thinks while she gets more and more excited.

“Cleamon, do you know the size of the enemy? You’ve seen them before right?” Danmi asks.

“Yes, I got a good view of them. Size wise they are about 10 times the size of you in your Efreet form. Also their aura is a lot stronger than yours, however you should be fine with good tactics. From what I felt, they should be just monsters without any conscious and rational thinking, else you wouldn’t have a chance. I wouldn’t give you this assignment if I didn’t think you guys could do it” Cleamon says.

A slight fear enters their eyes hearing about the size and the strength, but even so they show smiles on their faces in anticipation of what’s to come.