February 2017

“Well it’s not like I had much choice in this matter. Then again I don’t mind as long as it stays peaceful between everyone. The one thing I dislike is animosity between the people I like” Cleamon says shrugging his shoulders.

“Well whatever… I didn’t want to say that in the first place…” Izbella tries to recover from her earlier mistake.

“What will happen now? Even if you woke me up there is nothing I can do…” she asks.

“I was thinking about putting you in our training group here, since you won’t be able to join at school until your family is back” Cleamon says.

“Training? What for?” she asks confused.

“It’s not like the training I gave you at school, this is a lot harder. However, every person here has a specialty I intend to bring forth. Do you have anything you want to do or achieve in your life?”

“Well, I always wanted to travel between realms. I’ve heard many stories about the different species and lands from my grandparents. However I don’t think anyone from my family ever went outside out realm in recent years. I want to explore and see if anything has changed and if the stories are true”

“You’ll need many different kinds of training then, mostly it will be educational instead of fighting. I suspect you already know that many realms have a different language?” Cleamon asks.

“They have? I didn’t know… The school, even in the later years, just talks about the creatures and different races in more detail. I know how to defeat them, but actually fighting them would be hard” she says a bit disappointed.

“No worries, what is the first realm you want to visit? I’m planning on visiting the Earth Realm in a few months, that’s why I’m training myself and the others. Don’t tell them though, it will be a surprise and I don’t want them to worry”

“Any realm is fine for me, what would be the easiest to visit?”

“Either the Earth Realm or the Sea Realm, although I don’t recommend the last one. You’ll need Water magic to be able to survive there. Or you need someone that can help you with it” Cleamon explains.

“Then I guess Earth Realm would be the best for me, can you teach me their language?” she asks while stretching her back.

“Well I’m not going to teach you, you’ll have to study from books. The most important part is the writing language, after which you can understand the spoken language a lot better and it will make a lot more sense”

Cleamon and Izbella spend another two hours talking about her plans and his ideas on how to accomplish them.


In the communal kitchen downstairs.

“Hey do you know where Cleamon went?” Cecily asks Lilia.

“No he left early this morning, he said he had some things to do”

“Is it me or is he gone a lot lately? Is he hiding something from us? He even took Amara with him” Cecily wonders out loud.

“How can you doubt my brother after all he’s done for you!?” Jenny says a bit annoyed.

“No I’m not doubting him at all, it’s just that something else is going on lately” Cecily quickly explains.

“Well whatever it is, he’ll tell us when the time comes. We can’t just keep relying on him in the first place, we know what to do for now” Lilia says.

“Where did Metztli go? I saw her come here with you all, but I don’t see her now anymore” Resyana says.

“I don’t know, she always disappears to somewhere. I think she knows Cleamon’s location and heads off there to make sure everything is alright” Lilia says.

Metztli appears again.

“Cleamon says you should all think about your future, what would you like to be and what you would want to learn” she says.

“Why is that all of a sudden?” Cecily asks slightly confused.

“I don’t know… He didn’t tell me any details, just to tell you that. He said he will be back with Homian and Amara by dinner time so don’t worry” Metztli quietly says,

“Okay then I’ll take some time off to think about that question, I suggest you all do the same” Cecily says as she walks off waving her hand.

“I’ll be going for a bath then to think” Resyana says.

“Good idea, I’ll do the same” Lilia says “How about you sisters? Will you join me? Metztli you come as well” Lilia says grabbing Metztli and pulling her along.

“We’ll stay here” Ahri and Eunhui say.

“What about you two?” Lilia says looking at Danmi and Narae.

“I’m going for a walk while thinking” Narae says pondering her options for a bit.

“Then I’ll join you in the bath, I have some things to discuss” Danmi says.

Each of them head to their thinking places and spend the next hours thinking of their futures.


‘I guess they are scared to do anything now’ Yako thinks while scouting around the Myrtics family grounds.

The small looking girl has big black circles around her eyes.

‘Guess I’ll go back and report the situation’ she takes off after giving a final glance downwards.

Quickly and silently she makes her way to the castle.

‘Oh what is that smell?’ she thinks almost dripping down drool.

A stand down in a residential shopping area is grilling meat outside and the smoke had reached her nose.

Without hesitation she lands nearby and heads towards the stall.

“I’d like one of everything please!” she says wiping her drool.

“Coming up little miss!” the man behind the stall says enthusiastically.

“If I may ask, where is the little miss from? I’ve never seen you around here before”

“From far away, I’m just here temporarily” she answers monotone while looking at the food being cooked.

“I see, then I’ll recommend eating something from all the stalls here, most of it you won’t find anywhere else!”

“Thank you mister, I will do that then!” Yako says a bit more enthusiastic.

She waits while looking around and when every items gets completed she nearly instantly gulps it down.

An hour later she’s finally completely satisfied and heads back to the castle.

At the castle she heads towards the medical ward, where the king and Almar are currently resting.

“Sire, Almar, I have some information about the Myrtics family” Yako says with a slight bow.

“Good job on your mission, I heard the story on how it would’ve been impossible without you” the king says “What’s the news you have?”

“Well, I’ve spied on their activity the last 48 hours or so. There hasn’t been any suspicious movement, it’s as if they are trying to hide the fact that something was up. Compared to other families nearby their movement is just too fixed, also they keep looking around as if they expect someone to be watching them. The only way I can find out, is to infiltrate like I did with the Gambrill family” Yako explains.

“I see, so for now we can expect them to lay low until they found another solution. They can’t have more crystals than the Gambrill’s, still I’d like to make sure that is the case” the kings says.

“We should discuss things first, we can’t just infiltrate since they might’ve made precautions already” Almar says.

“I’ll send some spies to keep an eye then, as long as they keep quiet. Yako you can go back to your house, I bet Cleamon is wondering what you’ve been up to” the king says.

“Yes sire, I will be leaving then” she makes a slight bow and leaves.