November 20, 2016

Cleamon cleans up Metztli as soon as she arrives. With a simple spell he cleans her up with water and then dries her with hot air.

“Thanks” she says with a smile.

“We should thank you, that was amazing” Cleamon says patting her on the head.

They climb onto Narae and Danmi and take off.

“Danmi can you fly over the place where Metztli killed that creature? I want to take some of it’s leather and scales, we might be able to make some good items with it”

Danmi flies over the body, after following a trail of blood. He jumps down and supports himself with a spell to land softly.

“If I sell all these I can make a fortune!” Cleamon thinks looking at the amount of scales and leather.

‘Can you all come down and help, I can’t do this all by myself’ he sends as a message to the others.

They land soon after, get out their weapons and start removing the scales and skinning the leather. It takes them two hours to completely remove everything they need. What’s left is just muscle and bones, they even take the teeth.

They completely fill all the spatial bracelets they have and finally set off.

With Cleamon’s help they speed towards the city, only three hours pass before they have the city in their sights. Small flying magical beasts crossed their path, but they were quickly exposed of.

“Let’s land somewhere here, I don’t want guards to spot us flying. I don’t want to create much of a fuss when we arrive, we already stand out as it is” Cleamon says.

“Yes it will be for the best having a small profile. I don’t want to announce we just arrived back in town” Andrea says stretching her back.

Danmi and Narae land behind some rocks to hide and transform back to their human form. They cloth themselves hiding their faces as much as possible. Metztli uses the ring to transform back to a human and covers her face as much as possible as well.

Cleamon takes Yako and hides her under his robe, she holds on to his waist.

‘This is embarrassing’ she thinks.

They run towards the city and within 30 minutes arrive at the gate.

Following procedure they provide proof for their citizenship and permission to hunt. By the time they enter the city the sun is already going down, leaving the city to bask in an orange glow.


“We have to report this to the master” a cloaked person hiding behind a building whispers to another “you go and report, I’ll follow them for now”.

“I’ll leave immediately” he says as he leaves in a flash.

He reappears inside the Myrtics mansion with a flash. And quickly runs towards a room at the end of the hall he arrived in.

“Sir, we spotted this Cleamon kid you had us follow. He just returned to the city in the western gate. What would you like us to do with him?” he says with a bow.

“Follow him for now, let me know if something goes on that needs my attention. For now we’re still busy extracting the crystals. We don’t have the manpower to capture him now, especially now he’s not alone anymore” Adam Myrtics says.

‘I know he did something with my son, for now I’ll you walk around free. When I get my chance I’ll make sure you can never use any magic again after you tell what happened’ Adam think with anger.

“Now go! If he, by any chance, is alone take action and capture him. If not just follow him for now”.

“Yes sir!”

After the messenger left, Adam heads down to the basement.

“How far are we?” he asks the magician overseeing the process.

“Just a few more days and we should be ready. These last two are taking a bit more time as their Magic Soul is still struggling to cooperate, I guess they weren’t hunters for nothing” she says with a wry smile.

“How much time would it add to include some more in there? I have a feeling we’re going to need more than we calculated for” Adam asks.

“Depending on the person it could be up to a week, unless we recruit more extractors. That would be a liability however” she responds.

“Don’t worry about those details. I’ll let you know if we have new cattle incoming”.

Adam Myrtics leaves the basement after checking the process for a while.

“Messenger, contact the Gambrill family, I want to meet with an elder!” he orders.

“Yes sir, when and where would you like the meeting to take place?”

“Doesn’t matter, it has to be as soon as they have time. They can decide on the place” he says with a wave of his hand, gesturing the messenger to leave.


“Andrea can you take Yako, Danmi and Narae to the castle? You should be able to enter with this letter” Cleamon says as he hands her a letter.

“Why? What will you do?” she asks curiously.

“I have some business to take care off, I will be there as soon as I’m done” Cleamon says.

“Yako, I’m not going to command you, but you will have to behave. You’ll fit in just fine, if you want anything ask Lilia. If I’m not around she is your master, although anything that would her or you is not allowed” Cleamon says.

“Yes master, I’ll try to be nice” she responds.

“Okay see you later then, I need a rest and a real bath. I stink, actually everyone here reeks of sweat and dust” she says.

They make a small bow and leave.

“What are we going to do?” Metztli asks.

“We’ll swing by my house and I want to deliver the scales and leather we got to Amara’s father. Also there are potion books I want to give to Homian’s parents”

“Okay” she grabs Cleamon’s arm and gets closer to him.

“We can be alone again for a while” Metztli whispers to Cleamon with a smile.

“Yes, although it won’t be for long. We’ll have to run, we need to get this done quickly”

They run towards Homian’s house first. When they arrive they knock on the door. Homian’s father opens.

“Arther it’s been a while how have you been?” Cleamon asks.

“Hey Cleamon it’s been great. As of late we’ve received so much money from potions sales it’s crazy. I have to thank you so much for this! Ah, I almost forgot I have your share inside so please come in”.

“Thank you, I have something for you as well” he says coming inside.

“Sorry, I should introduce you. This is Metztli, she’s a friend and partner”

“Hello Metztli my name is Arther, nice to meet you”

“Thank you, it’s nice to meet you too” she says with a bow.

“So what did you have to share with me?” Arther asks after he sits down.

Cleamon searches through his bracelet.

“Here” a large stack of books appears on the table, slightly surprising Arther.

“What are these?” he asks curiously.

“They are books full of potion recipes and ingredient information. It’s not in a language you understand so I’ve added a book to learn it. Please take time to learn, it’s quite similar to our language so it shouldn’t be too hard” Cleamon explains.

“Wow that’s amazing, do you mind if I let my family read this as well?” Arther asks excited.

“I don’t mind, just make sure this information does not leave your family. There are very potent potions in there that I wouldn’t like in the hands of some people. Try to keep as many of those for yourself and only sell directly to trusted clients”.

“Okay, I have a new batch of potions for you in the back let me get them quickly” Arther says quickly jumping out of his chair and running out through the back door.

“He’s a lively character, isn’t he?” Cleamon says to Metztli.

She nods.

A few moments later he returns with his arms full of bottles with pills inside.

“Here” he places them in Cleamon’s arms.

“These are pills? Did you stop making the other potions?”’ Cleamon asks looking at the bottles full of pills.

“Yes over the past weeks I’ve made a concentrate out of the potions and turned them into pills instead. It’s less effective, but it takes a lot less space to carry them around. It also takes a bit longer to activate, but we could sell many more” Arther explains.

“I guess that makes sense, you made a lot of money out of it?” Cleamon asks.

“A fortune, after we did the initial batch we had a lot of private orders coming in. In response to the orders and to keep up with demand we switched to pills instead. It’s still the same recipe as before” Arther says proudly.

“Sounds like it was a good idea, the potions are better in effect and might be worth more. Doing it this way you can sell a lot more. If you can manage to make pills out of all the other potions in these books I’d be delighted to test some” Cleamon says.

“That’s okay, we can test it ourselves. You have done enough for us already, you can come and collect the pills whenever you want. I’ll give you the money as well, I’ve put the money I owe you in here” Arther says giving Cleamon a spatial ring.

“I bought the ring with my own profit and you can keep it, having these is much nicer although I’m still using the one you gave me as main storage”

“Thanks, I’ll have to go now. I’ll be back next week, good luck with the books” Cleamon says.

“Okay, I’ll do my best. If I have a result before that I’ll let you know” Arther says with a bright smile.

“Did you have time to teach Homian more skills?”

“Unfortunately I was away for two weeks, but I gave him some homework before. It’s up to him if he did it” Cleamon answers.

“Okay, give him my regards and tell him to come by”

“I will do that” Cleamon says.

They leave the house after Cleamon stores the potions in his bracelet.

“Okay let’s go to Amara’s house next” Cleamon says.


Andrea, Narae and Danmi have already entered to castle under the guide of a guard.

“Where is everybody?” Andrea asks wondering why nobody is at their houses.

“I think they’re training, Cleamon said something about that before. Maybe we should ask where the training room is? We’ve only been to living spaces before so we don’t know where it is” Danmi says.

“Yes, I can’t sense them either. They might be secluded in a protected space” Narae follows up.

“Mister guard can you guide us to the training room?” Andrea asks with a charming voice.

“Of course, please follow me”


Inside the training room everyone is cultivating. During the last two weeks their strength has more than doubled. Constant physical, magical and mental training has matured their skills more rapidly than anyone of the same age.

Homian’s muscles have grown considerably and his Magic Soul has grown to a much bigger size. The same goes for everyone else, although only Homian and Resyana really focused on their physical training.

Lilia has been training to finally have a spell outside her own affinities. Cleamon had left a Light spell that would be the easiest to learn and would help her get control of her magic faster. So far she managed to just make a dim light between her hands.

Cecily has been training to learn Mental magic and is able to send a word as a thought to someone close by. Her training mostly consisted of expanding her Magic Soul to accommodate for the large amount of mana Mental spells cost.

Resyana and Homian have been training together daily, sparring when they can, even using weights to further increase their stamina.

Amara has been focusing on increasing her cast times and control. Gathering mana while moving and having more concentration while under attack. She’s managed to create a small golem, but it’s intelligence is non-existent.

The two sisters, Ahri and Eunhui, have been picking up some hints from Resyana on how to use their fire affinity. They even learned a new spell which they have practiced .


The training room door open and the guard guides them in.

“Sister!” Eunhui and Ahri run towards Narae and Danmi. In an emotional reunion they hug for a few seconds.

“Welcome back! How was your journey?” Ahri asks.

“It ended up not being what we expected” Narae says “we’ll explain it later”.

“Hello everyone, I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Andrea, I’ve been together with your friend Cleamon for the past weeks. Currently he has to run some errands, but he’ll be back soon he said. I have to ask, can I borrow a bathroom from you? I’m in need for a nice long bath”

“About that… Danmi and me were wondering if you would like to join us? We can take Yako as well. Ah, Yako, you should probable introduce yourself as well” Narae says.

Yako steps forward.

“My name is Yako, recently Cleamon became my master and he said that I should come here. He told me that if he’s not around Lilia is to be my master” she says with a bow.

Lilia’s eyes sparkle, she jumps up and runs over to Yako.

“You’re so cute!” she says lifting her up and hugging her.

“W-w-what are you doing? Put me down!” Yako says a bit shocked.

“Ah, I’m Lilia, Cleamon didn’t tell you I like cute things? You’re just adorable! What are you? You don’t look like a human to me” she says looking at Yako curiously.

“I-I’m a Yogitsune” she responds with slight hesitation.

“What’s that?” Lilia asks.

“I was once a fox spirit, but in the past I lost my ways and turned evil. Cleamon made me his subordinate when he defeated me” she says honestly.

“Okay you can tell me all about that in a nice bath, you’re coming with me” Lilia grabs Yako by her hand and pulls her along.

“We’ll go take a bath now, Danmi you come as well I’d like to hear what happened from you” with her free hand Lilia grabs Danmi as well.

Lilia leaves and drags the two along.

“I guess we have a new member again” Amara thinks out loud.

“It looks like every time Cleamon goes out somewhere he brings some girl back…” Cecily responds” is he building a harem or something” she murmurs.

“Are you jealous?” Amara asks playfully.

Cecily just ignores the remark and goes back to cultivating.


Cleamon has arrived at Amara’s house, Mirko has already let them in.

“So what brings you here today?” he asks curiously. Last time Cleamon came to visit the house he had a great deal for them.

“I’d like you to make armor for 11 people. I need this armor as soon as possible, I’ll have them visit your store for measurements, start by making one for me and Metztli” Cleamon says.

“And what do you mean with; as soon as possible?”

“Next week, meanwhile I’ll do the Inscriptions on the armor you’ve made while I was gone” Cleamon says seriously.

“Next week!? I won’t have enough time!” Mirko says shocked.

“Use your family, this is important. I will reward you handsomely for your work. I’ll also provide you with material to make it from” Cleamon explains “do you have a place where you can store materials?”

“Yes out back, is it a lot of material?”

“Kind of, let’s go so I can give you what I have here” Cleamon says with a smirk.

They walk over to the storage room. It’s a small shack that contains many different lower grade materials and ready made armor.

“Uhmm Mirko I don’t think this space will be big enough” Cleamon says after inspecting it.

“How much material do you have!?”

Cleamon walks over to the center of the garden where the shack is located. The garden itself is at least 400² meters.

He scours through his ring and in one go deposits all the scales, teeth and leather gathered from the creature Metztli killed. After that, he takes some of the high grade items taken from the vault inside Mjerna city.

A pile three times Cleamon’s height fills almost half the yard.

Mirko’s eyes nearly pop out of their sockets “how did you get so much material, this is enough for 1000 pieces of armor, and these weapons and armor are not even something I’ve ever seen. The detail on them is incredible, the materials I can’t even tell”.

“I got the materials from a magical beast Metztli killed. The items, well that’s a secret” Cleamon says.

“It might be a good idea to call your family here, you’ll need all the help you can get. I want this transaction to stay in your family alone. You’ll make me the items first, use the highest possible detail and items in here to create them. You can melt the others for their metal. The rest of the things that are spare you can use to create armor and sell inside your shop, I guarantee you that it will be in high demand. Of course I want a share of the profits just like before and when I find new things for you I’ll bring them” Cleamon explains.

“Oh, and you can create armor for your own family from these as well, it’s a gift from me”

“Thank you so much” Mirko says tearing up “I’ll get the rest right away, please wait inside. My wife will make you something to eat and drink”.

Mirko speeds off after calling his wife and asking her to provide Cleamon and Metztli with some snacks and a drink.


Most of the families inside Gedour city live close to each other. Some richer families have a common ground where they all reside. In this part of the town the families live nearby, but do not own a common ground, they usually stay within a minute’s walk from each other.

The Shadeglow family has existed for hundreds of years, the houses get recycled as many of them don’t exceed a very old age. The magicians in the family are of a lower rank and have just the ambition to create the best armor and weapons. All their magic research goes into finding ways to help that process.


Thirty minutes later Mirko comes back with 10 family members in tow.

“Hello, my name is Cleamon” Cleamon says shaking their hands.

They all look surprised at the age of Cleamon, the family member themselves look at least of an age higher than 30.

“You’re not joking right?” one of them whispers to Mirko.

“Don’t even dare to insult our guest!” Mirko says annoyed.

“Don’t worry about it Mirko I’m not offended. It’s not usual for a young person to make such a request” Cleamon says with a smile.

“Thank you young master” Mirko says with a quick bow.

The others look at each other in confusion.

“Let’s move to the garden, I don’t have much time today” Cleamon says.

“Okay, everyone follow” Mirko commands.

In a parade they move towards the garden.

“What in the world…” one of them says seeing the mountain of materials.

“I told you before that we’d started to make a lot of money on Inscribed items, this is the person that supplied those Inscriptions for us. He’s willing to do a lot more of them, what he wants in return is that we make 12 pieces of armor within a week, the measurements will be provided tomorrow. He also donates armor to all our family members to be used from these materials. The rest will become items to sell” Mirko explains proudly.

“I’m sorry I doubted you” the person that whispered before says.

“It’s okay, who would believe such a story right away” Cleamon says laughing.

“Where did you get these if I may ask?”

“My friend here killed the monster and we took it” Cleamon says holding Metztli.

“Wow amazing, she must have incredible strength or magic to kill a beast that size”

Metztli shrivels away behind Cleamon’s back in embarrassment.

“Ah sorry, she’s a bit distrusting of others” Cleamon says rubbing Metztli’s head.

“I can understand, nowadays it’s hard to trust people. Especially since there have been hunters disappearing lately” the oldest one says.

“Hunters have been disappearing?” Cleamon asks.

“Yes, over the last two weeks at least five hunters I know have disappeared. Normally they’d come back within a day or two, but so far haven’t been back. I’ve asked the guards at the gate, but got conflicting messages. I think someone has been kidnapping them or something”.

“I’ll be careful then, do you know when the last one disappeared?” Cleamon asks concerned.

“Two days ago, well, that is if she doesn’t return”

“Thanks for the information, but I have to go now, can you take my measurements? Metztli I’ll take yours don’t worry, I won’t let anyone else touch your body” Cleamon says with a wink making her blush.

“Could you give me a measuring tape so I can take her sizes?” Cleamon asks the group.

“Ahh yes, here take mine” Mirko says handing over the tape “you can take her size inside, we’ll wait here” Mirko says.

“Okay be right back”

Cleamon walks back inside with Metztli following close behind.

“Want me to help take of your clothes?” Cleamon asks.

Metztli nods

Cleamon takes off her pants first and then makes her lift up her arms. He removes her armor and shirt leaving her exposed in her underwear. She’s wearing black underwear, and the back-side of her panties is a hole for her tail.

Metztli is looking even more beautiful than before, her cheeks flushed and her expression telling Cleamon she likes the attention. He takes the tape and starts measuring her leg length first. From the base of the heel till the inside of the knee, then moves to the feet size. Next is the whole length of the leg, he puts one hand on her heel and the other moves slowly upward on the inside of her leg. When he reaches the top, Metztli’s body shivers as she lets out a faint sigh.

He stands behind her and wraps his arms around her middle, putting the tape around her hips. Unconsciously Metztli leans backwards against his body. He moves his hands up her body arriving at the waist.

With one hand he removes the hook on her bra and puts his hands underneath, one end of the tape he puts on her nipple, holding it with his thumb and index-finger. Metztli lets out a moan as he moves his other hand along the tape, guiding it over her other nipple and eventually back round to the start.

He grabs both her breasts “have they grown?” he asks.

Metztli shakes her head, her face show signs of pleasure.

The rest of the measurements Cleamon rushes as time is running out.

“I’m done” Cleamon says with a smile.

Metztli looks back at him with desire, but she knows they don’t have any time to play.

They return and the family notices Metztli looks flushes and distracted, but quickly change their attention to Cleamon. Cleamon gives Mirko the sizes he wrote down.

“I’ll take yours then” Mirko says.

Within a minute Mirko is done.

“Okay, I’ll be in contact. I’ll send over the other sizes tomorrow morning. It’s been good seeing you again” Cleamon says with a bow.

“We’ll start right away!” Mirko says with a smile.

“Good luck!” Cleamon says as he walks off.


For his last stop he goes to his home.

“Anyone home?” he calls as he enters the door with his key.


Jenny stands on top of the stairs looking down.

“Hey Jenny I’m back. Are our parents in?”

“No they’ve gone shopping, did you just arrive back from your trip?”

“Yes, I had to go to some other places first and this will be my final stop before I go back to the castle” he says.

“Are you staying for long?” she asks a bit shyly.

“However long you want, actually I have something to ask. Let me get a drink and I’ll meet you in your room”.

“Okay I’ll wait there. Oh, hi uhm M-Metli? Sorry I forgot your name”

“Metztli, it’s okay, we only met once” Metztli says with a smile, surprising Cleamon a bit.

“I thought you were shy” he says.

“Well… she’s like family now…” Metztli’s voice becomes softer as she reaches the end.

“Hahaha, she sure is. You are part of my family now, although not legally yet” Cleamon says while making three drinks.

The walk up the stairs and enter Jenny’s room. Her room is quite sober, she has a small desk, a decent sized bed, there is a small bookcase with books related to medicine. In his previous life Jenny wanted to become a doctor, she never had the chance to learn much as she didn’t survive the attack.

“Your room is clean as ever” Cleamon says entering.

“I don’t like to be in a messy room” she responds.

Jenny looks fidgety, glancing her eyes on Cleamon and then to Metztli.

“Are you dating Metztli?” she suddenly asks.

Curiously Metztli looks at Cleamon as well.

“Hmm I guess you could say that” he answers scratching his head.

Metztli’s eyes sparkle like they’ve never sparkled before.

“I thought you were dating Lilia, isn’t she your girlfriend anymore?”

“She still is and always will be, sometimes you can share love. Like our father as well, we both have a different mom, yet we are the same family” Cleamon says trying to reason his way out of an argument.

“Oh, I don’t mind. I was just wondering” Jenny says looking a bit relieved.

Cleamon comes further and sits next to her on the bed.

“How’s your training going?” he asks.

“Great! I’ve made so much progress you’ll be jealous!” she says poking him.

“Can you show me?”

“Uhmm okay” she says nervously.

She starts her Incantation and healing lights float inside the room for a few seconds and then die out again.

“See!” she says proudly with her chest pointed forward.

“Wow that’s awesome! Did you keep your promise not to tell anyone?”

“Of course, I don’t want you to be disappointed in me” she says turning her face away.

“I have a really good sister” he rubs her head, giving Jenny as smile.

She suddenly looks at him with tears in her eyes.

“I’ve missed you, why did you go and live somewhere else!” she says grabbing on to Cleamon’s chest.

“I’m sorry, but I didn’t have a choice. I’ve missed you too, actually I missed you so much I brought gifts for you”

Jenny looks up to Cleamon, her eyes still watery.

“What kind of gifts?”

“First of all I want you to buy anything you’d like. I know our family isn’t that rich and you haven’t been able to buy new clothes or books in a while. I want you to start practicing you medicine more”

“Here take this” Cleamon says as he deposits 500 gold on her bed, making it creak under the weight.

Jenny nearly faints and jumps up.

“This… this… how… why…” her brain stops working for a moment.

“Don’t let anyone know, not even mom and dad. I’ll give them something as well don’t worry” Cleamon says looking up at his sisters shocked face.

She nods without even looking away.

“Also I’ve brought a few books for you. You’ll have to learn other languages to read them, but when you can they’ll teach you many things about medicine” Cleamon says as he takes out a dozen books related to the body and ingredients.

Jenny’s eyes start to water again.

“I… I… th-thank you so much” tears roll down her face.

“No need to thank me, I love you and I want you to grow up strong and beautiful. You’ll be an amazing doctor, who knows you might even save my life at one day” Cleamon says.

She sits on his lap and buries her head in his chest.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you” she says rubbing her tears all over his shirt.

“Like it said, no need to thank me” he holds her close to him.

“I’ll become the greatest doctor just for you” she says with a sniff “and when I do, you’ll have to marry me!”

Both Cleamon and Metztli look shocked at this revelation.

“Marry you? Why do you want that?” he asks confused.

“Stupid brother… you know why” she says still hiding her face.

‘I didn’t know anything about this, does she really mean it?’ he thinks.

“Okay then, if you reach the age of 18 and you still want to marry me, then I’ll gladly do so” Cleamon says.

Jenny looks up at his face “do you mean that?”.

“Yes, it’s a promise. I also expect you to learn medicine and improve your magic” he says.

‘At least that should motivate her for now, by the time she reaches that age she’ll probable have forgotten about it’ he thinks.

“Okay” she says with a bright smile.

“Then let’s seal the deal” her face becomes more serious.

In a fluid motions she sits straight up, wraps her arms around him and kisses his lips for five seconds.

“There” she says with her brightest smile yet.

Cleamon and Metztli are both flabbergasted.

“Why did you kiss me all of a sudden?” he asks as his brain restarts.

“Well you said we can marry at 18, but before that I want to be lovers like you are with Metztli and Lilia. It would be weird to just marry while we don’t do anything like lovers would do”.

‘She played me, she really played me’ Cleamon thinks ‘my own sister, if she grows up like this she’ll be even more cunning than Lilia’ his body shivers at the thought.

“Now I want something else” she says.

‘I can already guess what she wants…’ Cleamon thinks.

“I want to live where you live, I need to keep an eye on you!” she says the second part as if she’s already his wife.

“I knew this was coming” Cleamon says burying his head in his hands.

“Look the problem is that you need permission from the king to enter and live there. You can’t just assume you can enter because you want to…”

“That’s why you should ask it for me. I want to live in the same house as you, if you don’t want to ask I’ll tell mom and dad what we did today” her face shows the same wry smile Cleamon has when he’s trapped someone verbally.

‘well she’s certainly my sister alright’ he thinks.

“Fine I’ll ask, but if he says no then you’ll have to be complacent with that!” Cleamon says.

“Okay, but don’t even try suggesting that he shouldn’t allow me in!” she comes even closer with her face and looks Cleamon directly in the eyes.

“I won’t”



She kisses him again “now the deal is sealed”.

‘Where the hell did she learn to do this? Did Lilia tell her something? Maybe she has bad friends…’ Cleamon thinks.

“Ah I almost forgot. I will need your sizes, can you measure them?” Cleamon asks.

“Why?” Jenny says curiously.

“I’m letting someone make you armor. He needs your sizes so you can actually wear it” Cleamon says.

“Really!? That’s so cool! You can take my sizes” she says excited.

“Do I have to? It’s a bit awkward after you kissed me twice”

“Don’t worry, you’ve already seen my body anyway and it’s good husband and wife practice” Jenny says already taking of her shirt and pants.

‘She’s insane, was she always like this? In my previous life she paid a lot of attention to me, but never to this extend… Did I miss the signals back then or did this time-line change?’ Cleamon wonders.

Cleamon already has resigned to his fate, he can’t argue with his sister nor does he want to make her unhappy. He sighs deeply and looks at Metztli, she looks confused at the whole situation.

“Are you going to take my sizes or just stare at me?” Jenny asks impatiently.

Cleamon had been staring unknowingly at her for a minute while contemplating, making Jenny feel embarrassed.

“Sorry, I was thinking about something” he says.

“Dirty thoughts?” she asks playfully.

“No, I was just wondering… when did you get so cunning” he says.

“Since you taught me how to raise my Magic Soul and mana, my growth there also pushed me to be more mature I guess” she says.

“Also Lilia gave me some books to read and maybe I picked it up from there” she says hiding her face “but don’t tell her I said that!”

‘So it was Lilia that had a hand in this, she probable knew something was up with Jenny’s feelings from meeting her’ he thinks.

He quickly takes Jenny’s measurements while trying to look away from her exposed body.

“I’ll have to go now. I’ll come back tomorrow and tell you what the king said” Cleamon says.

“Okay, I’ll be waiting here for you” she responds with a sad smile.

“See you soon” he gives her a hug and leaves the room.

“Metztli I’m in trouble, I don’t think the king will decline her. What should I do?” he whispers to her.

“You promised, you have to keep it. It would be okay, your sister will be safe with you at least. You can see this as an opportunity to teach her personally”.

“You’re right, this might be a good solution. I’m just not sure what the rest will think, well except Lilia, I need to speak with her about this” Cleamon thinks.

His thoughts however can see the result already. He speaks with her and she makes an argument he can’t refute. It ends up with them kissing in the bath and bed.

He enjoys his fantasy for a moment.

As he reaches the bottom of the stairs his parents come in.

“Cleamon! Glad to see you’re okay!” his moms hug him tightly.

“Is everything alright?” his dad asks.

“Yes everything is fine. Just had a talk with Jenny and had a few gifts for her. You came home at a good timing, I wanted to give you something I found as well” Cleamon says.

“A new girlfriend?” his dad asks looking at Metztli with a smile.

“Not new, Lilia is still my girlfriend”.

“A second one?” his biological mom asks.

Cleamon nods and Metztli looks down to the ground.

“I’m sorry where are my manners, I should introduce myself to my son’s future wife. My name is Owyen and these are my lovely wives, Doria is his biological mother and Zanya that of his little sister Jenny. It’s nice to meet you”.

“M-my name is Metztli, it’s nice to meet you too” she shakes his hand with a red face.

“Good going my son! Like father like son I guess” he pats Cleamon on the back.

“You don’t know the half of it…” Cleamon murmurs.

“So what did you bring us son?” he says.

“Okay, first of all don’t panic, second, you can’t tell anyone about this” Cleamon says in a serious tone.

“O-okay” his dad says.

His moms nod.

“Here I want you to take this” he deposits a thousand gold on the kitchen table, which nearly collapses under the weight.

“H-how much is this? How did you get this?” his dad asks.

“A thousand gold, I found treasure on my adventure and wanted to share it with you” Cleamon says with a smile.

“But this is too much, how can we accept this?” his mom says.

“Don’t worry, I’ve got enough myself. I wanted my family to have enough money to do what they like. You can choose what you want to do with it. This is your money, for the rest of our family all over the city, you can share this” Cleamon puts another thousand gold on the floor.

“Share it evenly to all our relatives” Cleamon says.

“I… We… How… how do we begin to thank you for this?” his dad says.

“Why would you need to thank me? You are my parents and I love you all. You’ve cared for me and loved me my whole life. I just ask you spend it on things you want and don’t let others know about it”.

“Come here son!”

Cleamon walks into the arms of his teary eyed parents, the four of them hug for a minute.

“We promise to spend it wisely, don’t worry!” his mom says.

“Sorry, but I have to go now. My friends are waiting for me” Cleamon says.

“Okay have a good trip! And make sure you come to visit often and bring Lilia as well”


Cleamon and Metztli finally arrive at the castle, Cleamon is mentally exhausted.

“I need rest, I hope the others have cleared up what we did. I don’t want to spend too much time informing them” he says with a yawn.

“I want to sleep soon too” Metztli says.

Her thoughts however show a completely different reason, as she wants to cuddle with Cleamon.

They move towards the training center and find Cecily, Amara, Resyana, Homian, Eunhui and Ahri still doing their cultivation training. They don’t even notice Cleamon and Metztli entering.

‘Looks like they improved a lot already these past two weeks’ Cleamon thinks.

Cleamon walks over to Cecily who’s sitting in the far away corner and taps her on the shoulder.

She jumps up from shock “what the hell are you doing, you nearly made my heart stop!” she punches Cleamon in his stomach and hurts her hand in the process as her fists connects with his armor.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you. I need to ask something from your father, could you help me with that?” he asks.

“Can’t you just go yourself?”

“That would be a bit rude don’t you think?” Cleamon asks.

“My dad may be the king, but he’s actually just a normal guy. Besides all the politics and responsibilities he has to do” Cecily says glaring at Cleamon.

“Still, I can’t just go in there by myself. Also I want you to hear this”

“Fine, come with me. He’s probable in his study room again, he’s been spending too much time there since last week” she says with a sigh.

“What happened last week?” Cleamon asks curiously.

“No idea, he’s been meeting with a lot of people lately”

“Metztli can you wait here?” Cleamon asks.

She nods and stands near the exit.

Cleamon and Cecily walk towards the study and see the king buried in documents.

“Dad, Cleamon wants to talk to you” she says nonchalantly.

“Ah he’s back?” he responds not even looking up.

“Yes, I’m back. I have some things I’d like to discuss, I’ve heard some troubling news. Do you mind if I come in?” Cleamon asks with a bow.

“Yes, yes, of course. Don’t mind the mess, I’ve been wrecking my brain” he says trying to make some room on the table.

Cleamon and Cecily both sit down.

“So what is it you want to talk about?” the king asks.

“The missing hunters… Is it the Gambrill or Myrtics family doing something?” Cleamon asks seriously.

The king finally looks up and at Cleamon.

“Yes, my informants tell me they’ve kidnapped at least 8 hunters. He also told me that they are trying to turn them into crystals” the king rubs his eyes as he speaks.

“You mean Soul Crystals? Do you know what they want to do with those?” Cleamon asks.

“Yes, well we have an idea. They are trying to summon and enslave a creature from another realm. Since last night we got word they are looking for skilled magicians in the underground. We suspect that they need more people to convert Soul Crystals faster, I’ve been thinking of sending a spy in there”

“Also I’ve been trying to figure out how to stop something like this. I’ve spoken to Almar on this subject as well, but he didn’t know how to exactly stop the spell once it’s activated. The only way is to prevent it from happening”

‘I guess they need a big Inscription for this spell to work, thinking of the amount of mana needed and the space it should be somewhere underground with a lot of room. Would they sacrifice their own property?’ Cleamon wonders.

“How about the spies from the families inside the castle?” Cleamon asks.

“Actually all of those family members have taken a leave under the guise of a family meeting and ceremony, although they are probable helping this to succeed on the family head’s orders”.

“Did you find someone to spy on them?” Cleamon asks.

“No, most of my informants would not want to risk their life for this. It would be hard for the spy to leave the premises of the family. Getting word out would be extremely difficult and dangerous, getting caught would mean your death”

“How about a mass invasion? Send the strongest fighters you can get and take over the place?” Cleamon suggests.

“I’ve thought about that as well, but we don’t know of the Inscription has been made already. If so and it’s ready to be activated we might trigger them to do so”

“Can’t you see anything with that ability of yours?” the king asks.

“I’ve tried, but I have no idea” Cleamon lies.

In his previous life a place near his school exploded resulting in many deaths.

‘Would that explosion be related?’ he thinks ‘I’ll have to check that place out tomorrow’.

“Let me know if you see anything, I’m at my wits end. I haven’t slept properly in two weeks now” the kings yawns as the words come out.

“I will. I might have a candidate for the spy work, I’ll introduce you tomorrow. I brought her here as her master, she will obey me. I won’t take advantage of her, but she can disguise herself as anything. I would need guarantee that if anything would happen we will raid the place”

“That sounds interesting, I’ll see what I can do” the king says intrigued be the idea.

“On another note, I have a question. My little sister demanded I’d ask you to let her stay in my room here. She’s adamant on coming to live here to study with me, she wants to be a doctor. I told her I could asks, but not guarantee anything” Cleamon says.

Cecily looks a bit surprised.

‘I didn’t know he had a little sister’ she thinks ‘actually I don’t know much about him now that I think about it…’

“Those living spaces are getting a bit cramped aren’t they? You know what, if you can remodel the houses yourself you can bring her in. You have to pay for the construction yourself, although you can probable just use magic for it. Consider it payment for training my daughter”

“Yes thank you sire” Cleamon says making a bow.

“I will take my leave now then, I’m exhausted from my trip. Thank you for your time”

“My pleasure, have a good rest”

Cleamon and Cecily leave the room and the king goes back to his documents.

“The girl that was with Andrea?” Cecily asks.

“Yes, actually she’s probable more powerful than all of us combined. She can even win from Metztli if she tried. We nearly got done in by her, but I will tell you the story another time. I feel exhausted after using my mana so much the last two weeks. Good night”

“Good night”

Cleamon enters the training room and gets Metztli to come. They head towards their house.

‘I guess it will be even more crowded in that room, I really need to start thinking of making a bigger bed as well’ Cleamon thinks.

‘I should ask Almar to enroll the sisters into school tomorrow, maybe even Yako once she gets used to the environment’

They enter the house and hear talking coming from the bathroom.

“Lilia, I’m back! Are you in bath?” Cleamon says raising his voice.

“Yes, are you coming in as well? It’s nice and comfortable in here. I’m getting acquainted with your newest slave as she brings it”.

“She’s not my slave, I’m just her master”.

‘What did she tell her…’ Cleamon wonders.

“I’m coming in as well, Metztli is here too” Cleamon says.

They both undress and put there clothes in the laundry bin. First they take turns washing each other in the shower, before heading into the bath.