November 2016

“Welcome back!” Lilia jumps on Cleamon as he enters the bath. She hugs him tightly and kisses him in front of the others, who look away slightly in embarrassment.

Metztli enters the bath silently and takes a deep breath and sighs. He demeanor finally relaxes a bit, but she’s still on guard with Yako in the bath as well. She closes her eyes, but thoughts still flow through her head. She sinks deeply into her thoughts.

Lilia ends up sitting on Cleamon’s lap with their arms wrapped around each other, her head resting on his shoulder. She kisses his neck and starts to nibble on his ear.

“I’ve missed you so much” she whispers into his ear “tonight you’re all mine”.

Cleamon turns his head to face Lilia and kisses her.

“Can we do it tomorrow instead? I’m really tired from my trip and I need to rest. I’ll make sure everyone leaves the room tomorrow and we can be alone for a while” he whispers.

“Okay, but when I get the chance I will take it!” she responds.

“Take what?”

“You’ll see” she whispers as she continues to nibble on his ear. She rubs her body intimately against his, Cleamon feels her butt slide along his legs.

“You’re not giving up tonight at all are you?” Cleamon whispers to Lilia.

“Maybe” she playfully bites his ear.

“I’ve heard a lot of things about what happened during your travels, you had a rough time with the girl over there”

“Yes, she tricked us quite good. In the end we were lucky to outsmart her, we wouldn’t have made it back otherwise” Cleamon says.

“Is it really okay to keep her here? She told me that she will hold a deep grudge if you keep her locked up like this” Lilia asks.

“It would be a bad idea to let her loose, she holds a lot of grudges already and if she confuses and tricks other people we might get into danger ourselves. There is also no guarantee that she would let us go if we let her free. I gave her a promise that I would treat her well and not do anything to hurt her”

“I know you would do something like that, you’re the sweetest” Lilia whispers.

“Thank you, but it’s in our best interest. Actually it’s a bit selfish to keep her like this, do you think you could help her out a bit as well? I told that you were her master if I’m not there”

“Well, I could probable take her shopping or have some fun, but I don’t think she would see it as relaxing or just fun” Lilia says.

“Could you talk to her and find out what it is she wants? I don’t think she would really enjoy it if I talk to her. It will take a while for her to trust me”

“I’ll try my best, just give me some alone time and it should be fine”

“Thank you” Cleamon gives her a kiss on her cheek.

“Let’s leave the bath, I’m starting to get dizzy” Danmi says.

She’s been looking at the flirting couple for a while now and is getting jealous, to escape the scene she’s desperate to leave.

Yako has been looking with an intense stare, as if to see any flaws in Cleamon. Her face shows signs of displeasure.

Metztli is floating around in the bath, asleep and slightly snoring.

She wakes up as Danmi leaves the bath, Yako follows as well and Metztli follows Cleamon and Lilia.

Cleamon uses a spell to dry them all within a few seconds.

“How are we going to do this? The bed is kind of small for this amount of people” Lilia says.

“Actually I talked to the king about it, we can remodel the houses as long as we do it ourselves. I’ll start tomorrow I guess” Cleamon says.

“You’ll make a new house?” Danmi asks.

“Yes, but I’ll need you all to buy some new things to put in there. We will need new furniture, floors and anything you want. You girls can take Yako with you, she knows what looks good. You should’ve seen the place she created”

Yako looks proud of herself when Cleamon mentions her and her face lightens up a bit.

“Sounds like a good plan!” Lilia says.

“I’ll take everyone shopping, Yako do you want to come along as well?” she asks.

“Why would you want me there?” she asks a bit annoyed.

“Cleamon says you have a good style, if you help out you can choose whatever you want for yourself”.

“Hmpf fine, but anything I like you’ll buy” she says haughtily.

“Sure, anything you like you can have” Cleamon says with a smile trying to please her.

“I’d also like for you to help me design the new building. Since you are experienced in creating beautiful architecture your opinion is invaluable. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a pretty castle before in my life” he continues.

Yako blushes slightly and a faint smile shows again.

“Okay, I’ll help you”

The take position on the bed with all of them barely fitting. Lilia tightly locked to Cleamon’s arms and chest, Metztli taking the other side.

Eventually they all fall asleep.


The next day comes fast and all of the get up early to prepare for school, they have breakfast together outside as Yako introduces herself to the others. Andrea has already left to sell the treasure she’s obtained during their travels.

“Everyone, I’d like to give you all a present. Yesterday I talked with Amara’s father about making armor suits for all of you, but we need your sizes. We’ll need to go to his shop and give them to him so he can work on them. Everyone except for Cecily should be getting something they can easily use for real battle. Cecily already has armor that is on the same level” Cleamon announces during their breakfast.

“Really!?” Homian jumps up “that is so awesome!” he walks over to Cleamon and gives him a brotherly hug. “Thanks for everything, you know I’ll always have your back right!”

“Of course brother, the same goes for me!”

The rest all seem excited at the news.

After having their meal they head off towards shop of Amara’s father.

‘It seems they increased the amount of guards following us, must be because of the recent events’ Cleamon thinks noticing the auras behind them.

‘Although one of these seems familiar, it’s the one I noticed when we entered the city yesterday. Must be the Gambrill or Myrtics family trying to spy on me’

‘For now I’ll keep a low profile and ignore them, I need to talk to the headmaster first before taking some action. If they are really converting magicians into crystals we need to hurry’

Cleamon keeps pondering the questions in his head while walking.

Lilia seeing the serious expression on his face notices something is wrong.

“What’s wrong?” she whispers to him.

Cleamon snaps out of it.

“Too many things, everything is going too fast at this rate we’ll be in big trouble next week” he responds.

“How big?” she asks concerned.

“There could be an all-out war inside the city if we’re not careful. Be sure to never go out alone outside the school and castle. Take Metztli or Yako with you, they are both more than capable of protecting you. The guards won’t follow if Cecily is not there and since you’re connected to me they’ll probable try and kidnap you to lure me out” Cleamon whispers back.

“I didn’t think it would be that bad, is there anything I can do to help?” she asks.

“Just acting normally would be best, as long as they’re not suspicious of me knowing what they’re up to, they will have their guard down”

“Okay, I’ll do my best! Do you want me to inform the others?”

“No for now keep it a secret, Cecily already knows and so does Metztli. The others might panic if they hear what’s going on” he says with a stern face.

“I’ll keep it a secret then” she gives him a kiss on his cheek.

“Thanks for supporting me” he grabs her hand and kisses it, they continue their walk walking hand in hand.

Metztli is following not too far behind using her stealth, she also noticed the suspicious aura following them and is looking for the source.


‘Found it’ Metztli thinks as her senses finally pick up the location of the one following them.

She takes a turn and jumps on top of the roofs. She dashes towards the location almost a hundred meters away. Carefully she closes in on the source.

‘There’s two of them?’ she thinks as she closes in ‘their aura is almost the same, they must be close family’.

She looks down on the alley and notices two people acting as a couple. They walk along the same path as Cleamon and the others are, keeping their distance while acting like they’re on a date. The man looks in his thirties and the woman in her twenties.

‘Their aura is rather weak, I can’t assess how strong they are’ she thinks.

Cleamon noticed Metztli taking off after their followers and keeps on eye on her position.

‘Don’t try to engage’ he sends a message to her.

From the rooftops Metztli follows the couple closely.

Suddenly a person joins them and they seem to talk about something. Two of them leave, leaving the man behind alone.

Metztli quickly follows the two that are leaving.

They head towards the Gambrill mansion, but stick to the alleyways and keep out of sight for the whole trip there. Eventually they reach the mansion and disappear as soon as they enter the barrier surrounding it.

Metztli stays on watch at the mansion for a few minutes before heading back.

“What did you see?” Cleamon asks as Metztli comes within range of his Mental Message.

“Two people, they seemed closely related as their mana was nearly the same. A person joined them and two of them left towards the Gambrill mansion. There is still a man following you now, I can’t gauge his strength as he’s hiding most of his mana” she sends back.

“Okay, keep an eye on him let me know if the situation changes” Cleamon says.

“Okay” Metztli heads off again to keep an eye on the man.


Cleamon and his friends reach the shop, it still seems closed as light are off and the blinds are down.

He knocks on the door “Mirko are you there?” he calls out.

“Hold on!” he hears stumbling noises behind the door and a lock opens.

“Come in, come in” he says.

“Hi father, it’s been a while” Amara says.

“Yes, I’ve heard of the situation, but can’t you come and visit me and your mom at least once a week?” he says a bit saddened.

“Sorry father, but for now that’s impossible”.

The rest of them already moved inside, giving Amara and Mirko some private time.

Amara seems a bit sad as well, her eyes tearing up.

“Come here” Mirko says with his arms open wide.

Amara gives him a hug and silently sheds a few tears.

“Don’t worry too much about us, your mom and me are fine. You have a great opportunity to achieve something amazing by staying there” he says rubbing her head trying to comfort her.

“Thank you father, it’s been hard. Everyday we train as if our lives depend on it, sometimes it’s really frustrating”.

“It might seem hard now, but when you’ll look back at it later you’ll think it was a good time” he says.

“Let’s go in and don’t let the others wait too long, you’ll have school in an hour as well. I don’t want you to be late because of me” he says letting go of her.

“Un…” she says wiping the small tears away.

They move inside the shop through the back hall.

“Hello everyone, my name is Mirko, I’m Amara’s father. My job is to make you all some amazing armor on Cleamon’s request. I will need all of your sizes so we can make them fit you perfectly, if you have any requests let them know so I can try to make it happen” Mirko says proudly.

“Cleamon your armor is ready, we all worked through the night to make it. The girl’s armor is ready as well, but I don’t see her here so I’ll give it to your instead” Mirko takes out all the pieces of armor.

“Go ahead and put it on!” he says proudly.

Cleamon enters the changing room and puts on all the pieces.

The leather was used as a base for the scales to be put on making it very flexible compared to solid armor. First the cuirass, it has sleeves covering his arms of to his elbow, the chest has two thick layers of leather with scales covering all of it.

The gauntlets reach up to his elbow giving his arms freedom to move, small scales cover the fingers. The cuisses reach down to his ankles, but are only partly covered in scales, making bending his knee much easier. The greaves reach up to his knee and are fully covered in scales.

Looking at himself in the mirror hanging in the dressing him, he can’t help but smirk.

‘This armor looks awesome, during the night it will look like I’m not even there’

He joins the rest again in his full armor.

“Holy shit that’s awesome!” Homian screams out “Can I really have the same!?” he asks ecstatically.

“Yes of course, the same goes for all you girls” Cleamon says.

The girls look rather perplexed, as the armor looks like something specifically made for boys.

“I want to test the endurance, Homian give me your strongest punch!” Cleamon says.

“Is it really okay?” he asks.

“Yes of course, if it can’t withstand your punch it’s not good enough anyway” Cleamon says with a smile.

Mirko looks slightly nervous.

Homian takes three quick steps and using his full force, punches Cleamon in the chest.

Cleamon remains unmoved, and the armor is unscathed.

“That hurt, it felt like punching a steel wall” Homian says massaging his hand.

“Can you imagine what it will be like when I’m done with the Inscriptions” Cleamon says smiling.

Everyone in the room lights up at the thought of the armor protecting them.

“Lilia can you help me take it off? I’ll take your measurements meanwhile, Yako come as well. Amara, Homian I guess Mirko can take yours. Cecily can you do the rest?” Cleamon asks them.

They all agree.

About 10 minutes later everyone is done and Mirko has all the information he needs.

“Cleamon I’ll make sure the armor is done by the deadline. We’ll have plenty of material to spare so thank you for giving it to us” Mirko says with a bow.

“No worries, it’s Metztli who you should thank. I’ll pass it on to her, she killed the beast” Cleamon says with a smile.

“Do that please, if you ever want something let me know!” Mirko says with sincerity.

They leave the shop and continue their way towards the school.

Homian is still clearly excited and talks with Resyana about training with it.


While they arrive at school, Metztli is keeping an eye on the follower positioned not too far from the premises.

“Yako is it possible for you to change your form into an item? It might raise suspicion if you enter like this” Cleamon whispers to her hiding behind a small wall.

“Yes I can, but I can only maintain the shape if you keep providing me with your mana” she says.

“That’s no problem, can you change into a knife?”

“Okay” she slowly changes her form and a small knife lands in Cleamon’s hands. He makes sure that no-one has seen them and puts it in his boots.

At school they are met by some curious students wondering where Cleamon has been the last weeks.

“Did you get into trouble after the tournament?”

“Where did you go?”

“Congratulations on winning it was amazing!”

many comments and questions are thrown his way, but he does his best to avoid giving too much information about his whereabouts the last weeks.

Eventually the fuss dies down a bit as class is about to start.

The teacher walks in.

“Cleamon it’s nice to see that you’re back. The headmaster wants a word with you in his office, he says it’s important” he says as soon as he sees Cleamon.

“Okay, I’ll go right away” he says.

“I’ll be back soon” he says to his friends and leaves for the office.

Knock, knock.

“Come in”

The headmaster is sitting behind his desk, sitting on the opposite side is Andrea and another person.

“I think you know what this is about Cleamon” the headmaster says.

“I can guess, it’s something to do with the missing hunters right?” Cleamon asks.

“Correct, I’ve been informed that the king has been investigating it and has talked to you about it as well. Normally I wouldn’t include a student in these matters, but you’ve said that you might have a candidate to spy for him?” the headmaster asks.

“Yes, but I’m not sure if she’s willing” Cleamon responds.

“You’re not talking about Yako are you?” Andrea asks surprised.

“Actually I am, she’s the only one I know that can properly disguise herself”

“Do you really trust her? You know what happened back there!” Andrea stands up and raises her voice.

“Yes, but you should also know she cannot betray me. There is a contract binding us and it’s impossible to break” Cleamon calmly explains.

“However I will not force her to do anything against her will” he says with a stern voice.

‘Does her really mean that?’ Yako thinks listening in to the conversation ‘eventually everyone takes advantage of someone when they have full power over them’.

“I would like for you to introduce her to us, the person sitting over there is also a candidate for this mission. We are discussing the options and strategies and I’d like both of you to take part” the headmaster says.

“Hello nice to meet you” the person says.

“Likewise” Cleamon says.

“I’d give you my name, but I rather keep my secrecy” he follows up.

“I understand”

“Then could you please introduce us your recommendation?” the headmaster says.


“Yako please show yourself” he says.

The knife hidden in his boot floats up and begins to transform back into her original form.

“I can see why you recommended her, with a skill like that it will be a cinch getting in there undetected” mister anonymous says in high regard.

“I agree, a skill like that is perfect for this mission. I’m sorry miss, but can you do other transformations as well?” the headmaster asks.

“Yes of course do I look like a novice to you or something!?” she snarls at him.

“Whoa! She’s a feisty one” mister anonymous says with a smile.

“Don’t mind her attitude, she’s still displeased that I have her under my control” Cleamon says.

They all are curious about the situation where he became her master, but decide not to pry in such private matters. Instead they focus on the task at hand.

“Yako are you willing to deceive and infiltrate, you can cause as much chaos as you want and even take their life force as you please. Of course this is under the condition that you don’t expose yourself, as soon as you do even you won’t be able to escape” Cleamon says.

“Are you asking or forcing me?” she says still slightly agitated.

“I’m asking you, this is completely your choice. If you say no, we’ll leave here right away and go back to class” he says in a serious tone.

Yako looks at Cleamon as he talks to detect any hint of a lie, she ponders for a while staring blankly at his face.

‘Is this kid serious? How can I make sure he’s not tricking me…’

“What are my rewards?” she finally asks.

“Is there anything specific you want?” the headmaster asks.

“My freedom back” she replies almost instantly.

“You know I can’t do that…” Cleamon says “I’d be willing to give you more freedom, but I won’t set you free. Not yet as least, who know what you’d do”.

“What do you mean with more freedom? Am I allowed to walk around by myself, can I travel outside the city?” she asks seriously.

“Yes, although going outside the city would be a bad idea. I know you’re strong, but the further away you go from me the less power you have, you know that as well” Cleamon says.

“Okay for that amount of freedom I’m willing to do this, but you said yourself I’m allowed to create chaos and absorb life force right?”

“Yes, there are some exceptions, you can’t target children or the people that are kept captive. You can use illusions to trick them, just don’t injure them. However if you ever have to chance to get rid of the head or someone important. Make sure you do it without anyone noticing and use an illusion to make them think they are still there” Cleamon explains.

“What do you all think?” Cleamon asks the others.

“There might be some issues with killing the important people, if they notice it will be mayhem and they might suspect we have infiltrated” the headmaster says.

“It will all depend on this girl’s skill with illusions, how hard is it to see through them?” he asks.

“Yako can you cast the illusion on them that makes it seem we’re not here?” Cleamon asks.

“No problem” closing her eyes and focusing her mana she uses Intent to cast the illusion.

Cleamon and Yako have disappeared from their sight.

“That is pretty amazing don’t you think?” mister anonymous says excited.

“Sst quiet, I’m concentration” the headmaster says.

He sends out a tiny fraction of his aura to scout the area where Cleamon and Yako are, but gets no feedback. He stands up and walks over and tries touching the area, but even then it seems like his arms is going through thin air.

Quite perplexed he looks at his own body and the others.

“Andrea can you do what I did? I need to see it for myself” he asks.

“Okay” Andrea walks over to the same space and do the same motions, resulting in the same effect.

“And?” she asks.

“I didn’t think there would be an illusion this strong, it actually can modify all of our senses at the same time”

Cleamon and Yako appear at the spot where both the headmaster and Andrea swung their arms before.

“Did we touch you?” the headmaster asks.

“No you were just standing there, your arms never moved” Cleamon answers.

“This is no normal illusion. I can read your thoughts and show everyone what you plan to do, but stop your body from doing it” Yako says proudly.

“I can see why Cleamon recommended you, changing into an item is one thing, but to create such a powerful illusion is unheard of. What else can you do?” the headmaster asks intrigued.

“Let’s see…”

She changing into him and speaks in his voice, making a perfect copy. She walks over to him and touches his head, thoughts and memories flow into her.

Shocked she lets go and moves back.

“I was going to show you something else, but I don’t think you would appreciate it. Your memories frighten me, how can you even be alive?” she asks with a trembling voice.

“You actually dared looking at my memories!?” he says with a slightly angry voice.

A powerful aura, full of killing intent, bursts forth suffocating everyone in the room.

Yako quickly changes back and hides behind Cleamon while shaking.

“Almar! Calm down!” mister anonymous says.

The aura fades away and the headmaster returns to his calm self.

“Sorry I let myself go, miss don’t ever discuss what you saw. Cleamon you are never to inquire about what she saw, if I want you to know I’ll tell you myself” he says with a stern voice.

Both of them nod in fear.

“Good, let’s just forget about what just happened and continue” he says scraping his throat.

“Do you have an idea on how we can infiltrate?” he asks mister anonymous.

“Seeing what I saw I have a faint idea on how to do this. However we’ll need to either have someone on the inside or kidnap a member” he says.

“If we have, we’ll let miss over there transform into that person and take over his memories. She’ll pretend to be that person and live their life. Meanwhile she’ll cast an illusion allowing me the enter without them ever noticing, I’ll find out where our targets are located. Once we successfully located everyone we need to be aware of we’ll start the next stage. Miss will keep the illusion that they are still extracting while I remove the targets and take hem outside the mansion. If everyone is safe we’ll go into the last phase, removing the actual members behind this plan. This will be the most dangerous part, we have to try and find methods to silently remove them. I was thinking a potent poison would do the trick”

“Miss do you think you could keep an illusion like that up?” he asks.

“Yes it would be possible, but as soon as you attack or move or touch one of them they will notice you and their illusion breaks. If you can keep yourself away from them there is no issue, as for poisoning, you will have to sneak in the ingredients and I can let their cooks prepare the poison themselves thinking they are just making a meal”

“Great, then I suggest we start this plan as soon as possible”

“The only issue is finding a person that we can take over” the headmaster says.

“Actually it isn’t” Cleamon says with a smile.

“There has been someone following me since I came back to the city, Metztli is currently keeping track of him. She can easily take him out and bring him here” Cleamon says.

“Almar are you sure this kid is a student?” mister anonymous asks confused.

“Yes he is, although I doubt he can learn anything in his class, but he’s still a student at this school”

“Okay just checking, he doesn’t seem like a regular kid”

“He isn’t, but let’s not go into detail on that” the headmaster says.

“Thank you” Cleamon says.

“As for the crystals they’ve produced, what will we do with those?” Cleamon asks.

“Good question, I assume they will be stored and protected somewhere so it would be best if we find out where and remove them from the premises. I can probable sneak them out if I get the chance to” mister anonymous says.

“Then it’s settled, Cleamon you contact Metztli and bring the follower here” the headmaster says standing up.

“Okay, I’ll do it right away. Yako, please help me hide him from people’s eyes” Cleamon says and leaves the room.


Metztli is standing on top of a building 50 meters from the school, her target is hiding in the alleyway.

‘Metztli can you hear me?’ Cleamon’s voice enters her mind.

‘Yes’ she thinks loudly.

‘Capture that man, do it quickly and without anyone noticing. Make sure he’s not conscious and bring him to the school entrance. Make sure no-one sees you, when you arrive here I’ll help you hide him’


Metztli drops down silently on top of him, before she hits the ground she hits the man’s arteries with both her hands. She sees the light going out in the man’s eyes and he faints without even letting out a sound.

She looks around after making sure no-one sees them, she activates her stealth again and the man disappears with her. Quickly she jumps from the alleyway and dashes towards the school, carrying the man on her left shoulder.. Within 10 seconds she reaches the school gate where Cleamon is already waiting with Yako.

She checks her surroundings again and appears in front of him.

“Yako please take care of his conscience so that he thinks he’s sleeping for now even when he wakes up. Metztli please hide him again and follow me quietly” Cleamon says.

She nods and activates her spell again.

They move towards the headmaster’s office together.

A few minutes later they arrive back at the office.

“Okay, we can start our plan” Cleamon says entering the office.

Metztli appears again with the man still on her shoulders, she dumps him on the floor.

“So who is that man?” the headmaster asks.

“He’s a member of the Myrtics family” Metztli says.

“Yako can you extract information from him?” Cleamon asks.

“Yes” she touches him on the head and transforms into an exact copy.

“Perfect even your aura is the same!” mister anonymous says excited.

“We can start the plan right away” he says.

The next hour they spend time on fleshing out the plan more and more until they’re satisfied with it.

“I’ll be going now then” Cleamon says “I’ll leave the rest in your care, Yako please do your best!”

She nods.

“Ah you forgot that I still have to design the place we’re going to live in!” she suddenly says.

“Just show me the illusion of how you want it to look. Also design your own room where you can stay” Cleamon says.

“Okay” she shows Cleamon her vision of the place.


The next few hours Cleamon spends in his class, absentmindedly talking and practicing. The day goes by slowly with doubt and worry on Cleamon’s mind the rest of the school day.

“Is everything okay?” Lilia finally asks when they have a moment alone.

“I’m just worried about Yako, she’ll be in danger for a while” Cleamon says.

“Is it something to do with those families?”

“Yes, she’s on a dangerous mission. If it fails we’ll all be in danger…” he says with a sigh.

“You’ll have to have faith in her, she has to listen to you right?”

“She does, but it’s still worrisome that she’ll be stuck in there until the mission is over or fails”

“I see, we can only wait then. Let’s focus on our training to take your mind off it, you also still have to make our living space bigger. I’ll go shopping after school with the other girls to get some of the furniture needed” Lilia says with a smile grabbing Cleamon’s hands.

“Thanks I can always count on you. I’ll take Metztli and Homian with me then to try and make something nice for all us. Yako already gave me some of her plans before she left on her mission” Cleamon responds with a smile of his own.

“I can’t wait to see what it will look like!”


After class the group splits up and goes their own way. Homian and Metztli walk together with Cleamon. The others head for the trading district.

Before long they arrive back at the castle with a solid plan in mind.

“Let’s go everyone’s stuff out of the houses first, I will transform everything afterward” Cleamon says.

They all take different houses and pack everything up into boxes and move them outside. Thirty minutes pass and the backyard keeps accumulating more and more stuff.

“Is that the last one?” Cleamon asks Metztli who carries 3 boxes outside.

“Yes” she puts the boxes down next to the others.

“Good then let’s get started, please don’t make any sound I have to concentrate on this. It will probable take 10 minutes to properly visualize the outcome and create the spell for it” Cleamon says in a serious tone.

He sits down with his legs crossed and hands pressed together to concentrate. Step for step he adds new words and Intent to his spell. For each part of the building he has to add a different spell to create a solid structure. The process takes a long time and if one part is wrong the spell will turn out to be a failure.

Metztli and Homian look at Cleamon in silence, both are trying to figure out what he’s doing. As time goes on the aura surrounding Cleamon starts to fluctuate and becomes stronger and heavier. It starts pressuring Homian and Metztli, forcing them to take more distance.

As Cleamon nears the end of the spell, sand, stone, water all begins to gather around him. The spell completes and everything surrounding Cleamon joins the initial building. It slowly begins to transform as the walls break down and expand. The whole building seems to grow as materials are being added non-stop.

The design is based on the inner rooms from Yako’s castle. White walls, a high roof and pillars in front holding up a balcony for each room. The lower floor has a pool and a hallway to leads to a training room and arena.

A wooden staircase leads up to the second floor. Compared to the previous building where there were 10 smaller rooms that could barely hold more than four people, the newly constructed rooms can hold at least six people. The amount of rooms is still the same, but split across two floors. Every room has a larger bath, shower and bed compared to the previous one.

The beds are already made, but the mattress is missing. The rest of the furniture from the old rooms has been converted into something else.

Homian and Metztli look amazed at the building in front of them, it’s almost like a mini-castle inside a bigger one.

The next part of the construction is adding all the Inscriptions to each room for Light, Water, Fire magic to accommodate all basic needs such as lighting, hot water for the bath and shower, normal water for the toilet and other taps. Although electric apparatus are still mostly under development, Cleamon adds a socket for that as well.

The whole process took more than two hours and soon after he’s done the other come back from their shopping.

Their jaws nearly drop to the floor after seeing what has been created.