October 2016

Dina contacts Guard through telepathy, all of her creations are in direct contact with her as they are a part of her imagination that created them.

“You can go full-out this match, no need to hold back. If he dies I’ll take the blame” she sends to Guard.

‘If he does die, I’ll just revive him as my slave. That would be a lot easier than doing this silly bet’ she thinks grinning.

Andrea turns towards Metztli and mumbles, but Metztli is too preoccupied watching the match.

Guard is stuck in the trap and an attack just hit him. He’s in the center of the swirling vortex of fire when he received the message from his master.

He instantly breaks free, and takes of the fire, then takes big strides towards the house Cleamon is hiding in.

‘It didn’t do any damage? He seems to be even stronger now, he destroyed my strongest trap with ease. The lightning shield probable has no effect on him either. I have to get out of here now before I have no way to escape. What did that woman do? Did she betray our agreement?’ Cleamon thinks as he senses Guard closing in quickly.

Cleamon launches the rest of his saved Fire Dust Bombs in the general direction of Guard, two land in front and another hits his shoulder. The combined attack shakes the whole arena and an even bigger fire tornado appears. A second later it dies out again as Guard, with a swing of his hammer, cancels out the fire.

‘This is not just a simple power-up, this guy can use counter-magic with his hammer. Besides that, his armor is probable laden with Seals and Inscriptions protecting him from my spells. It looks like I’ll have to try all types I know to see which ones he can’t defend against’ Cleamon thinks.

He leaves a small piece of jewelry behind with his mana signature and uses Metztli’s spell to hide and jump out of the window. He dashes away as quietly as possible, without leaking any mana.

He hides out in a small hut, meanwhile Guard is trying to enter the house, but due to Dina’s restrictions he’s having trouble with his size. Eventually he uses his hammer to smash the side of the house wide open.

‘It looks like guard uses nose, eyes, ears as signals in that order. I stopped him using his nose, so now stopping his sight might be the next best option’ Cleamon thinks desperately searching through his bracelet.

He finds a few mana loaded crystals.

‘This should be enough’ he quickly Inscribes them with the most simple Shadow spell he knows, the spell he taught Homian.

He plants one at the location he is now.

‘I have to hurry, I can’t keep this spell active for too much longer or my mana will be drained too much to put up a fight’.

He moves towards the center of the arena, looking out for the Guard. He puts the biggest crystal he has in a bush and leaves again. He places several crystals spread out over the arena while avoiding Guard until he places the last one.

Guard had found the jewelry and destroyed the house in the process, the lightning barrier didn’t do anything to him as he passed right through it. Without any traces of Cleamon left, he has started walking around the arena in search of him.

‘That’s the last one, I hope this works’

Cleamon stop his cloaking spell and waits for Guard to show.

Guard instantly notices Cleamon’s mana and charges towards the location, he stops when he sees Cleamon standing in an open road.

“Are you giving up?” he asks.

“No, but hiding was too difficult. So instead of me hiding myself I came up with something better” Cleamon says with a smirk.

He casts a spell on his eyes while activating the crystals he spread around. Within a second the whole arena is covered in darkness, even the spectator’s are unable to see anything.

“What’s this? He’s trying to blind himself as well? Has he gone crazy?” Dina says out loud.

‘Time to test my theory’ Cleamon thinks.

Guard didn’t move an inch when the darkness fell, since his origin was made to the likeliness of a cat creature he has good eyesight in the dark. After 10 seconds he realizes this is not normal darkness, there is no light at all.

Cleamon throws a rock not far to the left of Guard, who reacts as soon as the rock hits the ground, by swinging his hammer in the direction. Realizing that Cleamon’s mana hasn’t moved yet he suddenly jumps towards the location of the aura.

Guard crashes head first into a stone wall, leaving an imprint of his head. He quickly turns around searching for the aura he felt before, but it has already moved positions. He changes towards the new position but is soon met with another wall and the aura has again moved positions.

‘What’s going on in there?’ Dina wonders ‘I can feel Guard’s frustration bottling up’.

Cleamon is using Earth magic to create walls in front of Guard as soon he changes position. Slowly he’s enclosing Guard fully with walls. It costs him great effort to make the walls out of many different layers as he creates them.

He creates the outer shell out of a softer earth he uses a combination of water, sand and stones. The inner part is made out of the hardest rock.

Guard is using his hammer to destroy the walls, but every time he does a new ones shows up. Soon he has no room to swing his hammer, instead he’s using his fist to make holes in the wall, but Cleamon keeps repairing them faster than he can manage to punch holes in them.

‘This isn’t working, I need to help Guard out a little. It doesn’t seem like he’s losing but he’s lost the advantage and is falling into his pace’ Dina thinks.

She activates an Inscription at the ceiling of the arena, dispelling all magic inside the arena. The darkness disappears and the walls Cleamon created fall back to the ground as sound and stones.

‘What happened?’ Cleamon thinks surprised.

He only stands 20 meters apart from Guard who looks just as surprised at him.

‘It can’t be his doing, else he wouldn’t have struggled so much before this. Did Dina really break her promise to not interfere?’ he thinks backing off.

Guard comes over his confusing quickly and on his master’s command starts using magic. He takes out a big sword and swings, a large stream of fire launches towards Cleamon.

Cleamon quickly uses Intent to create a shield of water around him, he barely makes it as the flame passes over him. The flames vaporize his shield and one of his Inscriptions fades as the effects get absorbed.

‘Damn only two left, at this rate I won’t survive. To use the other spells I prepared I need at least 10 seconds of free time, one of them is not a good idea for indoor. I have no idea what the results will be and if I would survive’ Cleamon thinks.

Before Guard can take another swing Cleamon runs between the small alleys next to the houses. Guard tries to follow but gets stuck in the entrance, he swings sword and sends a stream of fire in Cleamon’s direction.

Before it hits Cleamon takes a turn and the flames brush past behind him.

‘This should be enough of a distance to start infusing the mana required for the Inscription. I have no choice but to go for this one first and see if it works’

Cleamon gathers as much mana as he needs for the Inscription to activate. He chooses he target and activates it.

Dark clouds rise above the arena, and the wind picks up. Soon the whole area is covered with dark, ominous looking clouds. As the wind picks up raindrops start to fall, it starts slowly, but as seconds tick by the clouds unleash.

Sounds of rolling thunder can be heard.

Cleamon takes shelter inside a house nearby.

The first lightning strikes near Guard, who gets an indirect shock from the bolt hitting the water soaked floor. He body convulses under the massive amounts of volts going through his body.

Then a second bolt strikes, this time hitting Guard dead on. His iron armor sends some of the shock down to the earth, but because he’s not wearing a helmet, most of it goes through his body.

A third hits, a fourth, the lightning storm keeps going for five minutes sending bolts of Lightning magic through Guard’s body. Due to muscle contractions he has fallen over, face down, on the ground.

It also saved him major damage as his armor is now conducting it into the ground through a smaller path and leading most of it around his body instead.

The clouds dissipate after letting go all their energy and the ceiling returns to normal. The ground is soaked in rain.

Carefully Cleamon takes steps outside and walks over to Guard, who remains motionless on the ground.