July 2016

They continue going deeper into the vault until they reach the room they went in last time.

The king opens the door and they enter, the room still looks as messy as the last time ‘if only I could take all this stuff home, I would treat it a lot better’ Cleamon thinks.

He gathers six books and three items “I would like to borrow these books and these items are perfect for Cecily to use” Cleamon says after spending 15 minutes looking around at the items. “These books are all on magical beasts, do you have anything planned with them?” Guernier asks. “These books have information about beasts I’ve never seen in other books, the creatures look much older and must be from about three to four thousand years ago. So I’m very interested in these creatures, they might still exist even now” Cleamon explains.

What he didn’t tell was was that he is researching the magical beast egg he found. Over the past days he has been feeding it a lot of mana and it’s strength has been growing significantly, from measurements of it’s strength it should be at least 2000MS. The gravitational force that it exudes grew massively in strength as well. Cleamon could see a faint shape forming when he connected he Magic Soul to it and the creature seemed to have accepted him.

Magical beast are clumps of mana combined with a creature that is either affected by it or born like that. Any creature can become a magical beast, although places where that much mana gathers are very rare, there are still many creatures that breed and have offspring. Humans are not really a match for them, in terms of magical power they far surpass most of the magicians. However not every magical beast is malicious, there are many that would have friendly relationships with human or other more intelligent races. There are even cases where magical beasts themselves turn into more intelligent beings, this being the case with the Wyverned and Raven folk for example, although others are out there as well.

Usually magical beasts live secluded, hunting other magical beasts as part of the circle of life. It’s not uncommon that they attack intelligent civilizations as well. This usually results in a lot of casualties on the human side. The city’s surrounding walls may be high, but some magical creatures grow to a size that dwarfs these. The outside world is a scary place, most people never leave the city for that reason and if they do it’s usually on scouting missions or trading with other cities hidden around the world. To protect themselves from magical beast they have to hire many magicians or a few very strong ones. The nearest city is about a month away in travel time with a cart powered by magic. Only the very strong magicians dare to fly as this attracts many of the wind affinity beasts lurking around in the sky, these usually don’t attack humans, but when there is an easy snack they will attack in a heartbeat.

“You can take these books, just give them back whenever you’re done with them” Guernier says with a wave of his hand, he is more interested in the items Cleamon picked out “What are these items you picked for my daughter?” he asks.

“These earrings are actually an aid for her Mental magic and will help her channel mana better. This ring actually has a very high quality crystal in it and the inscriptions show that it can hold mana and release it in an instant for spell casting. She can cast a more powerful version of a spell once it also stops her mana from completely being exhausted. This crystal can be used for training Mental affinity magic, it will act like a conscience to practice on” Cleamon explains while showing the different items.

“Mental magic? Does such a thing even exist?” Guernier hesitates to ask, he didn’t want to seem ignorant compared to a teenager. “Yes there are many different affinities of magic that are not taught or known by many magicians, these are usually forgotten for a reason as they were too powerful or too unstable to use” Cleamon explains “I will tell you more about this at a later date, maybe I could even help you learn a new one as well” Cleamon gives Guernier a smirk. “Don’t get too cocky kid, I don’t see any proof of it existing” Guernier says with an imposing voice and body language.

‘Believe me now?’ Cleamon’s voice entered Guernier’s head without him saying a word ‘This is part of the mental magic, it can directly influence someone’s brain, although the more severe the alteration or influence the harder it gets’ Cleamon’s voice rings through his head. Guernier looked with fear in his eyes at this 14 year old kid that could do this with such ease, ‘terrifying, how much does this kid know and how strong is he really?’ he couldn’t help himself but wonder with a shiver down his spine.

“I’ve got everything I wanted, we can go back now” Cleamon said to get rid of the slightly suffocating mood that lingered after that revelation.

Back at the training grounds.

“Welcome back, did you find everything you need?” Cecily is having lunch together with Lilia and Franthor. “We were just discussing what spells I should learn first, since I’ve been training hard but I don’t have a good spell yet for the upcoming tournament” Cecily says with a look of high expectations towards Cleamon.

“As it were, I did get you some items that will help in that regard, here have these” he explains their use to her. She seems delighted at the thought of learning Mental magic. Cleamon has been observing her rate of progress and it would seem the first spell he picked for her was correct.

“You will first learn an illusion spell, but this is not a normal one that impairs the vision, this is directly altering the mind and telling it what it’s seeing. The spell is a lot more powerful, but also a lot more difficult to perform” he tells her while grabbing a bite of an apple he grabbed from the table. “This spell would work perfectly with the new found physical ability you have from training, you can make an illusion and while they are under it, you just kick them” Cleamon says with a smile.

Franthor seemed slightly appalled at the thought of a princess kicking someone, but he doesn’t have any say in the matter.

The day passes with Cecily learning how to use Mental magic with the use of the crystal Cleamon brought her.

Sunday, the auction is about the begin.